Bowls Odds - Find the Best Markets and Bowls Bets 

Bowls, also known as lawn bowling, are gaining traction in online gambling. Though not as popular as other sports, it is one of the oldest games played in England, with origins dating back to the 12th century. If you enjoy betting on bowls or want to try it out for the first time, you need to know the best bowls odds. Oddspedia does not only have these odds but also helpful tips you can use to make the most of them. Here, you will learn more about the sport, the events you can bet on, and the best sites for bowls betting.

How Bowls Odds Work

Before betting on bowls, you should always look for sites with bigger odds. Gambling on such platforms is more profitable because better odds equal better returns if your bet wins.

Online betting sites always factor in the probability of a player winning when creating these lines. However, they also consider their profits. That is why the odds differ from one bookmaker to another. You can find sites with the best prices for lawn bowling events at Oddspedia.

Odds Comparison - Get the Best Bowls Betting Odds

When you have made your analyses, and it is time to bet, please visit Oddspedia to check the bookmakers offering the best betting odds for the selection. The site features over 302 reputable bookmakers, providing the highest odds in every market. All the markets in bowls games are covered. Therefore, you can maximise your earnings by betting on our recommended sites.

If you have not joined the suggested bookmaker, click the logo and sign up immediately. You can also check if the bookmaker has any bonuses for new customers. Oddspedia showcases the best bonuses for your jurisdiction for easy selection. The arrangement of the markets and odds is similar to that of the bookmaker. Therefore, when you select a market, the recommended sites will appear below the odds. Compare the posted odds with those on your favourite bookmaker and use it to help you make that extra coin. Odds comparison and other features give you the best chance to win big from betting.

Live Bowls Betting Odds

If you find it challenging to bet before the match starts or want to have a preview of the bowlers in play beforehand, you can still enjoy high odds in the in-play section. Oddspedia reviews and displays odds from various bookmakers, just as in the pre-match section, to determine the ones with the highest odds. This, in turn, enables live bowls punters to enjoy higher returns for their bets. You will enjoy higher odds, shorter wait times for your selected game to be concluded, and deeper insights into team performance before risking your cash.

To enjoy the premium odds, check in-play on our bowls page and explore ongoing games. For each selection you make, you will find the highest odds below the market name and the suggested high-odd bookmaker below both. Compare the odds with your bookmaker. If your bookmaker has lower ones, click the logo on Oddspedia to place your bet with the suggested site. The odds are the latest updates from partner bookmakers and will be the same thing you find on the featured site. Use the live scores to determine your ideal market and then pick the best odds to increase your betting earnings.

Types of Bowls Bets

The types of bets you can place on bowls competitions are similar to those you place when betting on other sports. Among these bet types, two are the most common, and they include:

  • Single Bets: This involves predicting the outcome of one event at a time. Online bookies will let you place different single bets, but each is settled individually.
  • Multiple Bets: Also known as accumulators, this bet type involves the combination of multiple selections into one stake. Events in that selection must all be completed before the bet is settled.

Bowls Betting Markets

The markets available for bowls are not extensive, but there are enough options to bet on. Popular ones include:

  • Outright Winner: Whether you are betting on singles, doubles, triples, or fours, wagering on the outright winner predicts which player or team wins.
  • Spread: A stronger team or individual is disadvantaged in this market, while the weaker side gets the advantage. The stronger side has to win by specific points for a bet on the favourite to win.
  • Totals: You bet on the total score that a player or a team will have after the games have ended.


Some online bookmakers offer special markets for lawn bowling. The events covered in these markets might not affect the overall result. You can bet on team or player specials depending on which lawn bowling competitions the bookmaker covers.

Many bowls tournaments attract top players, and these include:

  • Commonwealth Games: The Commonwealth Games are held every four years, and Bowls is one of the sports featured. It has been a part of the Commonwealth Games since the 1930 British Empire Games.
  • World Outdoor Bowls Championships: The World Outdoor Bowls Championship is equivalent to the World Cup in other sports. Both male and female players compete in Singles, pairs, triples, and fours.
  • Lawn Bowls National Championships: This is one of the biggest bowls competitions in Great Britain and is a competition between all counties in England. Thousands of players compete over 30 days in August and September for one of more than 30 national titles.

Best Bowls Betting Sites

The best bowls betting sites have excellent odds. However, there is more to choosing a gambling site than the odds. Before creating an account and depositing cash, you must look at the platform's markets, free bet offers, enhanced functionality, and more. Bet365, VBet Sport, and BetUK are some of the bookmakers that tick all the right boxes. That said, here are some global sites to take a look at.

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Betting on Bowls - FAQ

Where Can I Get the Best Bowls Odds?

You can get the best odds for the sport at Oddspedia. We find these lines by comparing the odds of various bookmakers and then picking the most profitable ones.

What Is the Best Tournament for Online Betting on Bowls?

There are different tournaments you can place bets on. However, the best ones to place stakes depend on your preference.

Which Is the Best Bookmaker for Betting on Bowls?

Bet365 and VBet Sport are two of our most recommended online bookmakers for betting on the game. On these sites, you can place a bet on one or more selections, claim bonuses, and enjoy top-notch customer service.

What Is the Safest Market for Betting on Bowls?

The outright winner is one of the safest markets to bet on. However, ensure the website where you gamble on the sport has excellent odds. With this, you make the most of your winning bets.

Is It Legal to Bet on Bowls?

The legality of betting on bowls depends on your location. However, it is legal to wager on these events in the UK. 

How Do You Calculate Bowls Odds?

Your profit is the product of your bet amount and the odds. If working with fractional odds, multiply the amount on the numerator by the stake and divide by the denominator. Consider this example: if a selection has 4/2 odds and your stake is $10, the winnings will be (10 x 4) /2, which equals $20. For decimal types of odds, multiply your odds by the bet amount and then subtract the value of the stake to get your profit.

Are There Any Successful Betting Strategies for Bowls?

You may focus on the underdog simply because the side has higher odds than the favourites. However, keep away from the Moneyline and look for markets such as handicaps and draw no bet, among others. Bowls teams also enjoy a home-green advantage. Therefore, you may change your prediction based on past performance stats and the standings of the opponent.

How Do You Choose a Betting Site for Bowls?

Look for bookmaker reviews and pick a few with high ratings for excellent service and fast payouts. Next, check if the bowls game is included in your choice bookmaker's list of available games. Ideally, it should also have extensive sports coverage and offer several markets under each. The Oddspedia bookmaker reviews section is a good start, which lists leading sportsbooks working in various jurisdictions.

Is It Possible to Make Money Betting on Bowls?

You can turn in profits from betting on bowls. However, it would be best if you took your time to analyse possible outcomes using the tools on Oddspedia. Then, determine how much you will be bet, bearing in mind the potential risk of a loss. Consider cumulative wins rather than one or two large bets with likely high wins.

How Do Bowls Odds Work?

The odds translate into your profit and communicate the probability of success. The bookmaker considers predictions from the betting community, its estimation of the likelihood of the event occurring and variables such as weather and choice of the arena. Events that are less likely to occur have high odds, and vice versa for ones more likely to occur. Do not rely on bowls betting sites, as these variables may change.

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