Rugby Union Odds and Betting Lines

Rugby Union odds indicate the amount of money you can win when you stake a certain amount of cash. Lots of betting sites in Canada use American odds as the default format, and these prices are based on a $100 wager. When betting on Rugby Union, you should compare odds on different betting sites using the services at Oddspedia.

The Basics of Rugby Union Odds and Bets

Odds for the favorite in Rugby Union betting are presented with a minus sign. They indicate the amount of money you should wager in order to win $100. On the other hand, plus sign odds represent the underdog in the matches. These odds represent the amount you would earn on a successful $100 wager.

Important things to consider when Betting on Rugby Union in Canada

Sports betting is completely legal in Canada, but different provinces have enacted different rules on this activity. In most places, you have to be at least 19 years old to bet on Rugby Union, but some provinces and territories have lowered this limit to 18.

It is worth noting that offshore betting sites are accepted as a legal grey area, and you will not get into any trouble for using these platforms.

When you start gambling in Rugby Union competitions like the Six Nations, you should pick an online sportsbook with reasonable terms and conditions. Make sure you check the rules for betting on rugby union to determine whether they are fair.

Types of bets you can find

There are many types of bets you can find on Rugby Union betting platforms. Some of these markets are the moneyline, point spreads, handicap betting and match total points. You can read the following sections to understand each market better.


The moneyline is the most popular market in Rugby Championship betting. You will simply have to predict the winner of the match. Although the events can end in a draw, you should remember that this outcome is extremely rare.


Lots of sportsbooks also offer point spreads for bets on Premiership Rugby, the Six Nations or Rugby World Cup. In this case, the favorite will have to win the match by a certain number of points.


Online betting sites also allow players to predict the total number of points that will be scored in a Rugby Union game. With this betting market, you will only need to indicate whether the total points will be over or under a certain threshold.

How to use Rugby Union data on Oddspedia to increase your chances of success

Oddspedia has a lot of information that you can use to perfect your Rugby Union betting strategy. On the site, you can compare the Rugby Union betting odds on different sportsbooks and can even access some useful betting stats. You will also be able to check the betting lines movement on this platform.

Compare odds for higher rugby bet payouts

Oddspedia has odds from more than 80 bookmakers, thus showing the highest available odds at any moment. Odds are refreshed in real-time, and more than 100 betting markets are supported.

Oddspedia gives bettors the opportunity to compare odds on different betting sites with prices being updated in real-time. That means you will not even need to refresh the page to get the latest Rugby Union odds. The platform compares odds on more than 80 high-rated sportsbooks, and it features many different betting markets. You should take time to sign up on some of the top-rated betting sites as this will make it easier to take advantage of higher odds.

Get the best Rugby Union lines and odds for Today

With Oddspedia, you can easily find betting sites with the highest odds for today. You can navigate the odds comparison section using the match calendar. In order to place bets via Oddspedia, you should click the odds listed on the site. You will then get redirected to the sportsbook, where you will be able to sign in and place wagers.

Track betting lines movement

In Rugby Union betting, it is essential to track the betting lines' movement. This information will help you determine whether there are new details that will affect the match outcomes. It is also possible for sportsbooks to adjust the Rugby Union lines in an effort to balance bets on both sides.

Utilize Betting Stats

Rugby Union betting stats can help you determine which team is more likely to win the match. At Oddspedia, bettors can access a range of betting stats and betting tools. You should start by checking out the head-to-head stats. These are easy to read and interpret, and they show the historical performance of the teams in their past encounters.

Oddspedia will also show you the standings of the teams in leagues like the Six Nations, Rugby World Cup, and the Rugby Championship.

Find the Best Rugby Union Sportsbooks

Comparing odds on Rugby Union leagues will make it easier for you to find excellent sportsbooks. You should always use betting sites that consistently offer higher odds as this will help you make more money from your bets.

At the same time, you should evaluate the bonuses and promotions of the betting sites. Fortunately, Oddspedia offers summaries of these bonuses and sports betting apps, and that makes it easier for you to carry out the research. When you evaluate the bonuses, you shouldn't just focus on the amounts being offered; make sure you thoroughly go through the terms of the bonuses. You should especially check the rollover requirements of the bonuses. Some of the betting sites you should join include:

Oddspedia also has a dedicated section that enables you to compare volleyball odds and sportsbook bonuses for bettors from Canada. We have also collected Ontario betting sites and reliable Ontario sports betting apps


What are moneylines?

Moneylines are bets placed on the possible winner of a Rugby Union match. These odds are presented with either a plus or minus sign, and the symbol used will determine whether the team is the underdog or favorite.

Which are the best Rugby Union markets to bet on?

The biggest and most successful bettors mostly place bets on the moneyline as there are better chances of making a correct prediction in this market. You should also consider placing bets on the total points as this is a fairly easy market to predict.

Are there Rugby Union markets I should avoid?

There aren't any markets that you should avoid entirely when betting on rugby union. However, you should note that very few Rugby Union games end in a draw, so this can be a very poor bet. If you're unfamiliar with the teams, you should avoid placing correct score bets.

What does +200 moneyline mean?

A +200 moneyline means that the team is the underdog, and it can be translated to 2-to-1. That means every $1 you risk on the team will earn you a profit of $2. A positive moneyline simply indicates the amount of money you can win when you wager $100.

Which bookie has the best odds for Rugby Union?

It is extremely easy to find sportsbooks and sports betting apps with high odds on Oddspedia. At the moment, the operators with the highest Rugby Union odds are LeoVegas, Unibet, and 888Sport. All these betting sites are licensed and fully regulated.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

This odds comparison service checks the current odds of more than 80 betting sites and displays these prices from the highest to the lowest. You can then pick the sportsbook that has the best odds.

Is there a betting strategy I can use for betting on Rugby Union?

You can apply a money management strategy when betting on rugby, and this can ensure that your bankroll lasts for longer. These strategies can also prevent you from spending too much money on gambling.

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