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At Oddspedia, you get all the betting information that you need to bet on bowls effectively.

This site gives you the upcoming bowling fixtures and is the ultimate bowling odds comparison site to help you increase your earnings. Moreover, you will find other tools, such as the history of the players and bowling teams, bowls matches today and dropping odds. You can also follow your favourite bowl matches in real time at the site. Here is an overview of these features and how they assist in your bowls betting strategies. 

Oddspedia Bowls: Тhe Best Odds for Bowls and All Competitions

Oddspedia provides you with the tools you need to bet profitably on various games. It has put together all the vital information that you need to make the correct prediction with your bookmaker. There is extensive coverage of all major and minor sporting actions and an easy to navigate layout to enable you to get the information fast. 

You can check the site for the latest bowls livescores of the ongoing matches if you are not watching the game. The bowls odds comparison feature lets you know which bookmakers have the best odds for a given match thereby, allowing you to place your bet where you are most likely to win more. In addition, you can use the Sports Almanac feature to see the history of the teams playing in bowls on tonight. This gives you insight into the possible scores based on the performances in the last meetings. 

Other tools available in the bowls betting page includes dropping odds, sure bets with the expected profit margins for each selection, odds that have been blocked and the value bets. You can co-relate all the information and come up with the best odds for each bowling match against which you want to bet.

How to bet on Bowls Explained: Tips & Guide

How Bowls Odds work? 

Bookmakers look at different things such as the general opinion, past performance and margins when setting the bowls odds. There are three ways through which bookmakers present the odds. The most common of them all is the European or decimal odds. You can get the expected win by multiplying the decimals with your stake amount. Another way is to use fractions. In this case, for you to make the amount indicated by the numerator, you have to stake an equivalent of the denominator. Finally, there are the US odds that are presented as the amounts that you must stake to get 100 dollars or what you win past 100 dollars. The negatives are the favourites while positives denote the underdogs. 

Why Compare Bowls betting odds?

When you use the bowls odds comparison feature, you get to know which bookmakers are providing the best odds for the given game and market. This offers you a chance to maximise your wins. You are also able to see the movement of the odds by comparing the offers from different bookmakers, which also helps in your game analysis. With Oddspedia odds comparison feature, it only takes a single click to get the best odds on the internet.

Which types of Bowls bets are available? 

There are more than one markets when it comes to bowl betting. Most people usually go for the outright winners of any bowl match. There are bookmakers also allow you to predict the bowl winners of the league. You may also predict the likely scores of any match in the correct scores market. Another popular market is the handicap market where one of the competitors gets a headstart in the match to counter the bias of the other being the favourite to win the match.

Which Bowls betting strategies to consider? 

Evaluate the Risk 

The risk varies from one market to the other. When betting, consider your appetite for risk and if possible, go for the less risky markets. Moreover, do a proper analysis of the opponents and do not just follow the odds blindly. 

Consider Multibets 

You can increase your win amounts rapidly with multibets. Pick a few low-risk predictions and bet them as one. You could check bowls on tonight and take three to five teams at once to greatly increase your possible win. 

Check the ranks of the opponents

The possibility of a prediction to be right is highly dependent on the strength of the opponents. When betting on today matches, check the positions on the league table for the leagues and past performances for the friendlies.

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