Esports Odds and Betting Lines

Esports betting has been continuously growing in popularity and people are looking for the best esports odds to place their bets on. Whether you are a seasoned gambler looking to start betting on esports as well, or you are a fan who wants to learn the basics, this guide is just for you.

Today many sports betting sites have esports sections and offer esports odds and there are even some dedicated esports betting sites available. On Oddspedia you will find guides for all the different esports games and reviews on the sportsbooks offering esports bets. Here. however, we discuss the basics of esports betting, all the different markets and esports betting odds.

The Basics of esports Odds and Bets

Sportsbooks offer a variety of esports betting markets to choose from but before jumping into esports betting you would first want to learn the basics. The two most used types of odds are American odds and decimal odds. Most European and Canadian sportsbooks use decimal odds and sites that cater to US sports bettors use American odds. You can, however, change the way odds are presented in the settings. The esports odds will give you an insight into what the oddsmakers think of the game and hint you to whether or not it is something worth betting on. Regardless of the type of odds, they all represent the same thing.

Reading esports Betting Lines

Whenever sportsbooks add a new esports event they use complex prediction models and set competitive esports odds. You can easily sport which team or player the sportsbook deems favorite to win by looking at the odds.

With American odds the favorite has a positive sign (+), while the underdog has a negative sign (-).

  • Gumiho Cure +170 -244
  • When using decimal odds the higher number means that this team or player is the underdog.
  • Gumiho Cure 2.70 1.41

Although these betting lines look different, they are from the same Star Craft 2 game in which Cure is favorite to win.

How are winnings calculated

Let's say you are looking to wager on the outcome of the Team Liquid vs. FaZe CS:GO game. The odds for Liquid are -455 (1.22) and +299 (3.99) for FaZe. The way you calculate your potential winnings depends on the odds type you are using.

With American odds the positive number is the amount you could win by wagering $100. The number after the – symbol is what you need to wager in order to win $100. This means that if you wager $100 on FaZe, you could potentially win $299. To calculate potential winnings on negative odds, divide 100 by the odds and multiply that by the amount you bet. To calculate + odds, divide the odds by 100 and multiply the result by the amount of your wager. As you can see American odds can be tricky and require quite a bit of math.

Decimal odds are far easier to calculate. Simply multiply your esports wager by the odds and you will get your potential payout. From there you find the profit by substracting the amount of the wager.

Important things to consider when Betting on esports in Canada

Back in 2021 the federal ban on single-game sports betting was officially lifted, making esports betting legal. That being said, provincial governments each have laws and also determine who is authorized to offer online sports betting. There are plenty of esports betting sites in Canada available for players.

Ontario is the most liberal when it comes to sports betting. The province already has more than 26 approved sportsbooks and the legal age there is 19. Other provinces where you can legally use online esports betting sites are British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Alberta. Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Yukon legalized single-event wagering, but at retail outlets only. In most cases using offshore esports betting websites is the best option. Doing so is legal, as long as you meet the minimum age requirement of your province or region.

Types of bets you can find

There are many ways you can bet on esports and sportsbooks offer a lot of different esports markets. If you had bet on sports before, you probably know the different types of bets. However, esports does not play like traditional sports so there are some variations.


This is the easiest and most popular way to bet on esports. You simply pick a team or a player to win the game. There are no draws in esports and you predict the outright winner.


Spreads is a mean for sportsbooks to equalize the chances by taking or giving points to the teams. Esports games have different scoring systems and you will find esports spreads market for kills, rounds and maps. For examplem betting on Team Liquid -1.5 would mean that they need to beat EG 2-0. EG +1.5 means that all they need to do is take a map, even if they lose the series.


Totals or Over/Under is a fun and popular way to bet on esports. In top esports games like CS:GO, DOTA, League of Legends and Valorant you can predict whether the number of kills will go over or under a specific number. In the Liquid vs FaZe game, Over 21.5 means that the combined kills of both teams on the specific map has to be 22 or more for the bet to win.

Prop bets

Often you will find esports markets like “Which team will slay Roshan/Baron first?”, “Is <hero> going to be picked?”, “To win 1st round of map”. These types of bets are called proposition bets and are not tied to the outcome or final score of a game. Especially for big events, sportsbooks offer a huge variety of esports prop bets.

Future bets

Esports future bets are wagers on the outcomes of tournaments that have not yet started. Such bets are predicting the ESL Pro League groups winners or the outright winner of the Major.


In a parlay bet you put several bets into the same bet slip. The odds of the different bets added are multiplied with each other, resulting in a much bigger payout. The risk also becomes greater as if even one of your predictions is wrong, the whole bet will lose.

Comparing esports Odds on Oddspedia will Benefit You

No two sportsbooks are the same and odds for esports events will be different on every esports betting site There are 3 reasons for that:

  1. The probability chances given by the oddsmakers differ
  2. Some sportsbooks have bigger house edge than others
  3. Players' activity will swing the odds in one way or the other

You should not be locked on one site. There are plenty of choices as to where to place your bets and we will help you find those sportsbooks offering the best esports odds for each game, thus increasing your profits.

Odds Comparison increases your winnings

Using the highest odds available when betting guarantees better returns on your winning bets. A 0.05x difference might not seem like a lot, but is a big enough difference to switch to another site. You want to think in the long-term when you are betting on esports. If you put a thousand bets, that is going to be a lot of money won or lost.

Oddspedia provides the best esports odds for Today

Oddspedia compares esports odds from more than 80 proven and reliable sportsbooks and presents you with the one that offers the best odds. Simply select the game you want and you will be shown the sportsbook with that highest odds for that game. Esports odds are refreshed in real time and you will be always seeing the highest possible esports odds while using Oddspedia.

Track betting lines movement

Depending on how other players are betting, odds start shifting from the moment sportsbooks open the betting lines. On Oddspedia you will find graphs for each game that follows the betting lines movements. With this powerful tool you can track how the odds have been changing and how other players are betting on the games you are interested in.

Find the Best esports Sportsbooks

When you are chosing esports betting site, there are several things that you want to consider, that are important. These are: reliability, odds, bonuses, markets and games coverage, money transfer options. Many players make the mistake of staying on the same website they first started on, even though others might be offering much better service.

On Oddspedia you will find profesional reviews on all the legitimate esports betting sites and top sports betting mobile apps available in Canada. From there you will know what each is offering, how they compare to one another and easily choose the best esports sportsbooks for you. Here are the top sportsbooks that are suitable for betting on esports:

Oddspedia will often have esports bonus codes and links to sportsbook bonuses for different sportsbooks that you can use to further increase your profits. We have also created a special section with Ontario betting sites and reliable Ontario sports betting apps. Below you can seethe top 5 bookmakers for esports betting in Canada:


What are moneylines?

A moneyline bet is wager where you simply bet on the team or player you think is going to outright win the game. Unlike other traditional sports, esports games can't end in a draw so you choose one of two options.

Which are the best esports markets to bet on?

The best esports markets to bet on are those you are those you understand and are most comfortable with. Easiest bets you can start with are moneylines, but totals, spreads and props offer great opportunities once you feel confident enough.

Are there esports markets I should avoid?

You should avoid adding too many wagers to your parlay bet. Esports parlays are fun and you can win a lot of money, but if you are confident that your bet is a good bet, there is actually no incentive to combine it and reduce your chances of winning.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

The positive (+) sign means that this player or team is the underdog and is not expected to win. A +200 money line means that if you wager a $100, you would win $200.

Which bookie has the best odds for esports?

Odds will be different on every site and that is especially true for esports odds. The differences are often huge and it is important to compare odds on different sportsbooks if you want to maximize your winnings. Oddspedia saves you a lot of time and makes betting easy by comparing the latest esports odds for you.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia compares the esports odds from more than 80 reliable sportsbooks. Simply find the game you want to bet on in the Oddspedia esports section and you will be presented with the highest possible odds for that game.

Is there a betting strategy I can use for betting on esports?

Managing your bankroll is the most important thing when betting on esports. Esports betting is a long term thing and you can't expect to become rich with a couple of wagers. Only wager with a small portion of your bank. You could easily lose all your money if you get emotional and start betting more than what you can afford to.

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