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Oddspedia Euroleague Summary - Find the best betting odds, latest scores and league standings in one place!


Euroleague offers opportunities for betting in various markets. At Oddspedia, you can follow your favourite team, get the latest league information, Euroleague livescores, as well as the results of last games between any two that would be meeting. Below is a detailed look of the Oddspedia Euroleague betting information, available odds and other tools that are available on the platform. There are also a few tips on using such tools to improve your predictions.


Euroleague Baskteball - Schedule Information on Oddspedia

The Euroleague is the most prestigious club basketball competition in Europe and offers the most spectacular matches and odds a basketball fan can dream of. To make your life even easier, has a fantastic comparison tool with which you can find the best suiting odd for you. The Euroleague was founded in 1958 and currently is considered the highest tier of European club basketball. Teams from up to 18 countries participate in the tournament on a year basis. The Euroleague is widely covered throughout the world, including in the USA and Canada, and more than 800 million watch the matches via satellite. The Euroleague consists of 5 stages until the new European champion is crowned. The first phase of the tournament is the Qualifying Round which is followed by the Regular Season in which play 24 teams. After that comes the Top 16, which is followed by the Quarter-Finals and finally - the Final Four. Currently, the team with most titles is Real Madrid followed by Maccabi Tel Aviv. The Euroleague is may be the second most famous basketball league in the world after the NBA. With its attractive style of play and some of the best players it can offer viewers things the American basketball cannot. 

Euroleague happens between the first week of October and the last week of May. Eighteen teams take part in the top-tier European professional basketball league. Since its inception in 1958, 21 titles have been won, 13 of which were won more than once. There are 30 games that are played in the entire season, in a double round-robin format. Each team plays twice, once at home and once away.

Oddspedia offers an overview of all Euroleague games in any season. Euroleague teams are organised in such a way that you can view today’s games and other games across the week. This enables you to plan to watch and bet on your favourite team or March.

Euroleague odds are offered in the US, UK and EU formats. You can switch to your preferred format by clicking the Format tab at the top right-hand corner of the website. For in-play betting, check the Euroleague livescores to determine how each team has performed in the match and bet accordingly. Next to each game, there is a stats tab that gives a quick overview of the team and their performance in the league along with the current Euroleague Standings.

Euroleague Betting Odds

Euroleague Odds Comparison

There are several markets for which you can bet on Euroleague games. These markets range from five to over ten, depending on the match you are looking at. However, if you just want to bet on the winning team, you can just click on the Outrights section of the page and see the bookmaker that provides the best odds for your choice of the winner. Use the Euroleague schedule page to determine the bookmakers that offer the best odds for any given market so that you are able to maximise your earnings.

To further enhance the Euroleague comparison tool, Oddspedia provides the past Euroleague scores of the teams that are about to play. You can also use the Euroleague results tab to check the scores straight from the current’s season’s schedule. Check the Euroleague table to determine the positions of the teams of interest in the league. You can also use the dropping odds tool to determine the games whose odds have gone down since they were last posted. This shows the popular opinion on the match is changing.

If you would like to bet on ongoing games, check the in-play section for the current live games. The Euroleaguelivescore section will keep you updated of the results of the game even if you will not be watching it.

Euroleague Winner & Relegation Odds

You can get the best Euroleague winner odds from Oddspedia. It gives you a list of bookmakers offering the best odds for your selections. Relegation happens at the national level. You can still get individual games in each of the countries that participate in the league. In addition, you can use any of the tools above to enhance your selections further and make the best predictions.

Euroleague Basket FAQ

When does the Euroleague season start?

The Euroleague season starts in the first week of October and ends on the third week of May of the following year.

How many teams are in Euroleague?

There are currently 18 teams in the Euroleague promoted from participating countries.

 Who is favoured for MVP of the season?

Real Madrid is most favoured for MVP of the season.

Where to watch Euroleague matches?

You can watch Euroleague on various channels that include Fox Sports, Euroleague TV, Sports24, CCTV and DirecTV, among others. You can also stream games from various online sports sites, bookmakers and YouTube.

How many games are played in Euroleague?

There are 30 games that are played in the entire Euroleague season.

Where to bet on Euroleague?

You can bet on Euroleague on various sites, including Comeon, Ixbet, Betway, Betfair and Marathonbet, among others.

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