Field Hockey Schedule and Live Field Hockey Scores Today

If you are an ardent hockey fan in Canada, getting a reliable odds comparison platform makes betting easier. Oddspedia is the one-stop-shop for hockey scores, betting, giving bettors the best odds in the market, top sportsbooks and betting options. Gamblers also get pre-match and in-play odds, alongside useful content on hockey betting.

Field Hockey Scores

Signing up on Oddspedia gives the bettor access to live scores from the current match day or a previous match day and all betting information on the go. It has real-time hockey game results from all participating hockey games, both in Canada and abroad. For every action on the field, the odds-comparison platform follows it with detailed information, including the point scorer and the time stamp. Other information on the market includes the total points in the game and any promotions on offer.

Since there are several hockey markets on offer, Oddspedia clusters them according to time and competition. Gamblers can view a specific game, with Oddspedia giving the date and starting time. The calendar helps zero down the specific date and time for the match.

Hockey in Canada and the entire world has a sporting calendar. The number of games in a day depends on the time and day of the week. In the middle of a season, a tournament can have up to 10 games. Canadian Masters Hockey, Women’s National League, Indoor Hockey Series and the FHC National Championship are some of the popular tournaments in Canada. Internationally, we have the Commonwealth, Hockey World Cup and the Olympic Games.

Field Hockey Live Streaming

Bettors can find all live field hockey games on Oddspedia. From domestic games to international championships, the system shares audio-visual pictures of the game’s progress, points scored and every action on the pitch.

However, the system does not show all field hockey games. Find out first if your preferred bookie is live streaming the game. Oddspedia shares the sportsbook and the game they will live-stream.

In Canadian field hockey, bookies show selected games from the CHL. Log in to Oddspedia to find out which games are going live.

Field Hockey Stats

The most common field hockey stats are points scored and the scorer. A good number of resulting markets derive their bets from these, including game top scorer, game-winner and tournament winner. These stats help bettors to plan for their next move, especially those in live betting.

Other equally important stats are point assists, overall goal scorer and the tournament’s best player. A single field hockey game has over 40 markets, giving the bettor a large pool of markets to try out.

After the end of each weekend or tournament round, Oddspedia gives the team’s position and playing overview. Performers get ahead, while others rank according to their effort. Overall, this outcome help shape long-term markets such as the tournament winner.

Bettors who prefer pre-match field hockey bets use the head-to-head statistics. It depicts the performance of the sparing teams over time, which significantly contributes to odds value. However, the recent forms also contribute to these statistics.

In essence, every activity is significant in coming up with odds value. They also point to the most probable outcome, which helps bettors decide which betting option they are going with.

Field Hockey News

Besides field hockey odds comparison, Oddspedia also has a news channel. It collates news from all notable sports channels to give users a rough picture on and off the field hockey pitches. Player transfers, injury updates, possible starting line-ups and hockey celebrity rumours form part of the news.

Besides the accredited sports media houses, the field hockey team, players and CHL’s social media pages are a source of news. However, they undergo verification and due diligence before reposting them on Oddspedia. Essentially, Oddspedia is a one-stop shop for all field hockey news, both in Canada and abroad.

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