NFL Fan Behaviour Survey: Which franchise has the NFL’s Fiercest Fan Base? Cover

NFL Fan Behaviour Survey: Which franchise has the NFL’s Fiercest Fan Base?

by Oddspedia Experts
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In the NFL, fan loyalty runs deeper than end zone celebrations. Oddspedia are diving deep to uncover just how much NFL fandom can throw a Hail Mary at your friendships and connections, and what's on the line.
Oddspedia tapped up 3000 die-hard NFL fans to spot squads primed to escalate friendly banter to physical showdowns. Who are the champs of stubbornness and forgiveness? And who's willing to put it all on the line for their team – even if it means risking a bond off the field?
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Unmasking the Fieriest NFL Fanbases

After crunching the numbers, Arizona Cardinals’ fans are most likely to end up in a row with over the game; in fact, they are six times more often than the league average, while Ravens supporters are bringing the intensity four times over.

Team Frequently
Arizona Cardinals


Baltimore Ravens


Houston Texans


Carolina Panthers


New York Giants


Given the rarity of physical confrontations, we decided to spotlight the teams that admitted that they “frequently” and “sometimes” end up in a physical fight with a friend over football.

Leading the charge, the Cardinals' fans prove they're as tough off the field as they are on it, being eight times more likely than the average NFL fan to engage in a physical altercation. The Texans' backers also show they're not ones to back down, boasting over four times the likelihood of a brawl.

Team Total
Arizona Cardinals


Houston Texans


Chicago Bears


Baltimore Ravens


New York Jets


How Long Till the Hatchet's Buried?

On average, most NFL fans show they're quick to forgive and forget, with a whopping 80.8% making peace within a day after a verbal disagreement. But don't drop your guard just yet – a scrappy 2.8% said it would take more than a week.

When it comes to a physical dust up, surprisingly over seven out of ten fans said they would be over it in less than a day, however 16% are willing to carry the grudge for over a week.

Time Verbal argument Physical altercation
Less than a day



1-2 days



3-4 days



5-7 days



More than a week



    Holding Grudges: Fans Who Stand Their Ground

    While some embrace quick resolutions, others are less inclined to let go. These fanbases are the true stalwarts, standing their ground and holding onto the tension a little longer. Here we look at the fanbases who take the majority of a week or longer to let bygones be bygones.

    12.8% of Atlanta Falcons supporters admit it takes them most of a week or longer to put a verbal altercation behind them. The frequent fighters Arizona Cardinals' fervor isn't easily quelled either, as 12.5% of their fans are in no hurry to mend fences.

    Team After a verbal argument
    Atlanta Falcons


    Arizona Cardinals


    Tennessee Titans


    Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Baltimore Ravens


    When it comes to getting over a physical altercation, San Francisco 49ers fans admit to taking the longest – 31.4% said it would take most of a week or more to move past it. their supporters. The Green Bay Packers' supporters also show their stubborn streak, with 26.1% echoing a similar sentiment.

    Team After a physical altercation
    San Francisco 49ers


    Green Bay Packers


    Houston Texans


    Philadelphia Eagles


    Washington Commanders


      Swift Forgiveness: Making Peace Within a Day

      As the dust settles on the field, some fanbases stand out for their speedy recovery and make peace within a day or less.

      The Minnesota Vikings’ have the most forgiving fanbase, 97.7% of their ranks stating they can squash a verbal dispute and 90.2%, a physical fight, within a day.

      Las Vegas Raiders are the only other team to feature in the top five for both; 96.5% bury the hatchet swiftly after a fiery exchange of words and 89.3% make peace after a physical bust up in less than a day.

      Team After a verbal argument
      Minnesota Vikings


      Cleveland Browns


      Denver Broncos


      Cincinnati Bengals


      Las Vegas Raiders



      Team After a physical altercation
      Minnesota Vikings


      Atlanta Falcons


      Jacksonville Jaguars


      Las Vegas Raiders


      Miami Dolphins


        When Football Puts Friendships on the Line

        There are many things in football to disagree with and for a small selection of fans the differences are revocable. When we asked the 3000 NFL fans who has ended a friendship over football, only 2% answered yes and a further 4.8% said almost. Most fans (93.2%) answered no.

        16% of the Arizona Cardinal fanbase have lost friends over football, eight times the average NFL supporter. Perhaps not so surprising considering they topped the ranking in other passionate metrics – they're the most likely to fight, slowest to forgive, and now, the ones who've seen friendships fray due to their fervor.

        Team Answered Yes
        Arizona Cardinals


        Baltimore Ravens


        Buffalo Bills


        New York Giants


        Jacksonville Jaguars


          The Most Divisive Football Rivalries

          Finally, Oddspedia asked NFL fans which fanbase are you most likely to end up in blows with? Though there were some expected rivalries called out, others take an intriguing twist.

          Among the anticipated matchups, we saw rivalries like the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, or the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.

          However, a curveball emerged – some fans are most likely to exchange blows with their own tribe! Both the Arizona Cardinals and Tampa Bay Buccaneers admitted that their most contentious matchups are often within their own crew!

          The Dallas Cowboys was named by seven other teams as the fanbases that they would most likely brawl with. The New England Patriots and Las Vegas Raiders were named four times each by other fanbases.

          Team Most likely to argue/fight with
          Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals
          Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons
          Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers
          Buffalo Bills New England Patriots
          Carolina Panthers Dallas Cowboys
          Chicago Bears Green Bay Packers
          Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers
          Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers
          Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles
          Denver Broncos Las Vegas Raiders
          Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers
          Green Bay Packers Chicago Bears
          Houston Texans Dallas Cowboys
          Indianapolis Colts New England Patriots
          Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans
          Kansas City Chiefs Las Vegas Raiders
          Las Vegas Raiders San Francisco 49ers
          Los Angeles Chargers Las Vegas Raiders
          Los Angeles Rams Dallas Cowboys
          Miami Dolphins New England Patriots
          Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
          New England Patriots New York Jets
          New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons / Dallas Cowboys
          New York Giants Dallas Cowboys
          New York Jets New England Patriots
          Philadelphia Eagles Dallas Cowboys
          Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens
          San Francisco 49ers Las Vegas Raiders
          Seattle Seahawks San Francisco 49ers
          Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
          Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars
          Washington Commanders Dallas Cowboys

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