Over/Under Betting Guide Cover

Over/Under Betting Guide

by Oddspedia Experts
Over under betting is a prominent strategy within the online betting world. You will find that it’s a relatively easy concept to understand. Our latest guide is here to outline how it all works.

Over under betting includes betting on the total score in any given fixture. Whether you are interested in NFL over under or MLB over under, we’ll shed light on the matter. You will manage to find a lot of value in this betting system once you pick up the finer details. Let’s take a further look.

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Do you like the Over Under betting market?

How over under betting works

What does over under mean? This type of betting works well when you wish to predict the total score or amount of points in the match. Simply put, you will be required to bet on whether the total score will be over a certain amount. Similarly, you can also bet on the score being below the given number.

It is a wager where punters predict that a given event will occur over or under a suggested threshold.

We can assess this betting approach by looking at an NFL over under betting example. The total line for the upcoming Tennessee vs Pittsburgh game is set at 56.5. You’ll either be able to bet on the total score being more than 56.5. Otherwise, you can bet on the total score amounting to less than 56.5.

You might be wondering why a decimal figure is added to total lines when you cannot score half a point in football. The reason that bookmakers add 0.5 in many total lines is to guarantee an outcome. If the total line is set at 56, there is the chance of a tie. For this reason, 56.5 will ensure that the total score is definitely over (57 or more) or less than (56 or less).

You’ll find no shortage of over under betting options at all good online sportsbooks. However, some over under betting markets seem to be more common than most. This means that you should have plenty of options in finding the over under bets that offer you the greatest amount of value. As such, it’s worth shopping around to make sure that you find the over under bets that are best suited to each sporting encounter. Here are some popular over under markets to consider:

Over Under Goals

This is simply where you bet on whether a particular team or both teams score more or less goals than a number specified by the sportsbook. For example, you could be betting on whether an MLS team like New York City FC scores more than 2.5 goals in a game, or whether two teams score more than 4.5 goals overall.

Over Under Cards

This is perfect for when you want to bet on two teams with bad disciplinary records. So here you would be betting on whether both teams earn a higher or lower number of red or yellow cards compared to a number set by a sportsbook. A great way to add some extra interest to those fiery local derbies!

Over Under Corner kicks

Corner kick betting is something that’s perfectly suited to over under betting. It’s a great kind of soccer bet to try when you’re backing a team that attacks well but often fails to find the finishing touch. So here you might bet on a team to earn more or less than something like 5.5 corners in a game.

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Bet ON Over 2.5 goals in the game
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Bet Against Over 2.5 goals in the game

Types of Over Under Bets

Still confused with how over under bets work? Here are some simple examples to help you out!

Over Under 0.5

This is where you’d bet on whether a team or game produces more or less than 0.5 goals. So you could bet that the game is a goalless draw which would be less than the sportsbook’s number, or that Juventus score one goal which would be more than the sportsbook’s number.

Over Under 1.5

Here is where you’d bet on whether a soccer team scores more or less than 1.5 goals in a game. It could also apply to whether both teams in a match score a greater or smaller number than 1.5 goals. For example, you could bet that the USA score more than 1.5 goals, and if they scored three goals, you’d win your bet.

Over Under 2.5

Now you’d be betting on whether the soccer game or a particular team scores more or less than 2.5 goals. So if Bayern Munich only scored two goals, then you’ll have hopefully bet that they’d score under 2.5 goals. But if they scored three goals, then you should have hopefully bet that they’d score over 2.5 goals.

Over Under 3.5

For example, an MLS game between Inter Miami and Columbus Crew could see you betting on whether both sides score more or less than 3.5 goals between then. Or you could also bet on whether either Inter Miami or Columbus Crew score greater or fewer than 3.5 goals.

Over Under 4.5

This kind of bet merely requires you to bet on whether a soccer game has more or less than 4.5 goals scored in 90 minutes. It’s a bet that can also be applied to individual soccer teams such as whether Brazil will score more or less than 4.5 goals in the World Cup final.

97.45% Payout
97.38% Payout
97.20% Payout
96.91% Payout
96.87% Payout

While there are lots of different kinds of over under bets out there, it’s important to note that most experienced soccer betting fans tend to focus on some specific over under betting markets. This is because these over under bets have been found to offer the greatest amount of variance and value. As such, it can be a good idea to see which are some of the most popular over under betting options.

Obviously, it pays to check what other over under bets are available for your chosen soccer match. But we think that the chances are that you’ll end up wagering on one of the over under betting markets listed below:

Over 0.5 goals first half

Most soccer matches tend to start fairly slowly as both teams play cautiously and try and figure out their opponents tactics. As a result, it can be worth betting on over 0.5 goals being scored in the first half, as it’s here that you could find the greatest value on either team defying the sportsbooks and getting an early goal.

Over 2.5 goals and BTTS

All soccer fans like those competitive games where both sides score lots of goals. As such, it’s no surprise that lots of people bet that there will be more than 2.5 goals in a game and that both teams will score. It’s an optimistic bet, but can make that exciting soccer match even more enjoyable!

Over under betting - Tips and Tricks to Win

It is important that you assess the different factors that provide you with insight, and better betting accuracy. For NFL over under betting, predicting total scores includes more than understanding the offensive capabilities of teams. A lot rides on the defensive structures of the two opposing teams. If one team has a well-gilded defensive line, total scores may be lower than expected. Thus, it may be wise to back an outcome which is under rather than over the total.

It’s also vital that you consider external factors such as the weather. Adverse conditions may play a big part in lower scoring games. Similarly, better conditions under foot can facilitate higher scoring games as the ball isn’t wet and players are less encumbered.

Over under betting can also prove to be extremely valuable with live betting. Ever-shifting markets throughout a game might lead to a valuable bet close to the end of a game. It’s important to keep an eye on these markets and the underlying odds. If you can time your bet properly, then there’s decent profit to be had.

The Best Sports for the Over Under Betting Strategy

Over under betting is commonly used for soccer as you can bet on all kinds of things like goals, cards, corners and so on. But soccer isn’t the only sport where over under bets work. You could try over under betting on hockey where you’ll bet on whether an NHL team scores more or less than a certain number of goals. The same concept applies to football where you could bet on the number of points, touchdowns, sacks, interceptions and much more. So as long as the sport has some statistics, then you’ll probably be able to put down an over under bet!


Ultimately, what does over under mean? It is a rather uncomplicated betting approach that you should be able to utilize with ease. NFL over under continues to attract a large following online. With the flexibility that comes with over under in betting, you’ll find more freedom in your betting approach. If you wish to be successful, it’s important that you factor in a number of considerations. From game-play strategy to the strengths of each side, it’ll give you a better chance of being accurate.

At Oddspedia, we believe that knowledge and learnt insights is power. It will enable you to enhance your betting ability. We hope that you have gained the necessary insights to apply over under betting on your favorite online sports betting markets.

Pros vs Cons
Thumb Up
Thumb Down
  • There are only two outcomes that you need to consider. The 50/50 nature of over under bets will provide you with great value.;
  • Over under betting can be adopted for a number of different sports. This allows you to bet on a wide range of sporting fixtures.;
  • There is no need to predict the eventual outcome in a fixture. This adds flexibility to your approach; always a great benefit to have.;
  • If over under bets don’t include a decimal, such as 42, then it’s possible that your bet will not win. Thus, your initial wager will simply be paid back to you.;
  • Over under bets that include overtime might return a bad bet in the dying minutes of a game. It’s important to keep this in mind when betting on totals.;

Over Under Betting FAQ

You should have a much better idea of the over under meaning in betting. Below, we’ve included a number of commonly asked questions which will reinforce the concept of this betting system.

What does over under mean?

It’s a betting system which includes two outcomes. The idea is to bet on whether the total score of a game will be over or under the total line. For instance, you can bet on whether the Rams and Colts will score more points or less than 46.5.

🏆 Is over under in betting profitable?

It is possible to secure a decent return on winning bets with over under betting. Understanding the dynamics of two teams and external factors at play make it easier to call combined total scores. The 50/50 chance of being right also improves your chances immensely.

💶 Can I utilize over under live bets?

It is possible to enjoy live betting options with over under markets. As any game progresses, you can place a stake on whether you feel the total score will be over or under. Bear in mind that markets shift throughout, so you may well be able to capitalize given the chance.

💳 Do all sportsbooks offer over under betting options?

All major sportsbooks will have a number of over under markets that you can bet on. This includes an array of different sports. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice with top online betting sites when it comes to over under bets.

🤔 Are MLB total lines high or low?

There are a number of sports that traditionally have high totals. This includes NFL over under betting and basketball. Sports with lower total scores include baseball.

Which sports is over under betting most suited for?

One of the most compelling reasons to take advantage of over under bets is game variety. You can bet on totals (over/under) on sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. However, there’s plenty more on show.

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