About England

The English Premier League is the most famous football league in the world and we at oddspedia.com are glad to inform you that here you can find the best betting odds and compare them so that your bets would be as profitable as possible. England is the home of football where the rules of the game were formed in the 19th century. Despite football being the most popular sport worldwide and the Brits are the nation that set the rules for it, no one would think their national team will be so underperforming in tournaments. England, so far, has only one world title, won in 1966 and several good performances in both the World Cup and the Euro Cup. When it comes to the Champions League - the biggest club competition in Europe, English clubs have a lot more success and a total of 5 clubs won the trophy. The main reason for that is the Premier League which is one of the strongest leagues in the world. It consists of 20 teams and was formed in 1992. For the time being, 5 clubs have won the trophy - Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City with Manchester United being the most titled club in the Premier League era. The other tournament which is known worldwide is the FA Cup. It is the oldest football tournament in the world and gives clubs from the lower divisions to win the chance to participate in the European tournaments. The FA Cup was established in 1871 and the number of teams that participate is the astonishing 736. Arsenal is the most successful club in the competition, while Wembley is the stadium where the final of the FA Cup has been held since 1923.