Floorball Odds and Betting Lines

Learning about floorball odds and lines will help you place better wagers on the sport. You need to understand how floorball betting markets work and how Oddspedia can help you increase your chances of success in sports betting. The site is exceptional as it covers a wide range of information on floorball betting, including the match live results and statistics.

The Basics of Floorball Odds and Bets

Canadian betting sites typically display floorball betting odds in American format, meaning the wagers are centered around a $100 bet. Still, many allow bettors to switch to other widely-used odds formats like decimal and fractional odds. On floorball betting sites, you will find a variety of betting markets, including moneyline, spreads, and totals bets.

Important things to consider when Betting on Floorball in Canada

Floorball bettors need to first familiarize themselves with the gambling laws of Canada. While many rules are standardized across the country, a few vary depending on the region of your residence. As a general rule, you should only sign up on licensed and regulated floorball betting sites as these are more likely to operate ethically.

A floorball betting site should also have reasonable terms. The maximum bets and withdrawals should be high enough for your betting style, and the sportsbook should have clear rules on cashing out. Before you make a deposit, you should complete the verification process as this will be required for you to make withdrawals. Another thing to check is whether the site offers competitive odds.

Types of bets you can find

Online sportsbooks in Canada offer plentiful ways for betting on floorball. You don't have to just bet on which floorball team will win; floorball betting sites allow you to place wagers on various markets such as spreads and total goals among others.


Among all floorball betting markets, moneyline bets are the most popular and easiest to understand. You can simply choose the floorball team that will win the game. For example, if you think Hamilton IBK will beat Club Floorball de Montreal, you can place a moneyline on Hamilton IBK.


A point spread is a handicap that is served by floorball betting platforms. For example, a match between the Cambridge Floorball Club and Ottawa Blizzard Floorball Club may have a spread of -1.5/+1/5. That means the favorite will need to win the game by at least 2 goals.


You can minimize your risk when you bet on floorball by placing wagers on the total goals. This bet is also known as the over/under and requires you to predict the combined number of goals scored by the two teams.

How to use Floorball data on Oddspedia to increase your chances of success

Oddspedia has a lot of useful floorball data which can increase your chances of success in sports betting. You can access this data by selecting 'floorball' from the list of sports, after which you can choose a date on the calendar.

Compare odds for higher bet payouts

Oddspedia has odds from more than 80 bookmakers and can show the highest available odds at any moment. Odds are refreshed in real-time, and more than 100 betting markets are supported. The sportsbook selection consists of only highly reliable operators that operate in Canada.

It is very easy to compare odds from different bookmakers since Oddspedia ranks more than 80 bookies based on the quality of their odds. The site updates these odds automatically whenever they change, so there is no need to keep refreshing the page. You will also be able to compare the odds by bet types, including moneyline and correct score. The site only lists reliable bookies, and using the highest odds will always ensure you win more money.

Get the best Floorball lines and odds for Today

Oddspedia is a great platform that can help you find the highest floorball betting odds for the day. This makes it easier to find value bets and maximize your potential winnings. You should create accounts on several top-rated bookmakers so that you are always ready to use sites with the highest floorball betting odds.

Track betting lines movement

Oddspedia tracks the line movement from where the line started to where it currently sits. Line movement occurs when bettors back one side or the other. Therefore, the line movement can tell you whether the final odds are true.

Utilize Betting Stats

You can use Oddspedia to see the head-to-head statistics of floorball matches. With these stats, you can determine how one team performed against the other in matches played over the past few years. Oddspedia also shows the current standings of the teams in the league tables. With the help of the league table, you can determine the number of games each team has played so far, and the number of wins and losses they have had.

Find the Best Floorball Sportsbooks

Floorball odds comparison on Oddspedia can help you in your search for suitable betting sites. You should always pick sportsbooks and mobile betting apps that consistently offer high odds for floorball matches.

Oddspedia also shows the lines movement of each betting site, so you can see how the odds have been adjusted over time. You can make more money from online betting if you pick sportsbooks with generous free bet offers, which is why Oddspedia also offers details on the currently-active sportsbook bonuses. You can check out the best bookmakers for floorball betting in our reviews.

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Our reviews also give you all the details of bonus offers such as freebets, welcome bonuses, etc. Intrigued, here are some examples of our reviews:

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For Ontario bettors, on the other hand, we've made separate rankings with Ontario betting sites and reliable Ontario betting apps that comply with local laws. 


What are moneylines?

When you place a moneyline bet, you predict that a particular team will win. For example, you can place a moneyline on the winner of the Floorball World Championships matches.

Which are the best Floorball markets to bet on?

You should choose floorball betting markets based on your risk tolerance and knowledge of floorball games and teams. Most successful bettors prefer the moneyline and total goals bets as these are fairly easier to predict.

Are there Floorball markets I should avoid?

You should avoid riskier floorball markets, especially if you don't have much experience with floorball betting. Some of these are correct scores and the next goal-scorer. You should also avoid adding parlays to your bet slip as these can easily lead to major losses.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

American odds with a + indicate that the team is the underdog in the competition. When you place a bet on a market with a +200 moneyline, it means you will win $200 if you wager $100.

Which sportsbook has the best odds for Floorball?

Some of the best floorball betting sites include 888Sport, LeoVegas Sport, and Unibet. Before you place a bet on floorball matches, you should visit Oddspedia so that you see which bookie has the best floorball betting odds.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia displays the real-time odds of different floorball betting markets on a range of sportsbooks. These betting sites are arranged in order depending on the quality of their floorball online odds. You can click the odds to get redirected to the bookie, where you can confirm the bets.

Is there a betting strategy I can use for betting on Floorball?

To maximize your chances of winning, you should always do your homework and split your bankroll so that you can play for longer. It is also important to bet sober as this ensures that you don't make poor decisions when you bet on floorball.

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