How To Bet On Darts - Betting Guide For Beginners Cover

How To Bet On Darts - Betting Guide For Beginners

by Oddspedia Experts
Darts is one of the most popular sports that started as a pub game in the 1800s. The game has grown into a competitive sport with multiple betting sites offering darts betting services. Like any other sporting event, gambling on darts requires you to know the game and understand the rules if you want to place successful bets. This piece will show you how to bet on darts and provide you with gambling strategies for you to bet like a pro. So read on for more.
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How To Bet On Darts - The Workings

Betting on darts is a refreshing activity that entails placing wagers on different fixtures, including matches from top tournaments like the PDC World Darts Championship. Similar to other sports, you need to choose the darts fixtures you prefer and do extensive research before adding the available darts betting markets on your bet slip.

The game entails throwing darts at a dartboard hung approximately 1.73 metres from the ground. Each player aims to gather as many points as possible by making the perfect throw. Your main objective is to place the correct bet on the outcome in a bid to earn a profit.

Darts Odds Explained

Darts odds play a significant role in betting on the sport. Their sizes hint at the chances of an outcome occurring and determine how much you will earn in case you place a correct bet. Darts odds often range between 1.10 and 400.00 or more, depending on the bookie.

Remember, the odds you get are determined by the darts market you pick. Furthermore, underdogs tend to have higher odds compared to the favourites. In addition to the odds values, darts' odds formats are also different to accommodate distinct players. Expect odds types like decimal, European, American, and Malaysia, among others offered by the bookie you choose.

Before you think of placing darts bets, you must be familiar with the darts markets. They act as a guide on what predictions you can and cannot make. This section will cover some of the most popular darts betting markets.

Outright (winner) bets

Outright Winner, popularly known as Tournament Winner or Match Winner, is one of the most common darts betting markets. It allows you to predict the player who will win the tournament or the match. For example, in a Ladbrokes UK Open game between Wade and Clayton, the Outright Winner will require you to decide which of the two will win the match. If you pick Clayton and he ends up beating Wade, you win.

Handicap Betting

Though common, handicap betting is a slightly complex market, especially if you are still trying to understand darts betting for beginners. Sportsbooks apply this betting option by disadvantaging the favourite or advantaging the underdog to even the field. For instance, in a PDC World Darts Championship, you can bet on your favourite, Cullen, to win even with a -2.5 handicap. With such a bet, you get to receive better odds on the betting market. In order for this to happen, however, Cullen has to win the match and overcome the handicap for you to win the bet.

Over/Under Markets

Over/Under is among the most popular betting markets that allow you to bet on the total number of legs in a darts match. A good example of an Over/Under bet is when betting on a game played best of five. This implies that the minimum number of darts legs that can be played is 3, whereas the maximum is five. Therefore, if you decide to bet Over 4.5, you only win if the total number of games played is 5. This is one of the most rewarding betting markets you should consider if you're looking for better odds. However, Over/Under markets require you to do extensive research before placing the bets.

In-Play Score - Sets/Legs

If you love making live bets, the in-play score is one of the most interactive betting markets you should consider. The betting option allows you to predict the score after multiple sets /or legs. Consider a World Matchplay event between Michael van Gerwen and Nathan Aspinall. You can predict the game to end with totals of Over 6 sets. Therefore, if the score is 4/3 sets, your bet wins. Note that this betting market is ideal if you know how to analyse current statistics and understand the game of darts.

Correct score

Correct score is yet another popular darts betting market that you should try out. The betting option requires you to predict the score at the end of the match. If you are betting on the Grand Slam of Darts match between Gerwyn Price and Peter Wright, you can decide to predict that Price will win the match 16-8. To win the bet, the match should end at that exact score. This darts betting market usually bears high odds because it is very difficult to predict the correct score of a darts match.

Long-term and Special Darts Bets

When betting on darts, you should know that there are regular markets, long-term markets, and special darts bets. Consider long-term bets if you want to bet on events that stretch over a long period, such as the darts tournament winner.

On the other hand, special bets are markets that do not influence the game's outcome and can be based on the actions on or off the game.

So far, some of the popular long-term or special darts bets include:

Nine Dart Finish

The 9 dart finish is a market that requires you to predict which player will check out (501) with just nine darts. In short, you can pick Michael Smith as the player who manages a nine-dart finish in the PDC World Championship. Also, there will likely be online sports betting for how many 9 dart finishes there will be in a tournament.

Highest Check Out

Another long-term darts betting market is the Highest Check Out in a tournament. You can decide which player will achieve the highest score on his final visit to the oche, thanks to the option. Pinpointing the player is not an easy task, especially for an event yet to start. This explains why the Highest Check Out market often offers high odds. Another market associated with the highest check is the number of 170 checkouts within the tournament.

Highest Tournament Average

The highest Tournament Average is a special market where you predict which darts player will achieve the highest tournament average. A player's score is subtracted from 501 and divided by the number of darts the player threw at the dartboard to get the average. The best betting sites will have markets for dart averages per game as well but mainly in the latter stages of major events.

Winner Nationality

Winner nationality is one of the most sought-after special markets that allow you to determine the nationality of the player who will win a darts tournament like the BDO World Championship. If you think Jim Williams will be crowned the winner, all you have to state is Welsh nationality.

Most 180s

Most 180s (maximum score with three darts) is a direct betting option that requires you to pick the darts player who will achieve the most 180s in the tournament. Also, you may find markets for how many 180s will be thrown throughout the tournament. Like other long-term and special betting markets, you get to enjoy better odds with this betting option.

In-play Betting for Darts

Like other sports, darts allow you to bet on ongoing events. It is one of the most exciting forms of gambling which you should consider after reading this online betting guide for darts. Live darts games come with live markets such as Correct Score, Leg Winner, and Checkout Score.

However, you should note that live markets are usually less than the ones you can find in the pre-match section. Furthermore, there are fewer darts matches on which you can place live bets. In addition, you must account for the live odds, which keep changing as the event proceeds. You can check bookmaker reviews and user ratings to know whether a betting site has the best live darts betting odds. Also, keep in mind that sportsbooks provide players with live scores and live streaming options to make live betting easier. With these features, you can easily gather the current statistics and increase your chances of placing live bets.

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Bet on Darts:

Betting on darts is an easy process that will only take a short time. To do so, you should launch the bookie on your computer and apply these steps.

  • Log into your account
  • Deposit some cash which you will use to wager on darts
  • Navigate to the darts section
  • Pick the tournament and the darts match you wish to bet on
  • Go through the markets
  • Wager some cash
  • Submit the bet slip

While placing the bets, confirm the minimum and maximum bet allowed. This is to keep your wager from being disqualified.

How To Start Betting?

Everything You Need To Know In 5 Easy Steps!

How To Start Betting?
Pick A Highly Rated Bookie

Find the right bookmaker for you and sign up.

Fund Your Account

Make a deposit with the payment method you prefer. Consider responsible gambling features and bankroll management.

Claim Your Bonus

Many betting sites have a welcome bonus or free bet, which you can claim after making the first deposit. *never forget to read the small print!

Choose An Event To Bet On

Find an event you are interested in, select a betting market that appeals to you the most and "click" on the odds.

Start Betting

Go to the bet slip and input the details of your desired bet and confirm the wager.

Since darts became a competitive sport, multiple tournaments and competitions have cropped up. However, these tournaments result from two governing bodies:

  • British Darts Organisation (BDO)
  • Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

BDO is a darts organisation that Olly Croft formed in 1973. In 1976, it helped found Worlds Dart Federation, but after losing too many sponsors, the organisation split into the British Darts Organisation and Professional Darts Corporation in 1990.

Since then, these two bodies have been planning their tours, with each body having its version of its championships. there are professional tournaments from around the globe such as Shanghai Darts Masters, European Championship, German Darts Masters and even a Champions League. Below is a selection of the major tournaments in the world of darts:

The PDC World Championship

PDC World Championship, which also goes by the name Cazoo World Darts Championship for sponsorship purposes, is a popular tournament that officially started operations in 1994. The tournament is held yearly in London after transferring from Purfleet in 2008. It is considered one of the most prestigious tournaments with a significant prize pool, reaching £2,500,000 in 2022. This explains why PDC World Championship darts matches are often competitive and attract large audiences.

Phil "The Power" Taylor has the most PDC World Darts Championship titles, which is 14, also to his name he has two BDO titles. Giving Phil Taylor a record of 16 World Championships.

World Matchplay

World Matchplay or Betfred World Matchplay is one of the legs of the darts' triple crown that was established in 1994. The competition is under the PDC organisation and takes place in England. World Matchplay is known to attract some of the top players in the world of darts, including Michael van Gerwen, ‎Gerwyn Price, and Peter Wright, among others.

PDC Premier League Darts

Despite being established in 2005, PDC Premier League Darts has grown to become one of the best darts competitions ever. The league is considered to have a compelling prize pool, making it one of the most prestigious PDC contests. For instance, in early 2022, PDC Premier League Darts took place with a prize fund of £1,000,000 and was won by Jonny Clayton.

World Grand Prix

The World Grand Prix is one of the most notable darts tournaments that attract a huge crowd worldwide. This event was established in 1998 and has been conducted since then. World Grand Prix takes the format of double in double out sets, with many notable dart players signing up for the competition. The tournament usually takes place during October.

UK Open

UK Open, popularly known as the Cazoo UK Open, is a famous PDC organised darts competition established in 2003. The tournament, held in Minehead, happens once a year and attracts around 160 players worldwide. The UK Open also has 8 stages and is often regarded as the FA Cup of darts.

World Cup of Darts

The World Cup of Darts is among the Professional Darts Corporation competitions introduced in 2010. Being a new tournament in the darts sports scene, the World Cup of Darts offers a smaller prize pool of £350,000, but this has not stopped the event from attracting top-notch darts players worldwide.

Darts Betting Tips And Strategies

Betting on darts is easy. It is one of the easier-to-understand sports, whether you are new to gambling or an expert. However, like any other game, you need to apply various strategies to achieve the best outcome. Here is a detailed list of top darts betting tips that you should always consider.

Look out for the best available odds

Before you place any darts bets, the first thing you need to do is search for the best odds. To do so, compare darts odds from different bookies. Fortunately, you do not have to sign up for a sportsbook account to access this information. You can simply choose your desired tournament or match and search for it in Oddspedia. With high odds, you are guaranteed a better payout in different markets. All you need to do is make sure you place a winning bet.

Take advantage of matched betting and arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting and matched betting are gambling systems known to minimise the chances of losing. These betting strategies require you to place a back bet at a bookie and lay the same bet at a betting exchange. But then, to be on the safe side, make sure you find a suitable darts match and market for matched and arbitrage betting.

Follow darts tipsters and their expert predictions

Another strategy you need to apply is following darts tipsters and taking notes of their expert predictions. First, do your research and come up with your findings. The next step is to compare the results. If you are an expert, you can use this tip for confirmation right before making your prediction. On the other hand, if you are an amateur gambler, following darts tipsters will help you sharpen your research skills.

Take the small wins and profits

You are recommended to always take the small wins and enjoy any amount of profit you make. With gambling being a game of luck, you can never be sure the next time you will place a correct bet. It is also hard to tell whether you will ever achieve a significant win. Therefore, any time your bet wins, celebrate the win.

Shorter Formats

Darts tournaments are available in different formats, including best-of-11-legs and double in, double out, among many others. You are advised to opt for short formats since the events attract better odds, especially if you opt for Outsiders. The only challenge is to do adequate research to avoid disappointing results.

Remember the Crowd

Always take note of the crowd when placing darts bets. In darts, the crowd plays a significant role in the match's outcome. This was evident in the 2019 World Championship when the fans saw Fallon Sherrock make a surprise win in the first round against Ted Evetts and then beat Mensur Suljovic in the second. Therefore, as you do your research, remember to analyse the crowd and gauge the impact they would have on the match.

Most Common Darts Betting Mistakes

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and placing correct darts bets are common darts betting mistakes you are not keen to identify. As a result, this section will detail common mistakes players make when gambling.

Not familiar with the sport

Before you even think about betting on darts, you should understand the sport. Know what the game entails and what to expect during each leg and set. Also, familiarise yourself with darts players by learning more about the winners of different tournaments and formats. Remember, the darts formats determine the kind of markets you can access.

By gathering enough information about darts, you will have an easy time researching and placing bets. Also, it is advisable to learn common darts phrases, for instance, most 180s and nine-dart finishes. If possible, take your time to go through different darts guides to gather more knowledge on the sport.

Ignoring Player Form and their off Oche Antics and Distractions

Ignoring the form of a darts player is one of the most common mistakes you can make when betting on the sport. How well the player is prepared for the game is crucial for their on-oche performance. Therefore, gather adequate information about the players and use the details to make correct predictions. Another crucial mistake is not accounting for players' off-Oche antics and distractions. This has been a big issue in top tournaments due to its ability to impact the opponents' performance, affecting the match results. When placing darts bets, take player form and off-oche antics into account.

Mismanaging your bankroll

It is common for bettors to mismanage their bankroll, especially during their first few betting sessions. This mistake has seen multiple gamblers run into their savings, a step that can lead to a financial crisis down the road. To avoid wagering more than you can afford, consider developing a betting plan: State your staking limits and determine the amount of money you can comfortably wager. After that, ensure you stick to your staking plan.

Betting on your favourite player

It is very common for gamblers to bet on their favourite darts player. However, this is one of the mistakes that can easily lead you into a losing streak. After all, this is a decision based on emotions with no research or statistics to back the likeliness of your player winning the event. Therefore, always take your time to go through the events, do your research, and compare your findings with darts tipsters before placing the bet.

Darts Betting Guide and FAQ

Is It Worthwhile to Bet On darts?

Yes, betting on darts is worthwhile, especially if you understand the game and which events to bet on. Furthermore, you need to know which professional darts tournaments are suitable before placing bets. The advantage of gambling on darts is that the betting options often come with competitive odds.

Most darts tournaments are also well televised and extensively documented, making it easy to gather relevant information needed to place correct bets. These aspects make darts betting one of the best activities to perform in a sportsbook.

🏆 Which Is The Best Darts Betting Site?

The best darts betting site is Unibet. This sportsbook guarantees thousands of darts events from different tournaments. Some of the top competitions covered include the UK Open, PDC Premier League Darts, and World Grand Prix.

It is impossible to miss your favourite darts match with such significant coverage, whether domestic or international. Another advantage of Unibet is that it offers a wide range of markets, most of which have compelling odds that increase your chances of walking away with substantial payouts.

💶 What Types of Promotions Do Bookmakers Offer for Darts Betting?

Sportsbooks offer multiple bonuses that you can use to bet on darts. One of the most common promos is the welcome bonus which may come in free cash or free bets. Also, some bookies provide their customers with Reload promos. These offers are usually available for existing clients and can only be activated after depositing some cash in your account. You can get other promotions like ACCA insurance offers and Odds Boost bonuses if you are lucky.

💳 How Are darts Betting Odds Calculated?

Darts betting odds are calculated just like other sports' odds. The bookmakers usually take 100% and divide it by the probability of the outcome occurring. For instance, if the probability of Wayne Warren winning a BDO World Championship match against Jim Williams is 70%, you calculate the odds by applying the information to the formula. The result is 100/70, which is 1.42. This implies Warren William is the favourite.

Understanding how darts betting odds are calculated is crucial when gambling. After all, you can reverse the calculation to determine which outcome is more likely.

🤔 Can I Cash Out My Bets on Darts?

Yes, you can cash out your darts bet if the bookmaker you are using has the cash-out function. Cash-out is a common betting feature that allows you to withdraw part of or your entire bet. During cash-out, the operator will use the odds of the market at the time of cash-out to determine your winnings. To determine an event with cash-out, visit the live section and go through the matches, looking for a game with a cash-out button.

What Is the Most Popular Bet with Darts Punters?

The most popular darts bet is Outright Winner. This betting option is simple hence common among experts and amateur players. Furthermore, if you opt for the Outright Tournament Winner, you get better odds since it is a long-term bet since it entails predicting who will win the tournament. On the other hand, Outright Match Winner attracts moderate odds, but you get to know whether you have won or not within the shortest time.

🏆 Can I Bet On Live Darts?

You can bet on live darts by opting for a sportsbook that offers live darts events. Most bookies cover different tournaments, including World Masters and BDO World Trophy. Furthermore, they make sure you get competitive live odds which make your potential winnings higher. With good research, you will find a bookmaker with darts live streaming so you to watch and see your live bets evolve.

💶 What Does Over/Under Mean In Darts Betting?

Over/Under bets are a spread bet market. The betting option entails betting on an event, for instance, players' total scores or sets above or below a certain number. For instance, in a match between Andy Hamilton and Darren Herewini, you can bet for their total sets to be over 4.5. Therefore, if they end up playing 5 sets, your bet wins. It is one of the most common darts betting markets available in bookies.

💳 Do Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) Tournaments Have the Biggest Prize Money?

Yes, Professional Darts Corporation Tournaments usually have the biggest prize pool. For instance, the 2022 PDC World Championship had prize money of £2.5 million, which is a significant amount knowing that darts are not such a popular sport as tennis or football. PDC tournaments also see the winner walk away with significant prizes with bonuses for those who achieve a nine-dart finish.

🤔 What Does a Leg Handicap Mean in Darts Betting?

Leg handicap is a betting market in darts where the operator disadvantages the favourite or advantages the underdog to make the game fair. Therefore, if you bet on the favourite, for instance, Andy Hamilton, to win a match, he must beat the opponent and overcome the disadvantage for you to win the bet. The good news is that you get to enjoy better odds courtesy of the handicap
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Last updated 17/08/2022
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