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About Ekstraklasa

The Ekstraklasa is the top tier of Polish football and can provide football fans with great clashes and high betting odds. Not only that, with the help of oddspedia.com you are able to compare these betting odds and find the best one for you. Football in Poland is the most popular sport and the Ekstraklasa is where all the top teams and players are. Founded in 1927, the Ekstraklasa is considered as one of the best leagues in Europe ranked in the Top 20. The Ekstraklasa consists of 16 teams which play 2 times against each other per season. That makes a total of 30 matches for a team per season which is not much compared to other top leagues. A total of 79 clubs have participated in the league since its foundation, and 16 of those teams have won the title. The Ekstraklasa might not be your first choice when you want to watch quality football but it is definitely worth it. Ranked in the Top 20 of European leagues, with its clubs regularly playing in the strongest European tournaments, the Ekstraklasa is a great joy to watch and follow. Now, with oddspedia.com you can further enhance this experience with our betting odds comparison tool which is sure to make it easier for you to make the right bet. We suggest you give it a try.

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