Dropping Odds

Dropping Odds display takes into account the odds movements on markets from all bookmakers so you can use these trends to your benefit. Easily find value from any bookmaker that have yet to adjust its odds to the latest trends according to movement from other bookies.

Oddspedia Dropping Odds - How to use:

By using Oddspedia Dropping Odds tool you will be able to find accurate changes and odd drops as soon as they appear which will give you the edge in placing a value bet at a bookmaker that has not caught up with the latest trends. Dropping Odds are happening because of different reasons and falling odds can be influenced by factors such as increased market volume, change in one of the competitor’s form, team news or public bets picking going on one of the sides indicating a favourite on those odds.

  • The “Drop” column indicates the odds decrease as a percentage and a counter with “sleepy” bookmakers that are late to the current trend.
  • The box with red background shows the current odd value compared with its highest value for the chosen period of time.

Don't forget to use our filters to gain an edge by applying desired drop percentage to the odds, period of time or check the visual graph for information about the downwards odds movement, last odd changes as well as comparing starting and current odds.

Dropping Odds - FAQ:

What do dropping odds mean?

Dropping odds are the term used to describe odds changes that happen over time, and in particular when they are shortening. If a bookmaker offered improper prices on an offer in such a way that a lot of the bets and cash was flowing in that direction - they have to lower the odds and make it less attractive and balance the market selection.

How to read dropping odds?

If you are able to read odds and their implied probability then you are going to most certainly understand and be able to find value in dropping odds. Seek for downwards movement in pricing and analyze the causes that are forcing bookmakers to adjust their odds. Any changes for more than 20% will alert experienced bettors - and depending on the read they may go with taking the price before it plummets further or go in an opposite direction and go against the falling odds.

How to use dropping odds?

Since odds on betting markets fluctuate regularly - many bettors use them as information to better analyze the event, especially since most of the odds movement is correlated to the amount of money being placed on the selection. Significant drop in odds will always signal that something changed in regards to the perceived strength of the competitors playing - so check if there are news regarding the teams like injuries or extra statistics that might help you find value. Use dropping odds to catch bookies that are late to the trends and have not updated their odds yet.

Odds dropping strategy & how to win

The best strategy is to find value through "sleepy bookmakers". Once you find an event where the odds have dropped for the majority of bookmakers (reliably on 80%+ from all the sports books), use the knowledge to place value bet at the "sleepy ones". They are most likely going to adjust their prices according the global odds movement, so one can either cash out the bet with profit using matched betting tactics or enjoy increased value in the odds taken. This is due because of the fact that every bookmaker will try to maintain a balance for every market he accepts bets for. Most bookmakers opening odds also tend to be a bit different - due to software or odds makers view - the once that got them a bit off will have to adjust over time. There are multiple adjustments done for each event offered at a bookmaker between opening odds and its starting time.

Where to find odds movement history?

Only few tools online offer the ability to check the odds movement. Oddspedia keeps track of all the historical odds movement for all the markets offered in an event. On this page - the dropping odds tool shows the general odds movement for selected period and bookmakers that are late to adjust. Also going on an event page and hovering over the odds on desktop or clicking on the icon next to the bookmakers name will display the full odds movement graph - with values ranging from opening odds to the current one.

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