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Premier League Betting Summary - latest fixtures, standings and the current top odds in comparison! 

Fans of the English Premier League are welcomed at to check and make the comparison of the best betting odds available. Our odds come from various bookmakers around the world, so the chance to find the odds you need is significantly higher than other places. The English Premier League was established in 1992 and consists of 20 teams that play against each other 2 times which makes a total of 38 matches per season for a team. Since its establishment, the most successful club in the era is Manchester United, which was led by the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson. On the whole, 5 teams have managed to win the Premier League - Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers. At the end of each season, 3 teams are relegated to the Championship while the first two from the second tier of English football are promoted to the Premier League. The teams from 3rd to 6th place in the Championship participate in play-offs and the team which wins them takes the last spot that gives promotion to the elite. The most interesting fact about the Premier League and its establishment is that all 20 clubs are shareholders to the TV rights. This is important because that way each team is equal when it comes to money that comes from broadcasting the matches. When we add to this the fact that the Premier League is the most-watched football league, the financial status of the clubs is almost unreachable by other championships. For example, the team finished in 20th place in England receives almost as many funds from TV rights as the champion of Germany. Do not let the English Premier League be only entertainment for you. Try our betting odds comparison tool and turn your hobby into something more profitable.

England Premier League Fixtures information on Oddspedia

Oddspedia helps you to see all of the best odds offered across matches in the English Premier League. This is the biggest and best football league in England, featuring the best teams that the country has to offer. There are 20 teams in the league and they each play each other twice, both home and away. This means that each team has 38 Premier League fixtures in total. Games all take place during the season which runs from August to May with most games being played on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. As the most-watched league in the world, this league really does attract lots of world-class players and is always incredibly popular with bookmakers.

Premier League standings are incredibly important because they can determine where a team ends up in the following season or whether teams can go on to play in other competitions. For instance, those who don't perform well and finish up as one of the three teams at the bottom will face relegation into the Championship League. Meanwhile, those at the top could end up being champions of the overall Premier League or gain themselves entries into other tournaments. The top four teams, for instance, qualify for the UEFA Champions League whilst the fifth-placed team gets to participate in the UEFA Europa League. There really is so much to play for with this league, which is why it is so well-loved by the betting market. There is just so much to get excited about.

England Premier League Betting Odds

England Premier League Odds Comparison

If you want to participate in Premier League betting, Oddspedia is really the best place for you to go. We help you see quickly at a glance which bookmakers are offering the best odds against any match that you fancy having a flutter on in the league. In order to see the Premier League odds, you simply need to select the Premier League and from there you can see all of the matches that are due to take place. You can see what odds are being offered on upcoming matches, as well as what odds are being offered against teams winning the league outright. There is also the option to select in-play matches in case you want to find out the Premier League livescores or participate in some live betting.

From the main screen on our website, you can see three of the best odds offered by different bookmakers on any match. If you want to see more information, you just need to select the specific match that you are interested in. Once you do that you can really see a Premier League odds comparison, with the odds from many different bookmakers on display. You can even see all of the match information as well as some stats that might be useful to you when you are deciding on your bet.

England Premier League Winner & Relegation Odds

Here at Oddspedia, we show you all of the Premier League standings, to help you make your choices about what to bet on. We offer you the ability to see what the odds are that each team will be the overall winner of the league. You can also see all of the stats to help you make the best decision. In terms of the favorites to win at the moment, Liverpool seems to be flying high at the top of the Premier League table. Watford, Norwich, and Everton, meanwhile are at the bottom of the table in danger of relegation. If you wanted to place a bet on who will be the overall champion of the league, you could see what the odds are on our website.

PlaceTeam NameWinner odds
1Manchester City2.00
3Manchester United8.50
5Tottenham Hotspur51.00
7Leicester City101.00
10Sheffield United751.00

England Premier League FAQ

When does England Premier League season start?

The English Premier League season starts in August and runs all the way through to May.

 How many teams are in the England Premier League?

There are 20 Premier League teams. Each team plays each other twice, meaning that each team has 38 matches throughout the season.

When England Premier League season finishes?

The season finishes in August. At that point, the Premier League results will be known, along with which teams will be facing relegation or gong forward to play in other tournaments.

When England Premier League Transfer window closes?

The transfer window closes just ahead of the first Premier League fixtures. Generally, teams can no longer buy players at this point, although they can seel players to other leagues until the end of August.

Who is England Premier League Top scorer favourite?

The current player to watch out for is Sergio Agüero, for Manchester City. 

 Where to watch England Premier League matches?

Most Premier League matches will be available on BT Sport and Sky UK. Remember that some bookmakers will live stream matches too.

How many matches are played in England Premier League?

Each team in the Premier League plays 38 matches, thats 380 matches in total.

 Where to bet on England Premier League?

The English Premier League is incredibly popular and there are many bookmakers offering bets. Check Oddspedia to find out who is offering the best Premier League odds at any given time.

13 Jul 2020 1X2
13 Jul 2020 1X2
19:00Manchester UnitedSouthampton
14 Jul 2020 1X2
14 Jul 2020 1X2
15 Jul 2020 1X2
15 Jul 2020 1X2
17:00Manchester CityBournemouth
17:00NewcastleTottenham Hotspur
17:00BurnleyWolverhampton Wanderers
16 Jul 2020 1X2
16 Jul 2020 1X2
17:00EvertonAston Villa
17:00Leicester CitySheffield United
19:15SouthamptonBrighton & Hove Albion
19:15Crystal PalaceManchester United
17 Jul 2020 1X2
17 Jul 2020 1X2
19:00West HamWatford


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