Ice Hockey Schedule, Odds and Live scores

Ice hockey betting has over the years grown to become one of the sports events with millions of fans across the globe.

The sporting event holds a number of tournaments and Oddspedia will keep fans up to date on the Ice hockey fixtures for each tournament, as well as give the match results. The Ice hockey page on Oddspedia has all information punters may need to make a sound decision on Ice hockey betting. The page offers an Ice hockey odds comparison feature, where it compares Ice hockey betting odds for various bookmakers, and punters can also follow up on the live scores on an Ice hockey tournament.

Oddspedia Ice hockey: Тhe best odds for Ice hockey and all competitions

Getting a comprehensive analysis of a match can give a punter a clear direction on where their bets will be more lucrative. With Oddspedia, Ice hockey betting has been simplified. The page gives punters all the statistics on the leagues available, the matches currently playing, odds comparison for selected bookmakers and live scores in real time. Information on each Ice hockey teams playing is also available and punters can find out the last time the two teams played with other teams and the results.

Placing an informed bet largely involves learning about the breakdown of Ice hockey statistical information. It also involves knowing the betting markets available and identifying the best Ice hockey odds as provided by various bookmakers. All this information can be found on the Ice hockey page Oddspedia.

Oddspedia categorises the Ice hockey tournaments according to their respective leagues and gives the standings of each team in the league. There is also a section for the Ice hockey event commentary. The most exciting part is that punters also receive real-time Ice hockey live scores and results.

The Ice hockey odds comparison feature on Oddspedia displays the best odds on offer from top bookmakers. If any odds from any Ice hockey betting market impress a punter, then they can go ahead and select the bookmaker offering the unbeatable odds and place a bet with them.

How to bet on Ice hockey Explained: Tips & Guide

How Ice hockey Odds work?

Ice hockey has 2 types of odds, decimal odds and fractional odds. Punters from different parts of the world commonly use any of the two odds formats depending on how easy it is for them to calculate their possible winnings. Most punters from the USA, where Ice hockey is quite a popular sport, prefer using fractional odds. However, most people from different parts of the world like using decimal odds that make calculating the possible winning easier. For instance, if a punter places a stake of £50 on an odd of 1.80, then they should expect to win £90. Punters simply multiply the decimal odds with the stake used to obtain the possible winnings. When the stake of £50 is subtracted from the total winning of £90, punters are left with a profit of £40.

Why Compare Ice hockey betting odds

Ice hockey matches today have become more popular than they were several years ago. This is why more bettors are more keen on the sport since it has a number of betting markets with good odds. Thanks to Oddspedia, punters can easily find the best Ice hockey odds that will yield them more money. Finding a bookmaker that is offering the best odds can increase the possible winnings by a significant percentage. In every ice hockey betting market, Oddspedia offers different odds from selected bookmakers. You simply have to compare the odds to come up with the best Ice hockey prices that will give you good returns; this saves you a lot of time and gives you the knowledge of the best bookmaker offering great odds on your favourite sports event.

Which types of Ice hockey bets are available?

Moneyline Bets on Ice Hockey – This type of bet allows bettors to choose the winner between the two Ice hockey teams playing. This type of bet includes extra time added on the match.

Over/under bets – Here, punters are required to specify the number of goals scored as under a certain number or under a specified number. For instance, punters can bet on the total goals to be under or over 5 goals. This type of bet can also mean the goals scored by each team to be over/under the specified number.

Handicap bets – Here, punters predict by how many goals a certain team will beat the other. For instance, if a team has a handicap of -2, then this means that for the bet to win, the team has to beat the other by two or more goals.

Which Ice hockey betting strategies to consider?

Oddspedia will help punters with that information as it shows the previous results for the two teams and their standings in their respective leagues. A betting strategy will help you know where to get good returns for your bet. Here are a few strategies to consider 
•    Study each team’s performance on their previous away or home matches and see whether they perform better when they are away or when playing at home.
•    Take a closer look at the teams' previous head-to-head results are see which team is more superior to the other. From this analysis, a punter can predict which team is likely to win the match.
•    Check out the Ice hockey fixtures and see their formation, what player will be available or who will be absent can show the vulnerability of a team. 

Are there any special Ice hockey betting rules?

Goal spreads – Depending on the Ice hockey scores in a particular match, the bet will be settled according to the handicap value. Any overtime will be considered.
3 way – Punter will need to predict a win, a loss or a draw within the match time. Any overtime added will not count towards this bet.
Draw no Bet – Only a win on either side of the team will count towards this bet. If the teams draw, then the bet will be multiplied by 1.00, then the money refunded into punters accounts.

Which are the best sites for Ice hockey betting?

Ice hockey odds comparison will show punters which bookmaker will offer the best Ice hockey prices to increase their payouts. At Oddspedia, punters can choose the best odds offered by leading bookies such as 1Xbet, Bet365, Betway, Betfair and Unibet. The advantage of comparing odds is not only finding out the best Ice hockey prices, but punters will also get to consider a bookmaker offering a bonus on Ice hockey matches, or an attractive welcome bonus.

The best bookmaker among the selected bookies by Oddspedia must have an attractive odd on the Ice hockey betting market and must also have an attractive package to welcome new players or for players indulging Ice hockey betting.

Where to bet live on Ice hockey?

By looking at the Ice hockey live scores on Oddspedia, punters can determine where they want to place their live bets. They can choose bookmakers offering the best odds on live markets. Such bookmakers include 888Sport, 1Xbet, Come On, Betway, Betfair and Bet365. These are renowned bookmakers are famous for the best Ice Hockey prices on live events. The odds displayed at Oddspedia are real time, therefore, finding favourable odds on a live match becomes easier. The mentioned bookmakers are one of the best in offering unbeatable odds for Ice hockey live matches.

How to predict Ice hockey results?

To better predict the match results, punters must have some knowledge of the teams playing. They can check the teams' history, previous head-to-head results and their standing in the league. This information will show the probability of a team to win the match. For instance, an Ice hockey team with standing at the bottom of the league will not show must zeal in winning the match. Therefore, chances are they will not work hard to beat the other team since the match results will not make any difference in their standing. Ice hockey results are always displayed at Oddspedia and any relevant statistics of the match will be available.

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