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Esports is a relatively new thing and offers a lot of opportunities. If you are interested in esports and interested in betting, esports betting is actually quite amazing. There is a big selection of different bets and sportsbooks come up with new things all the time. Esports betting is very different from traditional sports betting and offers both entertainment and a chance to actually find an edge against the house.

Esports in Canada - Facts and Figures

Betting on competitive video games has become mainstream in the last 10 or so years. Esports, however, have been around for much longer and as an industry has been growing every year. In 2021 the industry was valued at over a bilion US dollars. With the new generations growing up with esports, the industry has all the means it needs to keep growing.

The International, the biggest yearly DOTA2 tournament, held at Rogers Arena, Vancouver in 2018 was watched by millions around the world with a prize pool of $25 million. Just a few years later and The International 2021 had $40 million in prize money.

Many young people dream about becoming successful esports players, but only few make it to the pro scene. There are, however, quite a few Canadian esports pro players.

The Canadian Star Craft 2 player Scarlett made history back in 2018 when she advanced to the GSL quarterfinals after beating 2 of the best Korean SC2 pro players. This made her not only the most successful female esports player, but also one of the few non-Koreans to reach that level of the competition.

Several of the most renowned DOTA2 players are actually Canadian. EternaLEnVy and Arteezy are 2 of the most famous players. Aui_2000 won The International 2015 with team EG.

CS:GO is by far the biggest esports game. Two of the most successful players are the Canadians Twistzz and NAF. Shroud is another Canadian player, former CS:GO professional, who retired to create one of the biggest video games Twitch channels. He streams regularly and has more than 10 million followers.

Call of Duty, Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Rainbow6 are just some of the other esports titles, where many Canadian pro players compete.

Esports Scores

Every esports game have its own rules and objectives. Most esports are played in a BO3 format where one team needs to win in 2 maps in order to win the series.

Oddspedia provides all the different kinds of scores that esports have. The scores are updated in real time and include detailed information about the game status.

There are tens of esports games every day. Not only Oddspedia covers them all, but we also provide the best esports odds for them. There are several tournaments happening right now and Oddspedia is following all of them. You can access the ones being played right now and follow their progress in real time with scores being updated as the games are being played. ESL Challenger, Americas Supercup, CCT North America and ESL Pro League for CS:GO. BTS SEA for Dota2 and EU Masters, World Championship, LVP Superliga for LoL are just some of them. You will find esports standings, results and fixtures.

Through the Oddspedia calendar you can find information about games that have already been played and esports results. Navigation is easy and all you need to do is to select a date to see all the events for the corresponding day.

Esports Schedule and Latest Results

There are many different esports games each with its own leagues and tournaments. You will surely find a game to bet on whenever you open an esports betting site or sports betting app. Even during the winter holidays, there are plenty of games being played in China and South Korea.

ESL is the largest esports organizer which produces esports competitions worldwide for variety of games. ESL works with publishers like Valve and organizes massive events for CS:GO and Dota 2. World of Tanks, Star Craft 2 and Rainbow Six are just some of the other titles ESL organizes events for.

Oddspedia provides you with the esports schedule for all upcoming esports games. With all the esports events added in one place, you will never miss a game and a good betting opportunity. From the Oddspedia esports calendar you can access all of the upcoming matches for the corresponding date. From there you will also see the esports games today, as well as esports results for every past game.

Live Esports Games Today

With so many esports games being played all the time, you don't wanna miss any of the fun. Oddspedia makes it very convinient to know exactly when any game is going to be played and follow the live esports games today. By selecting the Esports menu you will see the esports schedule with all the live games that are being currently played. Results for these games are updated in real time which makes it easy to follow the progress of several games at once.

Esports Live Streaming

One of the greatest things about esports is that you can always watch most of the games for free. Tournament organizers work with different esports streaming platforms like Facebook, YouTube, AfreecaTV and Twitch where they stream their games.

On Oddspedia for every game, you will see an esports live streaming window which makes it very easy to watch any game you like. For that to be accessable you would need to have a registered account on the esports betting side that provides the stream. Some CA sportsbooks would need you to have deposited money to your account or have made a bet in the last 24 hours in order to watch the esport live stream.

Esports Stats

Making money from sports betting is not easy but esports offer great opportunity to not only get entertained but also actually find an edge against the house. Since everything is relatively new, oddsmakers tend to make mistakes far more often than when setting traditional sports betting lines. Just as easy, however, you could be the one making the mistakes.

Research is the single most important thing to do before placing a wager. Focus on one, maybe two games, because you won't be able to have all the information you need and follow it as well. This might not seem very entertaining, but esports research takes effort, attention, and persistence and to do it diligently sets you up for success.

You will find esports statistics for any game in which players virtually compete in an organized competition. Naturally Oddspedia has relevant esports stats for both players and teams. How teams or players perform against each other is also very important and for any game you will find detailed esport statistics of their past encounters. There you can use a filter and only see results from their past encounters from specific competitions. For the different esports tournaments Oddspedia provides league tables with the teams/players standings.

There is one more thing you need for your research, in order to make good and educated esports predictions, and that is to stay up-to-date with the latest esports news.

Esports News

Staying up to date with the esports news is easy and a simple Google search will find you thousands of results. Instead of filtering through everything, however, you can rely on Oddspedia to always give you the latest esports headlines. News on Oddspedia are aggregated from all major esports news websites. Esports fans have go-to websites for news about the games they follow, such as HLTV for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Unlike traditional sports athletes, esports pro players spend the majority of their time in front of the computer. When they are not practicing, some might be streaming or spending time on social media. You can learn a lot of useful information by following players and teams on platforms like Twitter. Esports news about a stand-in in a team, or a player being sick and not feeling 100% for the upcoming game are found on social media. That is why Oddspedia also has social media posts from both players and esports orgs in its news feed. This allows you to easily stay on top of everything that is happening and always be able to find the freshest esports information about the game that you want to bet on.

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