Coppa Italia

27 July18 June

About Coppa Italia

If you are a fan of the Italian football, then you definitely watch games from the Coppa Italia. Now, with our betting odds comparison tool you can find the highest betting odds and turn your fascination in Italian football into something more profitable. Coppa Italia was founded in 1922, making it the oldest tournament in Italy. It may sound strange, but due to political and other reasons, the second cup winner was not announced until 1936. The tournament consists of 78 teams in the beginning, but as in all competitions, at the end the winner is only one. The most successful team here, as in Serie A, is Juventus, followed closely by Roma. Coppa Italia is a tournament with pairing made before the start of the campaign. This way, every team knows in advance its opponent right until the final. Each tie is played as a single leg, excluding the semifinals which are played in two matches. In every game from the competition, the following rules are valid: if the game is equal after the regular time, there is extra time. If the result is equal again, there is a penalty shoot-out. The Coppa Italia is the second most important and prestigious trophy in Italy. If you want to turn your hobby in profit, then there is no easier way than to start betting with here, you will find not only the highest available odds for all games from the Coppa Italia, but also you will be able to compare them and find the best suiting one for you.

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