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About BBL

The BBL is the highest tier of club basketball in Germany and offers many derbies and fantastic odds. You can follow all the betting odds for the BBL at and compare the offers from all bookmakers, so that you can make the most profitable bet possible. The BBL was established in 1966 as the Basketball Bundesliga and currently consists of 18 teams. Just like in other basketball leagues around the world, the BBL has two stages - the Regular Season and the Play-offs, in which participate the best 8 teams. The last 2 teams are relegated to the Pro A - the second tier of german basketball. The Play-Offs are played in a “Best of Five” format and the winner is crowned as the German Champion of the season. The most titled club in the history of the BBL is the Bayer Giants Leverkusen but the most successful team in the recent years is Alba Berlin. All teams from the BBL, along with such from the lower divisions may participate in the BBL Cup which is the top annual basketball cup competition in Germany. If you are a fan of European basketball, then the German BBL is surely not disappoint you. Now, with, you have the chance to turn your favourite sport in a profitable hobby and find the best betting odds available and compare them before you make a bet. Isn’t that great?

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