Best Badminton Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

If you are looking for good badminton odds to increase your earning potential, Oddspedia is the website to visit. It boasts rich, detailed betting information, access to tens of leading betting sites, and advice on ways to bet effectively. If you are in the U.S., the website has specific information you need to know about badminton betting in the country, regulations, and available opportunities. Here are some details on betting on the shuttlecock game.

Understanding Badminton Odds and Bets

Badminton odds and betting may vary from one game to another. The factors that may affect the number of markets and the odds include the past performance of each player, the current form of the player, and the positions on the tournament table. Sometimes, the number of betting lines in the live betting section is lower than those in the pre-match section.

What to Know When Betting on Badminton in the U.S.?

Sports betting is highly restricted in the U.S. There are some states where you may not bet online. However, since the Federal Laws do not outright ban online gambling, there are states where it is legal. You can check your state’s government websites to determine if gambling is allowed and look for websites that offer such services on Oddspedia.

Where betting is legal, you will have to choose a sportsbook to place your badminton bets. Badminton betting sites have different regulations such as the minimum deposit, verification procedures, and welcome bonus terms. Fortunately, most of these rules do not affect your gambling and are easy to implement.

Which Types of Bets Are Offered?

Badminton has several betting lines that you can wager on in badminton tournaments. The available betting lines may vary, but a few basic ones are usually available in many games. So, pick the best market that fits your shuttlecock game prediction. Here are some of the popular markets and how they work.


Moneyline is one of the easiest markets to wager on. Here, you either predict the player who will win or if there will be a tie. The betting site settles the bet according to the final score. Your betslip wins if your result matches the final score when the game comes to an end. Oddspedia has tips to help make the correct analysis.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is margin-based wagering in sports betting. You predict the difference by which a player can lose or win. The values of the different betting lines can either be positive or negative. If the value is negative, it means that the player is expected to win and has a handicap. On the other hand, an underdog has a positive value as it is boosted at the odds. Therefore, to assist you Oddspedia provides the ranking points for different players for easy analysis.


In badminton betting, the totals market indicates the final score of the game. In this case, you predict the final points total in the game. Given that it might be hard to pick the exact badminton scores, some sportsbooks allow gamblers to predict the values within which the total points will lie. The prediction may be over or under a given number.

Why Compare Badminton Odds on Oddspedia?

Sportsbooks do not always give similar badminton betting odds to the same games. So, you can take advantage of this fact by comparing badminton odds among different badminton betting sites. Fortunately, Oddspedia has the tools you need to compare odds for different games in various badminton tournaments around the globe. Here is a quick recap of why you should compare odds before betting on your next prediction.

Badminton Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

Comparing badminton odds gives you a chance to win more. The discrepancy allows you to pick markets with the highest badminton odds in the said game. At Oddspedia, the comparison tool arranges prices according to the value, with the highest at the top. Once you pick a sports betting site, you can join or log into the website by a link beside the results page. It is convenient and easy to use and can be used on any badminton game around the globe.

Find the Best Badminton Betting Odds for Today

If you would like to bet on games today, you can use today’s games section on Oddspedia to know who would be playing badminton. Use the listed games to check upcoming games and then compare the badminton betting odds of each against others with the comparison tool. These two tools help you plan your betting and increase the chances of making good cash while at it.

Track Line Movement

When you track line movements, you are able to tell who are the best players and the best markets to place wagers in. You can also use this information to determine the best wager amounts to maximize the winnings. So, look for the falling badminton odds on upcoming badminton games on Oddspedia.

Find the Best Badminton Sportsbooks

The Oddspedia comparison tool can also help you determine which badminton betting sites are good. If a site regularly appears at the top of the comparison results, it means that the site is good. There are various excellent badminton betting sites on the U.S. market, including Betway, Bet365, and Betsafe, which offer good badminton wagering markets. Each has excellent game, odds, and bonus offers, which pulls more bettors to their platforms.

Visit Oddspedia to find several other sports betting sites with good odds on badminton. Also, you can check for bonuses to increase the potential wins from badminton betting.

Badminton Sports Betting FAQ

Can You only Bet on Badminton World Federation Tournaments?

You can wager on many more competitions in addition to the Badminton World Federation Tournaments. Just visit the sportsbook of your choice and zero in on badminton leagues. Then, pick the game you wish to bet on the said league before choosing the market, such as totals, Moneyline, handicap, or spreads.

Here are some of the popular badminton tournaments you can get odds comparison for on our site:

  • BWF Thomas Cup
  • World Grand Prix Finals
  • World Championships

Which Betting Sites Have the Best Badminton Odds?

There are several bookmakers with great betting odds. Some popular betting sites with the best badminton odds include Betsafe, Everygane, BetUs, MyBokie, and Betway, among others. Check Oddspedia for sites with the best odds on your selected games.

How do you calculate badminton betting odds?

Badminton odds determine the amount you are to win if your prediction sails through. Most betting sites provide odds in fraction form, but you can change to decimals. Here is an example; if a selection has odds of 4/1, it means that you get $4 for every $1 you bet. In decimal form, odds of 4.0 on a stake of $1 means that you get $4 after the game ($3 in winnings). 

Is a Moneyline Tie a Push?

Moneyline can be both a tie or a push. If it is a push, the bettor gets back the money from the sportsbook because the game ends in a tie. In this case, a tie is one of the available options. Where a tie is one of the available betting options, the option for a push is not available.

What Is a Popular Bet in Badminton?

The Moneyline is the most popular market in badminton. Due to it being easier to predict a player winning. Some sportsbooks add the option of cash out or even bet insurance where bettors get back their stake if the bet loses.

Is Spread Betting Popular for Badminton?

While spreads betting is not a popular market in badminton, it is one of the lucrative ones. Most bettors avoid the market as they do not understand how it works. Otherwise, it has a lower risk than Moneyline and improves the badminton betting odds where there is an obvious winner.

What Does a +200 Line Mean in Betting?

If the line bet is +200, the player is an underdog. It means that you can win $200 for a bet of $100. However, the selected player must win the game.

Are Winners of Badminton Tournaments the Best Market Bet On?

The winners of the badminton tournaments are not usually the best market to bet on. Where a strong player is facing a weaker one, there are chances that the game will have low odds. Sometimes a handicap on a stronger player works better. Always check different markets for the best odds when analyzing the upcoming games.

Other markets include:

  • Men and women singles
  • Men and women doubles
  • Mixed doubles
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