Boxing Odds and Betting Lines

Our experts have compiled everything you need to know about the latest boxing odds and betting lines in one easy-to-find location. By the end of this article, you will know about the different popular bet types, how to read boxing lines, and the importance of comparing boxing betting odds when placing your bets on the sport.

The Basics of Boxing Odds and Bets

Boxing is becoming one of the more popular sports in Canada, especially at the amateur level, with the likes of Keoma-Ali Al-Ahmadieh and Tammara Thibeault earning plenty of medals.

The future is bright for the sport and interest in betting on boxing has increased. We look at a few key bits and betting tips you should know about betting on boxing.

Reading Boxing Betting Lines

Moneyline odds are displayed by sportsbooks in Canada when betting on boxing. This system uses a base value of $100 to determine how much you need to bet to win $100.

If the betting odds have a negative next to them, such as -110 it means you would need to bet CA$110 to win $100. If odds are positive such as +110 it indicates that you could win $110 when you bet CA$100. The negative odds mean an outcome is more favorable, and positive odds show a less likely outcome.

How are winnings calculated?

When betting on boxing, two things are considered to calculate your winnings: the boxing odds and how much you have placed on your bet. The more money you put on, the higher the return if your bet is successful. If you put less money into it, your returns will be lower too. 

Important things to consider when Betting on Boxing in Canada

If you are betting on boxing, it is important to remember that Canada has ten provinces and the laws around gambling differ in each one. They also offer a different number of licenses and a sportsbook that is legal in one location such as Ontario, may not be available somewhere like Alberta.

The implication this brings up is that if you live in one province where you use a certain sportsbook when placing boxing bets if you get caught using it in a province where it doesn't have a license, this would be classed as illegal betting.

Types of bets you can find

There are several different bet types available when it comes to betting on boxing. Here is a quick description of some of the most popular ones with examples.


The most commonly placed bet is the moneyline and has you predicting the outcome of which boxer will win the fight. You can also bet on a moneyline 3-way to cover the eventuality the boxing fight ends as a tie.


There are two kinds of spread bets available on boxing. You can either bet on what the total points will be per boxer if the fight goes the distance, or you can cover the rounds you think the fight might end in.


Totals bets usually work because you are betting on the overall number of an action such as punches thrown or significant strikes landed and ask you to cover them by guessing if they will be over/under a certain amount.

Prop Bets

With prop bets, you can bet on certain actions happening in the fight such as whether a fighter will be knocked down, the way a fight may end and if a point may be deducted by the referee for an illegal blow.

Future Bets

Futures bets focus on what will happen down the line.

This comes usually as predicting if someone will win a tournament. Although boxing doesn't have many tournaments, so futures bets usually cover things such as whether Wyatt Sanford will win a specific welterweight title and can be combined with a date he will win it by.


Parlay bets allow you to combine several bets predicting the winners from multiple boxing fights into one bet or allow you to bet on many propositions for the same fight. Due to having multiple lines on one bet the risk of it occurring is higher and so the betting odds are often higher too.

Comparing Boxing Odds on Oddspedia will Benefit You

If you're looking to get the most out of your boxing bets, then comparing odds can be one of the most beneficial ways to ensure you maximize your winnings. In more detail, here are a few ways to explain how comparing betting odds can benefit you.

Odds comparison increases your winnings

By comparing odds with Oddspedia, you can see what odds are being offered by all the legal sportsbooks in your province. This allows you to see which sports betting apps are offering the best and worst odds and can allow you to bet on the odds that will bring back the biggest return.

Oddspedia provides the best Boxing odds for Today

Oddspedia updates its boxing odds regularly throughout the day in real-time, so you can use the site to find the best boxing lines and odds at any time of the day. So whether prices jump up or shoot down Oddspedia will always have the latest and most accurate odds.

Track betting lines movement

At Oddspedia you can track the betting line's movement to allow you to see how boxing odds have changed over time. If you notice the odds for a particular fighter increasing or decreasing dramatically, it can show that an announcement has been made regarding a fight that could affect the outcome.

Find the Best Boxing Sportsbooks

On Oddspedia, we cover all the legal sportsbooks currently operating in Canada to ensure you only get information for odds comparisons from reputable and trusted sports betting brands. Want to compare odds between the likes of Bet365, DraftKings and FanDuel? You've got it. All the latest odds from all the best sportsbooks.

Any sportsbook that appears on Oddspedia always holds the relevant licenses for the locations you are viewing from and gives you their most up-to-date odds on all the biggest upcoming boxing matches. This allows you to identify the best sportsbook for you by using our odds comparison and ability to track betting lines to help you identify which of Canada's sportsbooks offer the best odds on the markets you're looking for.

At Oddspedia, you can also view the available sportsbook bonuses. Below you will find the best sportsbooks you can use for betting on the boxing:

We have also taken care of Ontario bettors and prepared the ratings with Ontario betting sites and reliable Ontario betting apps that comply with local laws.


What are moneylines?

Moneylines are how Canadian and US sports betting sites show odds for boxing bets and bets on other sports. - moneyline odds showcase an outcome is more likely with + odds indicating when something is of higher risk.

Which are the best Boxing markets to bet on?

When it comes to betting on boxing the most popular markets to bet on are moneyline 3-way which allows you to bet on the outcome of a fight win, lose or draw. Round betting is also incredibly popular as bettors try to predict which round the fight will end in.

Are there Boxing markets I should avoid?

A fighter or their team rarely throws a towel in to stop the fight as these athletes train for their biggest fights for long periods. So because it rarely happens, it's not a bet you should place for every fight you bet on.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

If you decide to back a boxer to win a fight at odds of +200, every CA4100 that you wager on your bet will win you back $200 plus your initial stake. 

Which bookie has the best odds for Boxing?

DraftKings can often be found to have some of the best odds for boxing and even occasionally offer enhanced odds on big fights. But it's always best to compare as odds can often change quickly from bookie to bookie.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Goodspeed compares all available odds on every market that it can find available, and it identifies which odds are the best and who is offering them to help you find the best odds possible for the boxing bets you want to place.

Is there a betting strategy I can use for betting on Boxing?

Inspect the style of each boxer to see what kind of approach and stance they take such as Orthodox or South Paw. Many of these styles have certain strengths or weaknesses; when coming up against an alternate style, it can give one boxer an advantage over the other.

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