Snooker Schedule, Odds & Live scores

At, one gets all the Snooker fixtures/schedule and other information that the punter needs to bet with greater accuracy.

Some of the information includes snooker odds/ betting odds, available matches and the profit one is likely to make if they bet on any of the games, among other information. For snooker punters, the site will come in handy in the snooker odds comparison and a list of falling odds to help in their analysis. Below is a list of features and tips on the site that will help you in snooker betting. 

Oddspedia Snooker: Тhe Best Odds for Snooker and All Competitions

Oddspedia is an ultimate information website for all punters out there. One can find information on different sports and leagues that are currently playing around the world. While we are not a bookmaker, one can get schedules, livescores and any other information found at bookmakers. 

For snooker betting, players get to know of the snooker on tonight, tomorrow and all the upcoming games all the week long to help on planning bets. In addition, it provides snooker livescores on the ongoing games for punters who would like to bet on live games. This feature also helps punters who do not have a chance to watch their favourite snooker games to follow them on the website. Other tools that punters can use on the site include sure odds with high profits, value odds and games that have been blocked.

There is also a Sports Almanac section that presents the past matches for the teams in question. This helps punters make an analysis of the players and make a better prediction. Moreover, punters can use the comparison feature to determine which punter has the highest odds and increase their earnings. Anyone can sign up at and receive the snooker updates straight to their email addresses. 

How to Bet on Snooker Explained: Tips & Guide

How Snooker Odds work?

Snooker odds vary widely according to the match, popular opinion, past performance the profit margins put in by the bookmaker. These odds are presented in three main ways. The most common of the types is the decimal or the European odds. The amount to make from playing with the odds is derived by multiplying the stake with the odds. 

In the UK, punters are more familiar with the fraction odds. The denominator is the amount that one must bet to get the amount indicated by the numerator. For most US punters, the odds are presented as the cash needed to win 100 US dollars or the wins more than 100 dollars. The positives are usually the underdogs while the negatives present the favourites. 

Why Compare Snooker Betting Odds? 

Snooker odds comparison gives punters a chance to determine where their stake is most likely to result in higher wins. The site provides a list of the bookmakers with the highest odds from which you can decide where you will bet you snooker matches today with a few clicks. Moreover, comparing odds provides a chance for you to view the progression of the odds so that you are able to tell where the general opinion point as the possible winner. This information can be used with other features on the site to help make the right predictions. 

Which Types of Snooker Bets Are Available?

There are several markets available for betting snooker. The most common market is the 1X2 market when you predict the winner of the march. You can also bet on the handicap market where one of the players is favoured over the other. Bookmakers balance out the bias by boosting the odds of the underdog player. You may also bet on the outright market where you bet on the outright winner of a major tournament. The bet is settled at the final whistle of the tournament.

Which Snooker Betting Strategies to Consider? 

Consider Player Form in Bet Selection 

The past results and physical fitness of a player matter when it comes to snooker betting. Take time to evaluate the players in the next match and value them according to their form. 

Consider other Markets

Other markets are sometimes less risky or have better odds that outright wins. Handicap odds are most of the time better where the favourite is playing with a player perceived to be very weak. 

Think Live Betting 

Live betting gives you a chance to bet on various ongoing games at a go. Consider live betting especially for players you are not sure about in terms of performance so that you are able to gauge them as they play. Contrary to the myth, snooker prices and odds do not become unattractive in live betting.