Counter-Strike Live Scores

Esports, such as Counter-Strike, are not like regular sports - while a game of soccer can go for dozens of minutes without any kind of significant development, only a few minutes can mean all the difference in an online match. As such, it’s more important than ever for us to bring you up-to-date results on matches as they happen, updating scores and odds as a game develops.  

This system is called Live Scores, and display the Counter-Strike results in real time - for example, how many wins each team has scored so far. Typically tournaments work on a “best 3 out of 5 matches” basis, allowing the teams to play up to 5 games and giving the victory to the first team to reach 3 wins. As such, every win team scores can dramatically alter the odds immediately, and knowing this information is essential for placing the best live bets possible.

Using the calendar at the top of the page, you can discover Counter-Strike matches today or being played on a future date. Oddspedia will automatically update these dates with the latest information, thus making sure that it is always accurate, especially when delays, cancellations and other unforeseen events are involved. All you need to do to see the most up to date stats on any game, even ones currently being played as you read, is click on it.

At Oddspedia, we’ve done our best to represent as many different games and leagues as possible. Basically, if a bookmaker we trust has set odds on a particular game, then you’ll find it here. This includes not only all games from the big tournaments like ESL Pro League and the CS:GO Major Championships, but also various minor leagues around the world. The events we choose to represent are varied and diverse, giving sports fans around the world the best shot at finding the ones they’re most interested in.


Counter-Strike News

The world of esports often seems to move at a breakneck pace, just look at Call of Duty, especially for those that only casually keep up with it. Not only do they need to deal with team transfers, tournament bans, exclusivity deals and more, but also with the constant stream of Counter-Strike updates that the developers at Valve release.  

In the past two decades, Counter-Strike has steadily grown from a niche Half-Life mod into a global sports phenomenon. Once played almost exclusively in underground PC clubs, today the game gathers thousands to major tournaments where the top teams in the world compete for a million-dollar prize pool. And, just like with any sport, we at Oddspedia seek to help those interested in it by providing them with all information necessary to make accurate predictions.

Our news section brings you the most important news from reputable sources in one place. On Oddspedia you can browse the latest Counter-Strike headlines, including updates, transfers, tournament announcements/changes, and more. In addition, you can also find certain important social media posts straight from the players and the teams they compete for, as well as credible Counter-Strike rumors from around the web. If Counter-Strike is not your go-to game, you can always check news articles for other esports games like Dota 2 for example.

Counter-Strike odds comparison - Get the highest odds from top bookmakers

Unfortunately, Counter-Strike betting - just like any other esport - is still relatively new, and thus not supported by a lot of bookmakers on a global scale. That’s why we at Oddspedia have worked hard to bring you relevant odds from the most reputable online bookies that take bets on CSGO matches. Our team has curated and verified over 80 different bookmakers (many of which take esports games bets), providing you with the best odds for any match straight on the Counter-Strike page.  

A smart bettor knows that the higher the odds are, the more they’ll win! Naturally, not all bookmakers will offer the exact same odds - bookies do their own research in order to set the numbers that they deem to be most accurate, which might not even be close to what their competitors have set! That’s why Oddspedia’s odds comparison is one of the most valuable tools in a bettor’s arsenal. Just by viewing the list of Counter-Strike matches on the site, you can automatically see the best possible odds for each of them among dozens of bookies. Not quite satisfied? Click on the match and you’ll see the odds of all bookies that offer betting on it. Simple as that!

Live Counter-Strike betting odds

Placing bets on a match days or even weeks before it happens is one thing, but what about betting on Counter-Strike games currently being played? Believe it or not, many online bookies will let you do just that, changing the odds as the match progresses and teams score kills and wins. Naturally, odds on live games will typically be lower than those before a match begins, and will keep shifting throughout the game, but betting on them is safer and almost guarantees wins. Even if they’re lower.  

Browsing the live games is easy, provided there are any being played at the moment. All you need to do is go to the top of the page, click on Live and then select the Counter-Strike tab. Oddspedia will automatically display a list of all matches currently being played, alongside the best odds across multiple bookies. Betting on a team right before they win the game sounds almost like a dream, and we at Oddspedia have done our best to help it come true!

Counter-Strike odds comparator 

Esports are one of the newest sports that bookies take bets on. And while something like, say, horse betting has been around for literally centuries (and thus bookies know exactly how to gauge odds with accuracy), Counter-Strike odds are a different beast entirely. As such, different bookmakers will undoubtedly offer different odds on the same matches - sometimes by a decent margin. Obviously, the higher the odds are, the more money you’ll end up winning in a particular match, which is why it’s in your best interest to bet at the bookie which will give you the chance to earn most.

To help you in that endeavour, Oddspedia offers a simple odds comparator to help you find the best Counter-Strike betting opportunity. Just click on any Counter-Strike match currently scheduled and you’ll see an overview of all the odds offered by the bookmakers we endorse. The odds are listed from highest to lowest, which means that the top results will always give you the most bang for your buck should you happen to guess correctly. This data is updated in real-time, and if a bookie suddenly changes their odds or starts offering them on that match when they previously didn’t, those changes will be reflected on Oddspedia instantly.

Betting sites & bonuses

While Counter-Strike betting - and esports betting in general - is still very new, there’s already dozens of online bookmakers taking bets on it. Many of them are reputable and offer good odds, with iron reputations that always pay their winners promptly and on time. On the other hand, given how new the sport is and its younger fanbase is typically less experienced in betting, a lot of bookmakers look to cheat their bettors with unrealistically high odds and bonuses they never intend to pay out. Unfortunately, just like with any hobby that involves money, the danger of being scammed is very real.


That’s why we at Oddspedia have taken the time to personally verify every single one of the bookies whose odds we present on our site. By clicking on the Bookmakers tab, you can see all the betting sites we’ve vetted and feel good about promoting. While this isn’t exactly a comprehensive list of every single reputable bookmaker out there, we’re constantly working on expanding it in order to provide you with the best possible Counter-Strike odds in your market!

Counter-Strike betting guide - FAQ  

How do Counter-Strike betting odds work?

Odds are, in simple terms, probabilities of how likely a certain outcome is to happen. Bookmakers will use a lot of data, such as player performance and team winning streaks, to determine the likeliest outcome of a match. The higher the odds, the less likely a team is to win - but the more you’ll earn when they do!

How to calculate Counter-Strike betting odds?

On Oddspedia, you will most often find our odds in decimals (for example 1.5), which in our opinion are the easiest to calculate. To see how much you’d win with a correct bet, simply multiply your bet by the odds and then subtract it. For example, betting £10 on a team with 1.5 odds will net you £15 back, or £5 of winnings!

How to choose a betting site for Counter-Strike?

Unfortunately, given how new the sport is, there aren’t as many Counter-Strike betting sites as there are for football or basketball. Furthermore, not every bookie will operate in your country - so that narrows it down even more. Beyond that, simply choose the bookie with the higher odds, or, alternatively, the more alluring bonus!

How to predict Counter-Strike results?

Predicting the results of a match days before it’s played might sound like magic, but in reality it’s just numbers. Your best friend would be the Counter-Strike odds bookies set for each match, as they’re far from random. Lower odds means more of a chance for that team to win, so use that - and the stats on Oddspedia - to your advantage!  

Is it possible to make money betting on Counter-Strike?

Absolutely! Of course, we’d be honest if we said it’ll make you rich - Counter-Strike simply doesn’t offer odds that high, so hold off on that mansion for a while. Think of it as a hobby, and only bet with money you’re okay with losing. If you win, however, you can definitely score some extra quid!  

Are there successful Counter-Strike strategies?

Counter-Strike, way more than traditional team sports, is a sport where team composition could mean all the difference. While football relies heavily on one or two star players to score, a Counter-Strike team is only as good as its weakest link. So use our head to head tool and keep a close eye on the players!


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