Curling Schedule, Odds & Live scores

For all curling bettors, Oddspedia offers a comprehensive list of curling fixtures so that you can the curling matches today and all the week long.

The website also has the latest curling scores so that you are able to follow your favourite team as it plays on the field. You will also enjoy several other curling betting tools on the site, and these include statistics, sure bets and dropping odds, among others. Read on for a detailed look at several of the tools. 

Oddspedia Curling: Best Curling Odds and Betting Markets 

At Oddspedia curling page, you get the best curling betting odds from the bookmakers. The site posts games from major and small leagues, along with the friendlies. You may also use their curling odds comparison page to get the bookmaker that offers the best odds for a given match. Oddspedia goes a step further to do the profit calculations so that you know how much to expect from each of the matches. 

In addition, the page has a statistics section beside each game. From this point, you can tell different positions of the teams on the league table along with such information as injuries and general form. If you need additional information about each of the teams, visit the sports almanac section for detailed history about each one of them. In addition, you can use the site to find the dropping odds, which give an indication of falling curling prices and a shift in general opinion about the game. 

Moreover, you may go with the value bets for moderate returns or pick the sure bets for the highest returns from your stack. The site also lets you air your opinion on the games of interest in the community bet survey section just below each game. 

Guidelines and Tips on Betting on Curling 

How Do Curling Odds Work? 

There are different curling betting odds that you can use to bet on Curling on tonight matches. The popular type across the UK are the fractional odds. These odds provide you with the amount you need to bet and the profit you stand to make. The stake is the denominator while the yield is the numerator, e.g., odds of 2/7 means that you have to place £70 to earn a profit of £20. 

US players are familiar with US odds, which come as either positive or negative values. The negative odds denote amounts that you should place to win 100 US dollars while the positive ones denote amounts you can win past 100 US dollars. You can also use decimal or European odds. With this type, you tell the expected win by multiplying the figure with your bet amount. 

Why is Odds Comparison Good?

Comparing odds lets you determine which bookmaker offers you the highest profit when you stake a given match. This is a way to increase your earnings. Using the comparison tool, you can also see how the curling prices have been moving since the games were posted by different sportsbooks. This gives you the general feel of the likelihood of a team to win the games. Oddspedia lets you know how much you would make from each sportsbook using a percentage calculator. 

What Curling Bet Markets are Available? 

In curling, there are no ties. Therefore, the outrights market becomes appealing. In the market, you predict a win for either of the teams. The handicap market is also a favourite for many punters, especially where one of the opponents has a high chance of winning. This handicap increases the odds thereby, making the match highly profitable. You may also bet on the total points that either of the teams is likely to collect by the end of the game. 

Curling Betting Strategies to Try 

  • Stick to a Bet in Live Betting 

Curling is quite dynamic and an early win does not guarantee that a team will win. Therefore, consider picking your favourite and sticking with the team rather than waiting too long into the game to see who is likely to win.

  • Research the Teams Thoroughly

Check the past performances of the teams in question. Look at their position, past meetings and the general health of the players. Use this to determine the likely performance. 

  • Bet Early 

Bet early before the game starts if you wish to enjoy high odds. Most odds fluctuate towards the favourites. Betting early gets you the extra cash compared to betting at the last minute.

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