Blocked Odds

Blocked Odds indicates betting offer types that have been removed from bookmakers listings. Learn More

Blocked Odds help:

Blocked odds shows the offers that are no longer accepted by bookmakers and often suggest public activity on those markets. By observing the odd movements in such cases a punter can use the information as an advantage to place a bet on bookmaker that still offer the market and have not caught up to the latest trend.

The “”Blocked” row shows bookmakers that have removed the market as well as the percentage ratio with bookmakers that have this offer available.

The “”Active” row shows available bookmakers for this market.

Utilize this information by checking the last active odds and available odds for bookmakers that are still offering the market. Use the available options and filter time period, percentage of blocked markets as well as which bookmakers should be on the offer list and get the desired results. You might also want to check our Blocked Matches.

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