Cricket Schedule, Odds & Live scores

Cricket is a consistently growing sport worldwide, as captured by Oddspedia.

The platform captures its spread across the world, championships, cricket odds comparison, cricket scores, among other variables. The clustering of games basing on days ensures a seamless cricket betting experience with analytics and their gaming history factored.

The leagues showcased range from national championships, international tournaments, and periodic games. They are further divided into cricket fixtures basing on intensity, alphabetical orders and time they are to be played. In essence, Oddspedia is a one-stop shop for all cricket needs.

Oddspedia Cricket: Тhe best odds for Cricket and all competitions 

The betting experience on Cricket is sophisticated, owing to the nature of the game. Its understanding has been made simpler with the introduction of Oddspedia. Just like the other games, there is a wall to wall coverage of Cricket. Great Britain is a significant country for Cricket with tournaments like County Championship One County Championship Two and One Day Cup on the cards. The games and odds are shared worldwide, which increases the coverage, and odds spread covering the most popular markets.

International Cricket is also huge on Oddspedia. Its tournaments are divided according to age, regions and periodic tournaments. The most popular periodic competition is the ICC World Cup. It has age bound tournaments; Under 20s and senior championships. For international fixtures, the Ashes Championship between England and Australia is an eye catcher with a century-old history to its backing. There is also the Test Cricket which is also regarded in highly by cricket lovers.

Cricket Odds are predetermined by the ranking of the International Cricket Council and the recent form of the team/country. At Oddspedia, there is Value Bets; a system that helps a gamer to run a mathematical swipe across all the popular bookmakers to ascertain the most profitable. It compares market odds from average odds to form a unique figure, ideal as an objective odd. The odds are statistically improved, carefully factoring market occurrences for long term probable benefits.

How to bet on Cricket Explained: Tips & Guide

How Cricket Odds work? 

Odds in cricket betting are statistical numbers derived from team rankings, recent forms, player ratings, and teams’ comparison, which are used to predict the probability of the outcome of the result. A high odd signifies a low probability of occurrence while the reverse applies. For instance, if a game has 2.62 odds and the gamer stakes £20, the total winnings will be £52.4. He or she will take home a profit of £32.4 from the bet.
The different markets shown on the games have different odds value based on the comparison. A smart gamer always considers markets more than the odds provided. The smaller the odds difference, the higher the odds, and the greater the probability of winning.

Why to Compare Cricket betting odds? 

For a higher probability of winning, the markets are the key determinant of the odds value. With different bookmakers using different algorithms to derive their odds, the gamer should be wise to get maximum outcome out of his or her stake. The Value Bets from Oddspedia localises all major bookmakers in the country and offers a comparison of their odds value. The highest odd will be on the top.

Betting odds are like salaries for a job done. If the work rate is the same, then the worker chooses the job that gives the highest pay. In the same breathe, a higher odd means a higher pay if the odds are successful.

Which types of Cricket bets are available? 

Markets are betting scenarios where odds are placed for staking. They create different probabilities in which the game’s outcome can invoke participation. The most popular betting market is the 3-way bet (win-draw-loss). It is the most simple, straight forward, and most of the time, has a lower odds, especially on teams that have a high probability of winning. Over and under bets, and handicap bets are also popular among gamers.

Markets that require analysis have higher odds due to the lower win chance. If a gamer is successful, the earnings are huge. They include a season-long bet which is spread over time and tied betting; a summation of all markets into one bet.

Which Cricket betting strategies to consider? 

Just like any other game, a head to head statistics is useful for accurate analysis. This gives cricket scores in the last games, frequency of winning, the winning margin, and tournaments the teams met. This information can be used to create a sequence that can help in popular markets like the 3-way bets.

For advanced markets, especially the ones that involve multiple teams, a compound approach is used. This brings together a combination of factors which includes the teams’ recent form, players’ prowess, Team’s history in the tournament and sometimes the entire match list. For season/series long betting, the match list helps in creating a probability matrix that informs long term bets. 

Are there any special Cricket betting rules? 

• For any payment to be settled, the game planning should happen, i.e., time, dates, and the actual play. For postponed games or walk-overs, there will be no settlement, and if it is a multi-bet, the game will be omitted from the bet.
• The bookmaker has the right to alter, cancel or modify the cricket betting odds without having to explain the changes to the player. These changes are due to prevailing market conditions and other risk management factors. 
• Wins from bets are given out after the game is completed and official results confirmed. 
• If the bookmaker has odds boost offers applicable to cricket betting, then its usage is tied to wager requirements and, its terms and conditions.

3.6 Which are the best sites for Cricket betting? 

Betting sites are considered good basing on the odds value and the number of markets they offer. These two variables increase the quantity of the amount earned from the game and the variety each a gamer is exposed to before making a gambling choice. From Bet Value, Betfair and Bet365 have the highest odds offered in the market. They feature among the top 5 of all bookmakers that have Cricket as one of the sports.

Betway and Betfair have the highest number of leagues and championships on Cricket on its sportsbook. The net cricket bettors are higher, which ultimately translates into higher sign-ups. The markets are also more, increasing the traffic to the bookmakers.

Where to bet live on Cricket? 

The first hint of live betting is the Cricket on tonight. It shows the matches of the day, and the time they will be played. The gamer then signs in at the specified time for a live bet. Oddspedia offers a ranking on the live betting market, with the highest odd bookmaker appearing on the top. The risks involved are higher, which translates into higher odds.

For the best odds for in-play cricket, the gamer chooses the cricket game, goes to the sub-menu and picks on Value Bets. A list of all the bookmakers appears, showing the different odds value. Basing on the highest from the pack and other factors considered, he or she will choose the bookmaker of choice.

How to predict Cricket results? 

Prediction is a game of probabilities. The best place to start is looking for the head to head statistics. It gives a picture of what to expect. The second place to look is the on-going tournaments and the player and cricket team success rate. This narrows down to what to expect for the upcoming match. The final place to confirm is the team player’s profile. Their growth within the cricket ranks and talent shows individual effort within the Team.

Understanding the game and the rules of cricket betting is also another crucial variable in predicting betting results. These two factors help in in-play betting and game analysis.

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