Best Boxing Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

Boxing is a competitive contact sport attracting a significant audience since the 20th century courtesy of amazing boxing odds, especially on top fights. Dubbed the sport for kings! Boxing offers a shared experience. This has seen the number of people betting on the sport increase dramatically. In this read, you'll learn about boxing betting odds and why you should compare them before wagering on events.

Understanding Boxing Odds and Bets

Understanding boxing odds is crucial whether you are gambling on the main event or undercards. The odds reflect the expected outcome of the match and dictate your payout in case you place a correct bet. Like in other sports, boxing odds can be Fractional, Decimal, or American depending on the sports betting site you are using.

What to know when Betting On Boxing in the USA?

Placing boxing bets in the USA is trickier than in other countries. This is because the US states have different laws and regulations regarding online sports betting. As a result, you need to know which regions accept online gambling to avoid rubbing shoulders with the authorities. For example, Nevada allows different forms of gambling, which has been the case for years now.  

Other states where sports betting is legal include New Jersey, Colorado, and Indiana. Another aspect you must know is the bookmaker rules. Confirm whether the bookie accepts US players and the minimum gambling age. Besides, take note of the following before betting on any boxing match.

Which types of bets are offered?

Knowing the types of bets offered by a gambling site will save you plenty of time when wagering on boxing matches. Thus, check whether the site allows round betting and offers Over/Under markets. Other wagering options you should confirm are:


Moneyline is one of the main and simplest boxing betting markets. This bet type allows you to predict the fighter that will win a boxing match. If you are thinking about starting boxing betting, Moneyline is the best place to start. In Moneyline bets, the favorites often have odds with the minus sign. On the other hand, the underdogs are represented by the plus or positive sign.

Prop bets

Other markets common in the boxing gambling scene are prop bets. These options allow you to wager on something happening or not happening in a boxing event. For instance, you can predict whether there will be a knockdown or if the fight will end in a knockout.


In the totals market, online sportsbooks do not require you to focus on a single fighter like in the case of boxing Moneyline. Instead, they need you to determine whether or not the boxing fight will go over or under a certain number of rounds.

Why Compare Boxing Odds on Oddspedia?

Fight odds are as important as the available markets. They carry more weight since they affect your ultimate payout. This explains why you need to choose the best resources like Oddspedia when comparing odds. Oddspedia is a dedicated and trustworthy site that guarantees the highest boxing betting odds of 100+ markets sourced from reliable operators. The following advantages come with using Oddspedia to find the best current boxing odds:

Odds Comparison helps you win more on Boxing

Only through odds comparison will you find the most attractive boxing betting lines in the gambling scene. In turn, this will help you win more money on boxing bets. Bookies take your stake and multiply it with your odds to determine how much to pay out in case you win. Therefore, the higher the odds, the better the earnings. This is whether you're predicting how many rounds the fight will last or determining the winner of each bout.

Find the best Boxing odds for Today

Odds keep on changing, which means yesterday's odds may not be the same today. With that said, Oddspedia helps you to find the best betting odds for today by comparing different sportsbooks in the industry. The main aim of the resource is to ensure you are always served with competitive odds regardless of the markets and matches.

Track line movement

Oddspedia uses special software which automatically refreshes odds. As you compare the odds, you can easily track the movement of in-play markets at all times. It is the best resource to follow up on pro boxing odds and regular markets' odds.

Find the Best Boxing Sportsbooks

Odds comparison brings you closer to finding the best sportsbooks for placing your boxing bets. After all, only the ideal operators like, BetOnline Sports, and MyBookie are reasonable enough to provide their clients with the highest boxing odds.

Oddspedia helps you find the generous bookmakers that meet this criterion and have betting offers to boot. We also go a step further to give you detailed reviews of the sportsbook brands, with info on the operators' betting licensing, signup procedure, and betting features. Your only task is to pick an option that best suits you.


How do betting lines work in Boxing?

Betting lines in boxing determine the amount of money you are likely to earn on a particular bet. Usually, the operator multiplies your stake with the betting odds to know how much they will pay you if the bet is correct. Betting lines can also help you distinguish between the underdog and the favorite in a boxing match.

How to calculate Boxing betting odds?

The American format for boxing odds involves the favorite being represented by a minus sign next to a number. This tells you how much you’d need to stake to win back $100. The underdog’s odds have a figure next to a plus sign. This tells you how much you’d win for every $100 you stake. If you want more help in having boxing betting lines explained, try checking out the Oddspedia site to look at some of the latest boxing odds.

Which Boxing markets should I bet on?

The best boxing betting markets you should bet on include futures and prop bets. These markets often carry substantial odds and are easy to understand. Also, consider Moneyline and Totals.

Which bookie has the best odds for Boxing?

Some of the bookies with the best betting odds for boxing include WynnBet and Caesars. These bookies also feature multiple markets and amazing bonuses. Other top options include BetUS and Unibet sports betting sites.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia offers boxing bettors the highest odds on different markets after comparing the odds of 30+ bookies. In short, the resource guarantees only the best boxing odds that you can barely get anywhere. Also, the odds automatically refresh to ensure you have access to current boxing betting lines.

What is the best Boxing betting strategy?

The best boxing betting strategy is to only consider the matches you understand and do extensive research. Also, make sure you search for the best odds and manage your bankroll.

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