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Serie A, also called Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, is one of the most significant leagues in Brazil. It is also considered to be one of the four leading leagues in the world. This league is different from the European championships in that the last four teams are relegated to a lower league called Serie B. This makes the competition thrilling as teams fight to avoid being the last four teams. Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, also known as Campeonato Brasileiro, was established in 1959 and consists of 20 teams. Throughout the years the Brasileiro has won the sympathy of fans around the world and currently is considered one of the best football leagues in the world. 


Brazil SerieA Fixtures and Standings information on Oddspedia

Unlike most of the European championships, the last 4 teams from the table of the Brasileiro get relegated to Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B which makes the competition even more thrilling. An interesting fact is that due to the large territory of the country organizing a national professional football league was very difficult and it was not until the late 1950’s after the advancement of the public aviation, when establishing a national competition was possible. The major reason for the establishing of the Brasileiro was the first Copa Libertadores in 1960 which the Brazilian team Bahia eventually did not win. Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A is one of the most famous and beloved football leagues around the world. The quality of the matches from the league is undisputed and many fans find them more entertaining than games from Europe. At you will be able to find the best betting odds comparisons for all Brazilian matches, not only for the Serie A. Have a look.The league is played between April and December, with 38 matches played in the period. For the league lovers, Oddspedia provides a detailed list of Brazil Serie A schedule so that fans are able to tell the Brazil Serie A teams playing on the very day and all week long. It also provides Brazil Serie A standings in real-time.

In addition, Oddspedia provides Brazil Serie A livescores so that you are able to follow the games even if you are not watching the live football action. You can then use the Brazil Serie A Table on the platform to determine the best odds to play, make an analysis, and bet on your selected team. The platform is your one-stop-shop for all your Brazil Serie A betting information throughout the league season.

Brazil Serie A Betting Odds

Brazil Serie A Odds Comparison

At Oddspedia, you can compare the best Brazil Serie A Odds between various bookmakers and pick the best. The platform provides the bookmaker with the best odds on a given game so that you get the highest returns for your betting. Selected bookmakers have their logos placed against the best odds that they provide. In addition, the platform provides Brazil Serie A comparison tool that helps in the analysis of the games. In the tool, you can search games in the past and arrange them by the outcome either at home or away. This allows you to determine the patterns for different teams over the years. With the information, it is possible to make a more accurate prediction of the probable results of the upcoming game.

The comparison feature prevents you from making misinformed decisions when placing your bets or basing your selections on sheer luck. When combined with other tools on the platform, you are guaranteed to get higher returns for your bet while increasing your chances of winning the bets. Another feature that complements the comparison is the dropping odds feature. The feature details games whose odds have been dropping since they were put on bookmakers sites. Moving odds is an indicator of shifting predictions for the possible winner of the game, which helps refine your predictions even further. You can then check Brazil SerieA table for positions of the teams about to play.

Brazil Serie A Winner & Relegation Odds

Since the competition started, there have been various teams that have taken the cup several times. Some of these multiple time winners include Palmeiras, Sap Paulo, Fluminense, Flamengo, Corinthians and Cruizero, among others. On the other hand, a few of the teams have passed through the chopping board and got relegated to Serie B. Some of these teams include Portuguesa, Guarani, Vitoria, and Sport, among others. Many teams have gotten relegated and then promoted back to the top league. At Oddspedia, you can get Brazil Serie A results as teams play on the league to help determine teams that are getting cut from the league. You can bet on the outright winner, 1X2 markets, over and under, correct scores, and handicap markets among tens others for each of the games.

Brazil Serie A FAQs

When does Brazil Serie A season start?

The Serie A season starts in April and ends at the beginning of December.

How many teams are in Brazil Serie A?

There are 20 teams in the Brazil Serie A league

When does Brazil Serie A season finish?

The Serie A league ends at the first or second week of December.

When does Brazil SerieA Transfer window close?

The transfer window opens around January 10 and closes around April 3.

Who is Brazil Serie A favourite Top scorer?

The favourite top scorer is Ederson from Atletico Paranaense. He has averaged 92 minutes per goal.

Where can you watch Brazil Series A matches?

Several bookmakers offer livestreams for Brazil SerieA matches that include bet365 and 1xbet. You can also watch it on SporTV, ESPN and Premiere, among others.

How many matches are played in Brazil Serie A?

There are 380 matches played in Serie A league

Where can you bet on Brazil Serie A?

Oddspedia provides several suggestions for bookmakers to bet on Serie A. They include 1xbet, bet365, LSbet, Marathon bet, LVBET, Betworld and Sbobet, among others.

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