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About Primera Division

Primera Division, or as it is also known, La Liga offers some of the biggest derbies and also the highest betting odds in the football world. is a partner of many bookmakers from around the world and has everything you need to make a fantastic bet - from the highest available odds to a comparison tool which will definitely come in handy.

The Primera Division was founded in 1929 and fastly it became one of the strongest leagues in the world. Actually, La Liga has been the top league in Europe the record 16 years - more than any other league on the continent. Primera Division consists of 20 teams which play twice against each other, once at home and once as guests. The last 3 teams are relegated to Segunda Division, while the first two teams from Segunda are promoted to La Liga. The third place that gives a chance of playing in Primera is won by the winner of the playoff between the teams that have finished on third, fourth, fifth and sixth place.

The most titled team in the history of Primera Division is Real Madrid with 32 titles, followed by their rivals from Barcelona with 23. La Liga is not only the strongest football league for most combined years, but is also the league in which have played the most players who have won the FIFA World Player of the Year award , the Ballon d’Or award and the UEFA Best Player in Europe. Also, Spanish clubs are the most titled clubs in the history of the Champions League, having won the trophy 15 times, ten of which from Real Madrid which is also the most successful club in the tournament.

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