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About Serie A

Serie A is the most recognized Italian football league in the world and now, thanks to our betting odds comparison tool you can place a bet on the game you want, using the top odds available.

Serie A was founded in 1898, while in 1929 it transformed to a round-robin tournament. Currently the league consists of 20 teams which play against each other 2 times - on on their home ground and one as guests. A total of 4 teams from Serie A participate in the European tournaments - 3 in the UEFA Champions League and one in the UEFA Europa League. Another spot for the Europa League gives winning the Coppa Italia, so the total number of Italian teams playing in European tournaments increases to 5.

Serie A is ranked in the TOP 5 leagues in Europe and is home to three of the most famous football clubs in history - Juventus, the most successful team in Italy, Milan - the most successful Italian team in the Champions League and Inter Milan, all of which are founding members of the G-14. Serie A is also home to some of the most legendary players the world have ever known. Paolo Maldini, the famous left-back of Milan, who has spent his entire career in the club and has a total of 647 games in Serie A, or Javier Zanetti, the tireless midfielder of Inter Milan, with the phenomenal 615 games for the club.

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