Martingale Betting System Explained Cover

Martingale Betting System Explained

by Oddspedia Experts
The martingale system has been around, in one form or another, for centuries. It’s one of the most well-known betting systems in the world. You can apply it to all of the most popular table games online.

The martingale strategy isn’t that difficult. With a little bit of patience and application, you’ll pick up quickly how it all works. Our guide has been tailored so as to provide you with a practical sense of the grand martingale betting system. Keep reading to find out more about this age-old system.

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How Martingale betting system works

Before we look at various tips on using this system, it’s vital to know how it works. The Martingale system is a betting approach which follows a negative bet progression theme. Is it simple to understand? Certainly.

Essentially, The Martingale betting system means doubling your losing bets until you win.

All that is required of you is to wager an initial amount. Let’s assume you wish to use the martingale system roulette approach. You wager $20 on green. If it comes up red, then your stake is lost. The grand martingale system will instruct you to double your stake every time you lose. Thus, you will now need to stake $40 in order to make back all that you have staked thus far. If you lose again, it’s vital that you stake $80, and so on. If you win the $80 stake, then you will walk away with a net profit.

In the event that your stake is successful, you do not double your next wager. You simply stake the base amount again. Or, you can walk away from the table. It’s clear that you are required to chase losses by increasing your amounts so long as your last round was unsuccessful. Does this betting system actually work? We’re going to outline the benefits and downsides to the grand martingale system.

Martingale System applied to Sports

TThe Martingale system can be applied to sport just as easily as you would when playing a table game. The important factor to consider is that you should bet on sporting outcomes that have even odds. This removes any doubt in the matter and allows you to focus on doubling your stake when required. However, it is possible to use this system when betting on different odds, too. The higher the odds, the less you’ll need to actually wager in order to ensure zero losses.

Martingale sports betting formula

As touched on before, betting on even odds makes your life simple. However, you may wish to bet on different odds in your second wager of the day. There’s a simple formula you can apply to figure out how much you should wager. If you wager $100 on odds of 2.0 and lose, you’ll need to increase your next wager. If you want to bet on odds of 1.6, then you can use the formula $100/(1.6 - 1) to find out how much you need to actually wager. This is the bare minimum you’ll need to wager. In order to walk away with a profit, the amount will need to be higher.

Martingale betting system football example

We’re going to look at two examples here. The first being a scenario where you continue to bet on evens and a second scenario where the odds change.

First Example

If you decide to wager $10 on Manchester City to beat Wolves but Wolves manage to pull an upset, you’ll need to double your first bet amount. Your second wager will be worth $20 and if that loses, your next wager will be $40. This continues until you manage to win a bet.
Second Example

If you wager $10 on an even odds and lose, then you will need to increase the amount of your second bet. However, let’s assume the second wager has odds of 1.8. Thus, you need to calculate $10/(1.8 - 1) = $8. You will then need to wager $18 ($10 + $8) in order to break-even.

Martingale Betting System Variants

As is the case with all betting systems, there are a number of exciting variants that can be adopted. These approaches can be more complex but will certainly add a new dimension to your betting approach.

Classic Martingale System of Doubling Bet Size until you Win

Naturally, this is the system that we’ve focused on as the main talking point of this guide. The classic Martingale system requires you to keep doubling your stake until you win. It’s as simple as that. For instance, you start off by betting $2 and then $4, $8, $16, and so on until you are successful. The fact that you keep doubling your wager until you win means that the potential winnings will be rather sufficient in size.

“Shortened” Martingale Systems

This takes on the same approach as the classic system but with one variation. The “shortened” system will require you to double your wager but on a series of bets. This means that it’s a good strategy for those who enjoy betting on accumulators. Instead of betting on one outcome, you can bet on multiple and then double your stake as a whole if you lose.

The Anti-Martingale

Once again, it’s obvious that this variation to the classic Martingale approach requires you to double your stake whenever you win. For instance, you bet $50 and win your bet. Your next bet will be $100 and the next successful bet will be $200. It’s easy to follow and even easier to put into motion.

Martingale betting system - An overview

The idea behind the martingale roulette system, or various other games, is that it seems foolproof. At face value, it is easy to think that this system will benefit you in the long run. However, there are a number of factors to consider before this becomes a reality. The grand martingale system is adopted across the world because it’s easy to implement. There are no complicated mathematical puzzles to solve. There’s no need to assess the underlying probability. The simplicity of this negative progressive system is why it comes up on a regular basis.

Executing the grand martingale system is a piece of cake. However, there are certainly a couple of downfalls to consider. You will come to realize, doubling your stake over and over, might become untenable. Plus, online bookmakers have maximum wagering limits. So it is quite possible that you get to the point where you cannot double your stake again. It's important to keep these factors in mind when using the martingale system.

Martingale betting system - Tips and Tricks to win

If the martingale betting system appeals to you, then so should our latest tips. When you use the martingale system, you might be tempted to tweak it slightly. There are variations to the approach but it’s best to leave it as is. You certainly don’t want to triple or quadruple your stake amounts whenever you lose. You should always be wary of your own balance limitations. Moreover, it’s vital to stake within the respective operator’s limits.

Conclusion - Grand Martingale system

The martingale system roulette, blackjack, or such can help you win. It’s certainly a good approach to adopt when wagering small amounts. If you are somewhat of a high roller, the martingale system might fail to serve you well. No matter whether you are a newcomer to online gambling, it’s an easy system to understand. Once you have the basics down, there’s little reason why you’ll get this system approach wrong.

Grand Martingale system FAQ

❔ Do I increase my stake when I win?

The martingale system, unlike the Paroli system, requires you to increase your stake amount when you lose. This is why it is known as a negative progressive system. When your stake loses, then you must double the amount in order to recoup previous losses.

🏆 Does the martingale system roulette always work?

No, it won’t necessarily work all of the time. This comes with the territory. No betting system will prove successful all of the time. The entire concept if gambling includes an element of chance. Be sure to note this in order to avoid disappointment.

💶 Is the martingale system risky?

If you start off by betting large sums from the outset, it can be extremely risky. You might experience an ensuing losing streak. If your initial stake is high, each subsequent stake will be twice as much. You can deplete your entire balance in no time.

💳 Can I play a number of different games with this system?

Yes, you can use this strategy when playing multiple table games. The martingale system roulette might be the most popular. However, you can apply it to your favorite games including blackjack, baccarat, and more.

🤔 What’s a good initial stake amount?

With the martingale system roulette, it’s wise to stake a small amount upfront. This will give you more control over your bankroll. If you wager $1, you will only need to wager $2 if your stake loses. Larger stake amounts can wreak havoc on your account balance in the blink of an eye.

❔ Do all online casino sites allow you to use the martingale system?

Yes, the martingale system is perfectly legal. Therefore, there is no reason for a betting site to stop you from implementing this system. At Oddspedia, we will be sure to point out if any online betting practice is viewed as being illegal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Martingale System

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • The martingale system roulette is simple to understand. It is not an intricate betting system that requires a lot of patience. The simplicity is one of its most redeeming characteristics.;
  • In theory, if you keep doubling your losses, you are bound to win back all the money you have wagered. This should include a profit over and above all previous losses.;
  • The martingale system can be applied to a variety of games. You won't be limited to the martingale roulette approach. This provides flexibility to your game-play and will enable you to enjoy a wider selection of options.;
  • When you utilize a negative pogressive betting approach, you'll be chasing losses. There isn’t any telling whether a losing streak will end quickly or frag out indefinitely. This means it’s possible to incur big losses.;
  • When using the martingale system for roulette, you’ll find that it’s possible to hit your max wagering limit. This will stop you from doubling your next losing stake. This will render the martingale system rather redundant.;
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