Mixed Martial Arts Betting - Find the Best MMA Odds, Markets and Bets  

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Betting has become popular since the UFC's introduction in 1993. If you are a punter who enjoys betting on these bouts, you need the best MMA odds. The good news is that you have Oddspedia to offer you the best sites with the highest odds alongside reliable MMA betting tips. Here, we have covered how these odds work, the MMA bets you can place, and much more.

How MMA Odds Work

In MMA and sports betting, the odds are among the most critical factors. These numbers can be represented in different formats - American, decimal, fractional, Malaysian, Indonesian, etc.

However, they all represent the profit you make from a winning bet. So, better odds equal better returns, meaning you should opt for sites with the most profitable margins. Thankfully, Oddspedia can help you with that.

Odds Comparison - Get the Best MMA Betting Odds

Please find the best mixed martial arts odds with our comparator. Here, you will see which bookmaker offers the highest odds for each fight. Thanks to our geolocation tool, we only show betting sites available in your country. You can change this selection to see operators in another country.

You can check our MMA odds comparison before the bouts and live odds for the fights you want. Our algorithm constantly analyses the odds offered by the different bookmakers. To consistently provide the latest odds for MMA fights you want.

Our MMA odds comparison tool is customizable, so you can always find your desired odds. Remember that, thanks to this tool, you are guaranteed to reap more significant benefits. Which, in the long run, can mean a much higher income.

Types of MMA Bets

Before you stake money on these bouts, know that there are different types of bets you can place. The most popular ones are as follows:

  • Single: You can predict the fighter winning the competition for this type of bet. It is the simplest type of bet; hence, it is ideal for new punters in the sports betting industry.
  • Accas: You make multiple bet combinations for Acca bets and tie them into a single stake. Every selection must be accurate for your bet to win.

MMA Betting Markets

You will find multiple markets for different MMA bouts and Fight Nights at the best bookmakers. The most common ones are:

  • Rounds Betting: Bookmakers allow bettors to bet on which round they think the fight will end. The payout for this market is usually better than some because it is difficult to predict correctly.
  • Over/Under: For this market, the bookie will post a round total, and you bet on whether or not the game will last longer than that.
  • Method of Victory: In MMA, a fighter can win in three ways: Knockout, Submission, and Points. So, when betting on the method of victory, you are betting on which method fighters will use to win the match.

In-Fight Betting

Live Betting and watching the odds evolve as fights unfold is an exciting experience! Here, you can find the key to making your first live bets.

Find all the information you need to place your mixed martial arts live bet successfully. You will find the "Live" button, which you can click to see only the live bets, i.e. fights in progress.


Specials cover the aspects of the fight that usually have nothing to do with the overall outcome of the bout. They can be profitable and are suitable for both beginners and seasoned bettors. Some special markets for live and upcoming MMA fights that you can bet on are:

  • Will the Fight End with A Submission or A KO
  • Fighter To Win By A Split Decision
  • The Fight of The Night

MMA has different competitions you can bet on, and we have covered the most well-known ones below:

Ultimate Fighting Championship

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, is the largest MMA promotion company, and it is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since its founding, it has held hundreds of matches for men and women. Some of the best UFC fighters are Conor McGregor and Matt Hughes.

Bellator MMA

Founded in 2018, Bellator MMA is an organisation based in California. It holds thousands of events annually, including the best MMA fighters in North America.

Fight Nights Global

Established in 2010, Fight Nights Global has its headquarters in Moscow, Russia. It is one of the best MMA organisations, bringing fighters like Ali Bagautinov and Fábio Maldonado to the limelight.

Best MMA Betting Sites

If you are searching for the best MMA betting sites, look no further than Oddspedia. We have selected and listed the best gambling platforms with high odds where you can place stakes on the sport. Besides the margins, we look at the site's promotions, coverage, safety, mobile compatibility, and payment methods. 

Here are our current recommendations with links to reviews and bonus offers.

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High Betting Odds
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FAQ - Betting On Mixed Martial Arts 

Where Can I Get the Best MMA Odds?

The best MMA odds are available at online bookmakers recommended by Oddspedia. These sites were picked after their odds were compared with other platforms and certified as the best.

Is Round Betting the Most Profitable of the MMA Betting Markets?

You can make an impressive amount when you place bets on MMA rounds. However, if you want a better potential payout, place parlay bets. Keep in mind that parlays have lower chances of winning.

What Does Over 1.5 Mean in MMA Betting?

If you bet on over 1.5, you think the fight will go on for two or more rounds. You are betting under means betting on the fight ending in a round.

What Is the Best Bookmaker for Betting on MMA?

The best bookmaker for betting on MMA is Bet365. This platform is safe and has the best lines for the sport. It also has mouth-watering bonuses and great MMA coverage.

Is Betting on MMA Legal?

Betting on a UFC fight or any other MMA competition is legal in the United Kingdom. However, ensure that you gamble only at licensed online bookmakers. 

How to Win on MMA Bets?

There are plenty of possibilities for fight fans and new bettors to combat sports betting to explore. It is up to you to follow the major events and the trajectory of the fighters and draw up a winning strategy.

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