Aussie rules Schedule, Odds & Live scores

If you are an Aussie rules fan, you can make some good cash betting for the games on your favourite bookmaker. Oddspedia gives you all the Aussie rules fixtures and links to bookmakers with the best Aussie rules betting odds.


Besides, it lets you compare odds from different bookmakers to get the highest of them all. You can also follow Aussie rules scores of your favourite teams. There are several other tools that are available for use on your site to increase your winning potential. Here is an overview of these Aussie betting tools and how you can use them effectively. 

Oddspedia Aussie rules: Тhe Best Odds for Aussie rules and All Competitions 

Oddspedia is your ultimate betting partner. It offers lots of information that you need to bet on your favourite games effectively. Though not a bookmaker, the site offers extensive coverage of major and minor sporting events along with various tools that you can use at the click of a button. 

When you check the Aussie rules on tonight, consider checking the upcoming games to see if there are matches you can play. If you love in-play games, check the Aussie rules scores / live scores so that you can bet effectively. There, you will get the best in-play Aussie rules odds/ betting odds for the games in play as you get their updates. 

In addition, there are several other tools that you can find on Aussie rules betting tools that include sure bets with the highest returns, value bets, blocked odds and statistics about the games in the play. There is also a dropped odds feature, which you use to see the movement of the Aussie rules prices. Also, you can use the Sports Almanac feature to check on the history of the teams in play. A combination of all these tools helps you make the right prediction in your next bet slip, which increases your earnings. 

How to bet on Aussie rules Explained: Tips & Guide

How Aussie rules Odds Work? 

Each bookmaker has a criterion that it uses to determine the Aussie rules odds/betting odds to offer on each match. These odds can be presented in one or many types. The most popular types are the European odds. These odds are presented as decimals with the possible win being the product of the stake and the decimal figures.

The other popular type is the US odds. These odds are presented as the amount you need to bet to hit 100 USD or the money you win over 100 dollars. Some bookmakers also allow you to change the odds into fractions. With these odds, the figure denoted in the denominator is the amount you need to bet to earn the cash denoted by the numerator. 

Why Compare Aussie rules Betting Odds? 

The Aussie rules odds comparison feature presents you with bookmakers that offer the best odds on a given match. The advantage of doing so is that you get the highest returns on the investment. In addition, you get to see what different bookmakers are offering and can deduce the general opinion on the performance direction of the match in question. You can also monitor the Aussie rules prices and odds movement over time when you use the feature along with the dropping odds tool. 


Which Types of Aussie rules Bets are Available? 

There are over five betting markets that you can consider on Aussie rules. You can go for the outright wins or pick a draw in the 1X2 market. You can also predict on the winners of any of the four quarters. Other popular markets include predicting a win for the home or way team and over, or under markets. Certain teams are given a headstart in the Asian handicap market to correct the favourites's bias. Oddspedia provides both the pre-match and in-play odds for the selected game and gives the payout rates of each bookmaker listed in any of selected games. You may also use the community predictions to find what others think of the game.

Which Aussie rules betting Strategies to Consider 

Look for Favourable Markets 

It is good to have a look at different markets beyond the outright markets. Sometimes, other markets have little risk than straight predictions and can give you good odds when analysed right. Consider such markets as Asian handicap, and over and under markets. 

Look at Promising Underdogs 

Take a look at the stats of some of the promising underdogs in the matches. By using various tools, you can tell which teams are likely to score points and what market would be the best to stake on. You may land good odds in the process. 

Accumulator Bets are Good When Done Right

You can significantly increase your odds for the games if you bet on accumulator bets. Pick three to five Aussie rules matches today and bet them on the same betslip. However, only bet on the very sure ones.

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