World Cup 2018

14 June16 July

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                  About World Cup

                  The FIFA World Cup, or simply the World Cup is the most famous and prestigious football tournaments in the world and with all football fans have the chance to find the highest betting odds for the competition and compare them in order to get the highest profit possible.

                  The first World Cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay and was won by the hosts who succeeded also in the competition from 1950. The team who won most World Cup titles is Brazil - a total of 5 trophies. Brazil is also the only team who has participated in every World Cup since the establishment of the competition. Germany, on the other hand comes very close to the achievement of Brazil with having won 4 titles. Germany is also the team with the most played finals in the history of the World Cup - 8. Italy is another team that performs very well and has also won the competition 4 times - two of which before the Second World War.

                  32 teams participate in the World Cup while a total of 209 nations are allowed to play in the qualifications. The tournament is held in period of 4 years - one of the reasons why it is the most followed and most widely viewed sport event in the world. Nearly 25 billion people watch the games from the World Cup and more than 500 million are the viewers of the final game itself.

                  The World Cup is an event you can not miss. So, in order to make the matches from the World Cup even more thrilling, you can see the odds we have for you. work with the best bookmakers from around the world. Betting is made as easy as possible, and now, it our comparison tool, you can find fast and easy the most suiting bet for you.