CS:GO Betting Guide - Check Odds, CS:GO Live Score and Streams for upcoming and ongoing matches

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO is one of the most popular first-person shooter games developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. Two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, engage in a serious battle to complete objectives like defusing a bomb or defend a plant while protecting themselves from the enemy. Read this piece to learn more about CS: GO as a game and an eSport.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Quick Start

Before diving into the specifics of the game, you need to learn the history of CS:GO. We will also lay out how it is played, its tournament structure, and the prize pool of its top contests.

Brief History of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first hit the gaming scenes in 2012 after its launch by publisher and developer Valve Corporation. The first instalment was for macOS, Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The second instalment, which came in 2014, was exclusive to Linux devices. Valve keeps on updating the game by either making small patches or adding a larger content of the game.

In 2018, the developer introduced the battle royale game mode, which saw players fight to claim the title of the last man standing. This saw the game's popularity skyrocket to millions. According to statistics, CS:GO has attracted more than 11 million players on Steam. At the end of 2018, the developers made the game free-to-play and started depending on cosmetic items for revenue.

CS:GO Gameplay - How it’s played

Counter-Strike is a fun first-person shooter game packed with combat scenes. The title allows players to form teams and use firepower and skills to fight enemies. Before the round begins, players must join the terrorist or counter-terrorist team and go through their objective. Each round has different missions and modes, including deathmatch, competitive, demolition, and casual.

After every round, the game awards currency based on individual and team performance. Round winners receive more currency than losing the game. Furthermore, you are given a chance to win bonuses by completing specific map-based objectives such as killing the enemy.

Unlike most first-person shooter games, CS: GO lacks the respawn feature. If you die, you must wait until the end of the round to continue participating. The credits you collect in the game are vital in equipping your team. For example, you can use the reward to purchase submachine guns, rifles, grenades, pistols, and heavy weaponry. Each gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes with a recoil pattern that you can control, a function that has been available since the game's launch.

Tournaments Structure and Prize Pools 

CSGO is one of the top first-person shooter games with an active and live eSport scene. The first international Counter-Strike tournament, Winter Championship, was hosted in 2001. Each tournament displays a different structure, but they all follow a format. The games start in group stages where teams are placed in four pots depending on their levels based on the CS: GO ranking system. The first pot has the four highest seeds, which are teams on the Global Elite rank, whereas the second pot has teams with the second-highest points, and this goes on till the fourth pot. 

Competing teams will then be selected randomly from different pots. The qualifying 8 teams will proceed to the playoffs, which follow the single-elimination format. This will later lead to the final stage. When it comes to prizes, the pools often vary depending on the tournament. For example, the initial CS: GO Major tournament had a prize pool of $250,000 but soon advanced to $2,000,000 and is rivalling the prize pools for Dota 2 tournaments which are famous for being the most juicy ones.

CS:GO Live Score

Live betting is one of the most trending forms of gambling in the eSports scene. It allows you to gamble on events as they unfold. However, to successfully wager on CS: GO matches, you need access to live statistics. Moreover, you must gather other important details to guide you on which bets to place. The good news is that Oddspedia has everything you need to perform live betting successfully. It effectively covers Counter Strike Global Offensive live matches and puts everything on the live score page. 

The section contains real-time information on the points and total scores of the two teams playing. Furthermore, the page gives you statistics of the winning and losing teams regardless of the map and round. Oddspedia also has a calendar where you will find a list of all current and upcoming CS: GO matches. Your work is to review the information provided and determine which CSGO matches are worth betting on.

Those who want map statistics are also covered. The information is given in full. Oddspedia updates you on everything happening on a particular map as the game continues so that you don't miss relevant data. You will find betting on live GO matches exciting with all that information.

CS:GO Team News and Latest Player Updates

Oddspedia does not just offer live scores but also the latest CS: GO news and player updates collected from trusted news outlets. Game fans can get real updates on individual CS:GO players or the entire team. We ensure you know which player is getting a transfer and who will miss the upcoming CS: GO tournament, such as the Astralis Talent. This information is crucial when determining a particular team's expected performance. After all, every gamer plays a role in the event's outcome.

CS:GO Betting

CS: GO betting entails predicting a particular event happening during a match. For instance, you can wager on the match outcomes or the entire tournament. But before you start placing bets on CS: GO matches today, eSports fans must understand the different betting options and what they mean. Go through the following sections below to have a clear understanding of CS:GO markets and what they represent.

CS:GO Betting Markets

Betting markets are designed to direct you on what predictions you can make. In CSGO, each option represents an outcome likely to happen during the event. Your task is to go through the markets and pick one you are confident about. The good news is that there are many CS: GO betting markets, with the following being the main ones:

Match Winner

Match Winner is one of the most common betting markets in CS: GO. The option requires you to determine the team that will win a particular match. This market requires you to research both teams and understand their gameplay.

Map Winner

Map winner is among the betting options that require you to have extensive map knowledge. This betting market is less broad than Match Winner since you need to determine the team that will win a particular map. It does not matter whether they will win the entire match or not.

Correct Score

Unlike other eSports, CS: GO matches are best-of-two, best-of-three, and best-of-four. This market allows you to decide which team will win the event and by how many matches. Depending on your research, you can bet on a close call or a landslide win. Correct Score market also allows you to wager on the number of rounds a map will be played.

Total Maps Played

The Total maps played is a common market in CS: GO, where you bet on the total maps that will be played. This betting option is an Over/Under market. You just need to state whether the total maps will be Over or Under a particular number.

Total Number of Rounds per Map

Most CS: GO matches take place over three distinct maps, each having up to 30 rounds. The Total Number of Rounds per Map market requires you to predict the number of rounds two teams will compete on a particular map. Being an Over/Under bet, you don't need to state the exact number of rounds but predict whether it is Over or Under a particular number.

Pistol Round Winner

The Pistol Round Winner is a betting option where you gamble on which CS: GO team will win a particular pistol round or the first round as it is otherwise referred to.

First Blood

First blood is quite an interesting betting option. The market will see you predict which player or team will make the first kill. This is usually determined by the first enemy kill in the game.

Total Kills

Total kills is another Over/Under betting option where you can predict the number of kills that will occur in a match or the entire game. The Total Kills can be Over or Under 7.5.

Special Bets

Like actual sports and other eSports matches, you will find special bets when gambling on CS: GO events. Here, the operator will allow you to bet on events that may not necessarily impact the match's outcome. For example, you can wager on the Knife Round Winner, where you predict the winner of the round that will determine which side the winning team will play on first. Another special bet is First to 5 Rounds which requires you to wager on the team that will be the first to get to five rounds in the match.

CS:GO Odds Comparison

Comparing odds is very important when betting on CS: GO matches. After all, the higher the odds, the bigger the win. The good news is that CS: GO has a compilation of odds from 80+ sportsbooks and more than 100 markets. You can visit the page and go through every bookmaker before settling on the brand with the highest odds. 

The site arranges the sportsbooks neatly, with each market displayed independently. Some betting options with odds you will never miss are Match Winner, Total Kills, and Map Winner. Besides the odds, Oddspedia will state whether you will find bonus offers on the bookmaker you choose, among other relevant details.

Best CS:GO Betting Sites

As stated earlier, Oddspedia covers all the popular sportsbooks that offer CS: GO betting opportunities. Each bookmaker on the site is scrutinized to ensure security and dependability, whether local or international. To end up on the ideal Counter-Strike sportsbook, you must confirm whether the operator covers multiple CS: GO tournaments. For example, Elisa Invitational Spring 2022 matches and the Majors are a must-have. 

Furthermore, the bookie should hold a gambling license from a recognized institution such as the Malta Gambling Authority or UK Gambling Commission. Note that some of the top CS: GO sites, such as Bet365 and Unibet, have more than two licenses allowing them to operate in different regions. Finally, ensure the site you choose has generous bonuses. Using the offers, you can place more CS: GO bets without spending too much, thus economical.

Betting Offers and Promotions

The last thing you need to do is spend too much money placing bets while you can cut on the cost using bonus offers. Thankfully, Oddspedia understands the importance of promotions. Here you'll find a list of the best CS: GO sportsbooks with information about the available bonuses.

Expect betting platforms with welcome offers and cashback bonuses that you can use to bet on CS: GO events. You will also find match deposit promos and free bets. But before selecting any bonus, read through the bonus terms to determine the suitability of the promo. Some items to consider are the wagering requirements and the bonus expiry period.

CS:GO Live Stream - Where to watch upcoming CS:GO matches

CS: GO events often have very good and detailed coverage. Watching CS is possible on various platforms. However, the live streams are much better on Oddspedia and Twitch. Oddspedia contains a list of all sportsbooks that allows you to live stream Counter-Strike events. Every match available for streaming will have a TV symbol. You just need to click the sign and get redirected to the gambling platform. If your favorite match is unavailable for live streaming, visit Twitch. The live streaming site often has an incredible portfolio of CS: GO matches you can watch live.


How Trustworthy are the CS:GO Betting Sites?

CS: GO gambling sites are trustworthy and dependable for anyone who wants to bet on CS: GO matches. After all, they have gambling licenses that allow them to offer gambling services to qualified players.

Which are the Most Popular CS:GO Betting Markets?

Match Winner is the most popular Counter-Strike market. The betting option is easy to research and does not involve many variables. You can also try Tournament Winner and Map Winner markets.

Wjat are the Best CS:GO Teams to Bet on?

The best CS: GO teams to bet on include Faze, Astralis, and Natus Vincere. These teams are often competitive, making gambling exciting whether you are betting on a local or international sportsbook.

Is CS:GO available for live betting?

Yes, CS: GO is available for live betting. Multiple betting sites offer a wide range of events you can bet on after they start. Some sportsbooks have better live odds to attract players.

Is CS:GO Betting Legal?

Yes, betting in CS: GO is legal. However, you need to ensure you are betting in a country where legal gambling is allowed. Furthermore, it would help if you bet on a bookie with a valid license.

Can I watch live streams of CS:GO?

You can watch live streams of CS: GO matches and increase your chance of placing likely bets. Consider Oddspedia and Twitch every time you want to watch live CS: GO events.

Where can I find the upcoming CS:GO matches?

You can always find the upcoming CS:GO matches on Oddspedia. The gambling resource covers all tournaments and updates its catalogue daily. You will always get updated on the upcoming matches.

Which are the best CS:GO ranking teams?

The best CS: GO ranking teams include Faze Clan, ENCE, FURIA Esports, Cloud9, and Heroic. This list is updated daily based on the performance of each team in different tournaments.

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