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About DFB Cup

DFB Cup is the most famous cup in Germany and betting enthusiasts can rely on our betting odds which always provide the best for every betting fan. The DFB Cup is considered the second most prestigious club title in Germany after the Bundesliga and is held annually since 1935. The DFB Cup currently consists of 64 clubs. Unlike past years, the tournament rules allow amateur clubs to participate in the competition which was not the case until 1974. The 64 places for participants in the DFB Cup are distributed as follows: the 36 teams from 1. Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga and the top 4 teams from 3. Liga qualify directly for the competition. 21 from the other free spots are given to the winners of the different cup winners of the regional football associations. The last 3 slots are reserved for the 3 regional associations with the most men’s teams. The DFB Cup gives a chance to all betting fans to feel the thrill of betting along with great and unpredictable matches. To make this even better we, from oddspedia.com, have the highest available betting odds which along with the fascinating football in Germany makes betting a one-of-a-kind experience.

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