Euro 2024 Outrights: A Complete Betting Guide Cover

Euro 2024 Outrights: A Complete Betting Guide

by Oddspedia Experts
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Outright betting is a long-term prediction popular among top UEFA Euro gamblers. It gives you access to competitive odds and builds your anticipation of the tournament. This bet type ranges from competition winners to country to score the most goals. Here, we will discuss Euro 2024 Outrights betting and explore different types of bets, so stay tuned.
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Why Bet on Outrights?

Betting on Outright is an incredible idea if you are seeking better market prices.

Outright bets often have higher odds than most other types of bets. However, to get even better prices, consider wagering on the markets before the start of the tournament.

Also, Outright markets are straightforward compared to many primary and secondary betting options. Thus, It is a wise choice for expert punters and first-time gamblers in sports betting.

Exploring Different Types of Euro 2024 Outrights

Here is a detailed list of Outrights bets offered by the best Euro 2024 bookmakers. Review them to gain a clear understanding of what to expect:

Euro 2024 Winner

As the name stipulates, Outright Winner is a betting option that involves wagering on the team that will triumph in the Euro 2024 competition:
With this market, you can predict that England will beat 2020 title holders Italy to claim the championship.

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    18+ T&Cs apply.

Group Winner

In the Group Winner market, you wager on the teams winning their respective groups, such as Germany or France. There are six groups so that you can place an accumulator bet.

Suppose you want to spend your bankroll wisely; it's best to use top betting offers and bonuses from bookmakers. For this market, you can bet on:

  • Spain to win Group B
  • France to become Group D winners

  • $100 Back Up Bet
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    Get back up to $100 if your eligible bet is not successful. 18+ T&Cs apply.

Top Scorer Award

The top scorer market entails betting on the player scoring the most goals in the competition. Over the years, different players have won the prize, including:

  • 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrik Schick (5 Goals Each)
  • 2016: Antoine Griezmann (6 Goals)
  • 2012: Croatia Mario Mandžukić, Germany Mario Gómez, Italy Mario Balotelli, Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo, Russia Alan Dzagoev, and Spain Fernando Torres. (3 goals each)

Based on bookmakers' football odds, Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane are the favourites for the 2024 competition.

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Player of the Tournament

Suppose you know how to bet on Euro 2024. In that case, you understand that wagering on the player of the tournament entails wagering on the individuals who will perform best in the competition. This is a very competitive market, given that numerous players have won the award, as you can see in the list below:

  • 2012: Andrés Iniesta
  • 2016: Antoine Griezmann
  • 2020: Gianluigi Donnarumma

  • 200% Deposit Bonus up to $3,000
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    Max bet is set to 1% of the deposit value when claiming a promo. 18+ T&Cs apply.

Young Player of the Tournament

The best young player of the tournament is an award given to a player under 21 who has proven to be exceptional in the competition. For the UEFA European championship, the first award was in 2016, and since then, these players have clinched it:

  • 2016: Renato Sanches
  • 2020: Pedri

  • Great Odds & Low Margins
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    18+ T&Cs apply.

Country to Score the Most Goals

As with the World Cup, some sportsbooks offer the country to score the most goals in the competition. Thanks to the market, you can predict the nation that will score the most goals during the tournament, not just during the group stage or round of 16.

In this case, some Euro 2024 favourites include England, France, and Germany.

Strategies for Successful Outright Betting

Here are some strategies you should consider for successful Outright gambling, regardless of the bet you wish to place:

Research analysis

Always do your research before placing any bet.

Check the Euro 2024 fixtures and analyse the teams based on the matchups. Some things to look at include the team's past results, player form, and even the coach's tactics. With adequate research, you may identify a pattern to help you place winning bets.

At Oddspedia, we offer customers game statistics they can use for their research.

Value Betting

When creating betting markets, bookmakers use special software to identify Euro 2024 betting odds.

In this case, consider value betting, which allows you to take advantage of bets underestimated by the bookmaker. If you are using a bet exchange, you can lay some bets to ensure profits regardless of the outcome.

Risk Management

Finally, consider managing your risks. Whether you are betting on the Euro 2024 favourites or underdogs like the Czech Republic, always manage your risks.
Do so by setting deposit and bet limits. Feel free to contact customer support for assistance. Thanks to risk management, you will avoid plunging into debt.

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Outright betting lets you wager on the UEFA Euro competition before it commences. This type of bet comprises several markets, including top goalscorers and teams to score more goals. However, similar to standard markets, strategies like researching before placing bets and managing risk are vital in enhancing your betting experience.

Euro 2024 Outright Betting FAQ

What does 'Outrights' mean in terms of betting on Euro 2024?

Outrights mean wagering on long-term Euro 2024 events, such as the competition's winning team and top goalscorer.

🏆 Why should I consider betting on Outrights for Euro 2024?

It would help to consider betting on the Outrights because the market often has the highest odds, especially when you wager on the market before the competition begins.

What types of Outright bets can I place during the Euro 2024 tournament?

Some Outright bets you can place during Euro 2024 include the teams that will proceed to the final round, the competition winner, and the top goalscorer.

Are there different Outright markets for each group in the Euro 2024?

Yes, there are different Outright markets for each group in Euro 2024, for instance, group runners-up

⚙️ What strategies can increase my chances of success when betting on Outrights?

Some strategies to increase your chances of success when betting on Outrights include managing risk and researching the teams playing. Consider using Oddspedia to access the statistics you need for research.

🏆 Who won the Euro 2020 tournament?

Italy won the Euro 2020 tournament after drawing 1-1 and later beating England 3-2 in penalties. It was their second title, having first clinched it in 1968.

Who was the top goalscorer in the Euro 2020 tournament?

Cristiano Ronaldo and Patrik Schick were the top goalscorers in the Euro 2020 tournament, scoring five goals each.

🔍 How can Oddspedia aid my Outright betting strategy for Euro 2024?

At Oddspedia, we will give you access to statistics you can use to research when betting on the rest of the tournament. Besides, we offer fixtures as well as the venues and their address so that you can study the pitch conditions and the weather as they influence the outcome.

🏃 Who was named the Player of the Tournament in Euro 2020?

Gianluigi Donnarumma from team Italy was named the player of the tournament in the Euro 2020.
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