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About Serie A

Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, or simply Serie A, is the highest tier of football in Brazil and as such offers the most tempting betting odds you will find in Brazil. To do this you should simply have an eye on our betting odds comparison table and find the best suiting game.

Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, also known as Campeonato Brasileiro, was established in 1959 and consists of 20 teams. Throughout the years the Brasileiro has won the sympathy of fans around the world and currently is considered one of the best football leagues in the world. Unlike most of the European championships, the last 4 teams from the table of the Brasileiro get relegated to Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B which makes the competition even more thrilling. An interesting fact is that due to the large territory of the country organizing a national professional football league was very difficult and it was not until the late 1950’s after the advancement of the public aviation, when establishing a national competition was possible. The major reason for the establishing of the Brasileiro was the first Copa Libertadores in 1960 which the Brazilian team Bahia eventually did not win.

Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A is one of the most famous and beloved football leagues around the world. The quality of the matches from the league is undisputed and many fans find them more entertaining than games from Europe. At you will be able to find the best betting odds comparisons for all Brazilian matches, not only for the Serie A. Have a look.