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Gridiron, or American football, is a renowned full-contact team sport dating back to 1869 in New Jersey, United States. The game was demonstrated in the Olympics in 1932, but sadly, it never made the cut. Despite missing out on the Olympics, the sport's popularity has grown widely and is among the most betted sports globally. Here, we will share details on how to find the best American Football odds and the best bookies for American football betting, so stay tuned.

How American Football Odds Work

When betting on American football, you will see NFL betting odds as 9/1, 13/2, or 12/1. The odds values are attained using an algorithm which assigns American football markets varying prices based on their probability of occurring.

The operator then uses the odds to compute your expected earnings for every bet you place. Note that NFL odds sizes vary depending on the American football betting site you are using.

Odds Comparison - Get the Best American Football Betting Odds

American Football betting is an exciting way to earn some decent profits. The sport has a variety of betting markets that will give you several chances to test the waters and see what type of bet works best for you. Oddspedia makes it easy for fans worldwide to follow sports statistics. This page will inform you how to bet on American Football fixtures and earn good returns. And how Oddspedia can help you place the best, most accurate, and most profitable bets possible.

Oddspedia provides essential information on American Football prices available from different online bookmakers. Therefore, it gives punters a comprehensive American Football odds comparison table updated in real time. With the odds comparison feature, punters will select the bookmaker with the best odds on each American Football betting market. So they can take advantage of the good odds to place bets and win big.

Oddspedia covers American Football sports events for both professional and college tournaments. The site divides the events according to their leagues. Punters can find betting markets and the most competitive odds in each league. All information on Oddspedia, including the results and the American Football live scores, is compiled from independent sources and, sometimes, from the team's effort at Oddspedia. All this is meant to ensure punters stay alert on the betting markets with great odds on American Football.

Types of American Football Bets

During the NFL season, NFL betting sites provide gamblers with various types of bets which they can use to wager on the probability of different events happening. The most popular betting options include:

  • Single Bets - in this bet type, you must wager on a single outcome or market on one event.
  • Acca Bets - here, you must choose and combine two or more different bets.
  • Heinz Bets - these include 57 bets in six selections.

If you place bets on an NFL match between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys, you can use the above and many more options to determine who will win the game. The same bet types apply when gambling on college football.

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American Football Betting Markets

One thing you will notice when betting on any American football game is the number of markets provided by operators. Betting sites offer clients access to multiple American Football betting markets, including:

Regardless of the market you consider, ensure you do adequate research before placing bets. For instance, check the availability of a key quarterback and the team's previous performances. You should also note the following aspects:

Live Betting 

Bookmakers provide users with multiple live betting opportunities during the regular season. Thanks to this form of betting, you can wager on various ongoing NFL, NCAA, and College Football matches. But then, you must master reading live odds and taking advantage of live markets, including Double Chance and Match Winner, before placing in-play bets.

Specials - Prop Bets

Apart from regular markets, you can bet on American football specials such as:

  • First Touchdown Scorer
  • The Longest Field Goal Scored In A Match
  • Total Passes
  • Number Of Touchdowns
  • Total Rushing Yards

These markets are available for punters who wish to bet on events that will not affect the result of a match. In most cases, American Football specials come with better odds because they are usually hard to predict.

Placing American football using Oddspedia as your guide is very fulfilling. After all, the site covers different American Football leagues, such as:

  • NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • Arena Football League
  • EFAF European Championship
  • ELF

Aside from the above competitions, Oddspedia offers users links to bookies covering national American Football tournaments like the CFL. With such tournaments, you can wager on player's awards, the Super Bowl Winner, and other special markets. Your only task is deciding on a suitable competition and using Oddspedia to confirm the bookies appropriate for tournament betting.

Best American Football Betting Sites

Oddspedia has a verified list of the best American Football betting sites if you wish to gamble on the NFL Tournament Champion or place special bets, such as the number of yards Addison Jordan will score in a particular College Football competition.

These bookies include 888sport, Betway, Bwin, and bet365. The bookmakers offer competitive odds for different markets. Apart from having quality Super Bowl odds, the bookies have bonuses that you can use to place American Football bets. Go through the list of top bookies and pick the ideal betting site for your wagering activities.

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Betting on American Football FAQ

Where Can I Get the Best American Football Odds?

You can get the best American Football odds at Oddspedia, whether you want to bet on the favourites or any other American Football market. You can also compare odds and pick the highest values for different markets.

What Are the Most Profitable American Football Betting Markets?

The most profitable American Football betting markets include Super Bowl MVP and Super Bowl Winner, among other future bets. Also, markets such as Correct Score come with fantastic odds, thus profitable to punters who know how the play may end.

Which Is The Best Bookmaker for NFL Betting Odds?

888sport is the best bookmaker for NFL betting. After all, the site offers players amazing odds on different markets, including the favourites.

Is Betting on American Football Legal in The USA?

Yes, betting on American Football is Legal in the USA, with multiple sportsbooks providing gamblers with American Football betting markets. However, most states, such as Georgia, Alabama, and California, don't allow punters to bet on College Football.

What does +2.5 mean in American Football Bets?

+2.5 means that if you wager on the team, it must lose by 2 or fewer points or win the game for you to win the bet. This is one of the most popular handicap bets.

How Do American Football Odds Work?

Understanding the betting odds on American Football gives punters knowledge of the probabilities expressed by the odds. This will make it easy to know the betting value when placing bets. And also to predict the likely profit from a winning bet. Different odds - decimal and fractional - are used in American football betting.

The decimal odds express the odds in the form of decimals. Punters in the UK and other parts of the world mostly use decimal odds in American Football since they are pretty easy to understand. However, punters in the USA prefer using fractional odds. Fractional odds express the probability of the outcome in the form of fractions.

You can bet on Moneyline, the winning team and totals (predicting the total points scored in the match). There is also handicap betting, whose odds are expressed a little differently. The winning team must win the game by a predetermined point margin called the point spread. For instance, if you place a bet on a team with a -5 point spread with an odd of 2.80, it means that the team needs to beat the opponent by 5 or more points for your bet to payout.

Why Compare American Football Betting Odds?

American Football odds comparison benefits punters as they get to know, in real-time, which bookmaker offers the highest odds for the same betting market. When using an odds comparison portal like Oddspedia, there is a much higher chance you will earn the highest amount possible for a bet than if you use one bookmaker. At Oddspedia, punters get a complete real-time analysis of American Football odds. And they get to compare the odds offered by different online bookmakers. They can then click on the bookmaker with the most favourable odds, and Oddspedia will direct them there so they can place their bets.

Oddspedia saves punters the time spent browsing through various bookmakers to find the best American Football prices to bet on. Punters can find the best betting markets and odd comparison analyses for all American Football matches tonight.

Which Types of American Football Bets Are Available?

The most popular American Football bets include Moneyline, handicap, and totals.

Moneyline Bets - Punters must predict the team likely to win the match.
Handicap Bets -  Punters predict how many points the winning team will beat the opponent. Most bookmakers predetermine the number of points and the odds in each spread.
Totals betting -  usually, the bookmaker lets punters predict the number of American Football scores by using under or over. Bookmakers usually predetermine the number of total scores in the match, and then punters place a bet using under or over a certain number of total scores.

Which American Football Betting Strategies Should I Consider?

Some popular statistics about the teams playing will give punters enough knowledge on where to place their bets. Statistics on the previous matches between the two American Football teams can show punters who the underdogs are.  

Here are some of the strategies punters need to win American Football bets.

  • Get to know the American Football betting markets available
  • Try to stick to teams and betting markets that you are familiar with
  • Manage your money; do not place a considerable sum of money on a market that you are not sure of
  • Use an American Football odds comparison portal like Oddspedia to find the bookmaker with the best American Football prices.
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