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Bundesliga Betting Odds - the current top odds in comparison! 

We are sure you are looking for the top betting odds for the games of the Bundesliga. Well, since you are already here at oddspedia.com you can finally get some rest. With only the click of a button, you will have the chance to pick the best-suited betting odds from various bookmakers worldwide. The Bundesliga, or also known as 1. Bundesliga is the primary football league in Germany. It is also the league with the highest average attendance in the world. The Bundesliga is in the Top 5 of the best football leagues and is one of the most famous worldwide. The three teams that finish on top of the table of the Bundesliga qualify directly for the groups of the Champions League while the fourth one participates in the last qualification round. All teams from the league automatically qualify for the DFB Cup. The last 2 teams on the table are relegated to 2. Bundesliga and the third from the bottom play a play-off with the third-placed team from 2.Bundesliga for staying in the league. As the most well attended and one of the best-known leagues in the world, the Bundesliga offers fantastic betting odds. All you have to do is search oddspedia.com for the game you want to bet on and compare the odds. The chance to find the best suiting odd by a bookie you already have an account at, and thus not to have to waste time making one, is really big. Value your time and money and let the team of oddspedia.com do most of the work for you.

Bundesliga Fixtures information on Oddspedia

Oddspedia offers full coverage of Bundesliga fixtures. This means that if you fancy placing a bet in any of the matches in the biggest league in Germany, you can easily check out your odds just by visiting Oddpedia. The Bundesliga is Germany's version of the Premier League, within its ranks you will find the biggest teams in German football. The season for the Bundesliga is similar to those of other European leagues in that it runs between August and May. There are 18 Bundesliga teams that play in the league and they each play each other twice, both home and away. That means that each team plays 34 matches in each season.

Points are allocated as you would expect. The team with the most points at the end of the season are the league champions whilst the bottom 2 teams are relegated. The top 4 teams in the league have the chance to go for victory in the UEFA Champions League whilst the fifth-placed team gets to play in the UEFA Europa League. This league is the number one league in the entire world when it comes to the average amount of spectators at stadiums on match days. Take a look for yourself and see what it is that the German fans love so much.

Bundesliga Betting Odds

Bundesliga Odds Comparison

Oddspedia is a website that gives you the chance to compare all the odds being offered from hundreds of different bookmakers across lots of different sports. When it comes to Bundesliga odds comparison, we can show you all the details for upcoming matches within the league and clearly show you who the cheapest bookmakers are. When you navigate to the Bundesliga section on our website you will be able to see at a glance what the upcoming matches are as well as see three sets of odds being offered by different bookmakers. If you want to see more all you need to do is click onto the match that you are interested in and from there you will be able to see even more odds as well as some useful stats to help you make your decision.

Bundesliga odds don't just stop at individual matches, however. At Oddspedia, you can even use the odds comparison to decide on your bet in regards to which team might be the outright winner of the league. Just click onto the outrights tab and from there you can see all of the odds being offered against each team being the eventual champion. We even have a section where you can compare odds being offered against matches that are in play. If you fancy taking part in a bit of live betting, this might well be the section for you.

Bundesliga Winner & Relegation Odds

When it comes to choosing an outright winner in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich is usually a safe bet. They finished in the top position last year and with 28 titles under their belt, they really are the team to watch. You can use our website to check on the latest standings at any time. It can help when it comes to making the best decision as to who to choose for your outright winner or who might end up in the relegation zone.

PlaceTeam NameWinner odds
1Bayern Munich1.20
2Borussia Dortmund7.00
4B. Monchengladbach150.00
5Bayer Leverkusen250.00
6Schalke 042000.00
10FC Cologne2500.00

Bundesliga FAQs

When does Bundesliga season start?

The Bundesliga season starts in August and runs for 10 months. Bundesliga standings will always give you an idea of how far into the season teams are because they show how many games have been played.

How many teams are in Bundesliga?

There are 18 teams in the Bundesliga, this differs from many European leagues which normally have 20 teams.

When does Bundesliga season finish?

The season usually finishes in May. At this point, the Bundesliga results will be known, including who will face relegation and who will be champions.

When does Bundesliga Transfer window close?

The transfer window usually closes around the end of August, although teams in the Bundesliga can still purchase players who are unattached to other clubs. There is also a winter transfer window that is open throughout January.

Who is Bundesliga Top scorer favourite?

The player that is a favourite to win the top scorer award in the Bundesliga is Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich.

Where to watch Bundesliga matches?

There are various channels showing Bundesliga matches. It is also worth checking Oddspedia to see which bookmakers stream matches. Bundesliga live scores, which is available on Oddspedia could also give you useful information as to how a match is going.

How many matches are played in Bundesliga?

Each team will play each other twice, both home and away. Each team, therefore, plays a total of 34 matches.

Where to bet on Bundesliga?

Check Oddspedia to find all the bookmakers taking bets on Bundesliga

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