French Cup

06 November26 May

About French Cup

Coupe de France is the top cup knockout competition in France and was first held in 1917. Here, at we can give you the highest avaialble betting odds and an intuitive tool so that you can find the best odds for every game you want to bet on. Coupe de France, also known as, Coupe Charles Simon, is the oldest organized football tournament in France. A total of more than 8000 clubs participate in the competition which begins in August and finishes in May. The rules of the Coupe de France favour more or less the clubs from the lower divisions since professional clubs play as guests most of the time when they have a clash with an amateur club. Despite this fact, only one amateur club succeeded reaching the final and this was in 2000. The Coupe de France is a knockout tournament organized by the French Football Federation. Unlike other competitions, starting players are bound to wearing shirts with the numbers of 1 to 11, regardless of their numbers in other competitions. Another interesting fact is that clubs from overseas departments and territories have the right to participate in the competition. The winner of the Coupe de France qualifies directly for the UEFA Europa League. Coupe de France is a highly-anticipated tournament in entire Europe. Now, with you can find and compare the top betting odds for evey game from the competition, from the start to the end. Do not miss your chance.

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