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About Super League

The Swiss Super League is fantastically represented at with only the highest available betting odds. Another great option for all users is the betting odds comparison tool which lets you make the most profitable bet possible. Actually, the great news does not stop here, since at you can find only the most reputable and trusted bookmakers from around the world. The Super League was formed in 1897 and currently consists of 10 teams. The top 2 finished clubs qualify for the UEFA Champions League - the first one directly in the group stage, while the second one participates in the qualifiers. The third and fourth teams play in the Europa League, while the last finished team is relegated to the Challenge League. An interesting fact is that clubs from Liechtenstein also participate in the Swiss Super League. The most titled club in the Super League is Grasshopper with 27 won competitions followed by Basel with 18. The Swiss clubs, especially Basel and Grasshopper play successful in the European tournaments which is one of the reasons the Swiss Super League is ranked 11th in the UEFA ranking of league coefficients. The Super League of Switzerland offers very lucrative odds and some fantastic derbies throughout the season. Now, with you can check all available betting odds from trusted bookmakers. You can also compare the chosen odds with our comparison tool and find the most suitable one for you. Good luck!

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