Copa Del Rey
13 November21 April

About Copa Del Rey

Copa del Rey is the annual club competition for football teams in Spain. It is one of the most famous cups in the world and it goes with fantastic betting odds which can be found at Here, you can also compare the odds you think suit you the most and choose the best one for you. Copa del Rey was founded by the Royal Spanish Football Federation in 1903, making it the oldest football competition in the country. 83 teams participate in the tournament with the winner qualifying for the Europa League. In case the winner has already qualified either for the Champions League or the Europa League, the other finalist takes the free spot. The most titled club in the history of the Copa del Rey is Barcelona which won the competition 27 times. On second place is the team of Athletic Bilbao who have lift the trophy 23 or 24 times. Fans and authorities still argue whether their victory in the first Copa del Rey in season 1902-1903 is legitimate or not. Betting odds for the Spanish Copa del Rey are quite high, which should be great news for all betting fans that like Spanish football. offers not only the highest available odds from reputable bookmakers, but also a fantastic comparison tool which will further facilitate your betting. Give it a try!

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