Best Chess Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads Explained

Chess odds might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about chess, but to many people it is. Sportsbooks have not ignored this competitive game that has been around for centuries. Lately, streamers playing chess for their viewers had made the game more popular. There are many different chess events and tournaments with many games a gambler can bet on in the chess world.

Gambling on chess is easy and quite exciting. Here you will learn everything you need to know about chess odds and how to use Oddspedia to your advantage.

Understanding Chess Odds and Bets

Compared to other sports, chess live games do not offer that many different betting markets. Even the best sportsbooks may only add a few more betting options. Even so, chess odds are very important for any gambler.

There are three main types of odds you will encounter: decimal, Moneyline, and fractional. Fractional and decimal odds are mainly popular in Europe and Britain, while American sportsbooks usually use Moneyline odds as default.

What To Know When Betting On Chess In The US?

Before starting to bet on chess, there are a few things to consider. While sports betting is available and legal in most states of the US, there are still a few states that prohibit it. 4 years ago the Supreme Court allowed states to decide for themselves if they wish to legalize gambling. Many passed legislation to allow sports betting, but there are still those like Utah and Alaska that have not made the move. You should check if betting is legal in your state and at what age. There might also be some other regulations you might need to consider. It's great if you know the rules of the game, so you will be able to find value in the matches of the participating chess player.

Which Types Of Bets Are Offered?

As we mentioned above, chess cannot and does not give many betting markets. Do not expect many complex markets from your sportsbook. Do not let that put you off, however; there are plenty of bets that you can place, and betting on chess is fun and exciting.


A chess game has 3 possible outcomes: win, lose or draw. Moneyline is the market you will encounter in any sportsbook that covers chess events and tournaments. You can bet on either player to win or the game to end in a draw. Some sportsbooks will also offer different Moneyline odds for direct checkmate or winning by resigning.


Another common style of online chess betting is wagering on who wins the tournament. Your job is to accurately predict who will win the game. To win an outright bet, the player you have bet on must win the tournament.


This is a market that not many sportsbooks will offer. It is also known as the over/under chess betting market. You can either bet on how many moves one of the players will make throughout the whole game or how many moves will be made in total by both players. For example, if Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen are playing, you can bet on Hikaru to make more than 150.5 moves or fewer moves than his opponent.

Why Compare Chess Odds on Oddspedia?

If you want to get the best out of your chess bet, comparing odds is vital. Instead of wasting time, checking betting sites one by one, Oddspedia does the job for you. Oddspedia checks odds from more than 30 reliable sportsbooks, allowing you to choose the highest available odds at any moment. It also shows useful statistics and free chess betting tips that would help you make the correct choice.

Chess Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

Before placing a chess bet, ideally, you want to compare the odds different sportsbooks provide for the game. The higher the odds you bet on, the bigger the payout from your winning bets. For example, you want to bet on Hikaru Nakamura and your sportsbook has him winning at +200. This means that if you bet $100, you would win $200. Oddspedia will help you find better odds for the bet you want to place and might offer you another sportsbook that has him winning at +220. Placing your $100 bet there would mean that you would win $220 instead of $200.

Find The Best Chess Odds For Today

Oddspedia will provide you with the best chess odds for today. Odds on Oddspedia are refreshed in real-time and cover all chess events and tournaments. You will easily find the best odds from more than 30 competing sportsbooks.

Track Line Movement

Using Oddspedia, you can easily track the movement of chess odds. Chess odds are not fixed and can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Oddspedia provides a graph on which you can see how chess odds move, their highest and lowest points.

Find The Best Chess Sportsbooks

There are many sports betting sites available to American gamblers and finding the best chess sportsbook can be a challenge. By comparing the chess betting odds on Oddspedia, you will be able to find the sportsbook that offers the best value for your bets. Oddspedia will also provide you with information on which bookmaker offers the best chess bonuses. Some of the best sportsbooks in the US include bet365, DraftKings, and Fanduel.

Chess Betting FAQ

Which Chess Markets Should I Bet On?

If you have an interest in betting on chess, you should get an understanding of what type of bets you can make as well as how to follow them. The most popular chess bet is predicting who the winner of the tournament is going to be. But if you play chess, you will find opportunities to bet against the weaker players at good odds.

How to Calculate Chess Betting Odds

With betting odds, it becomes easier to predict the outcome of the game you are betting on. Betting and winning become more comfortable if you know the player with higher chances of winning. Therefore, you need to depend on our odds at all times. Also, you can use the odds to find out the amount of money you are likely to win if you predict the game correctly. Just multiply the odds with the amount you are staking to find out the money your account will be credited with if your bet wins.

What Does +200 Moneyline Mean?

American odds are the default betting odds used by American sportsbooks and understanding them is crucial. 200 represents the return in factors of $100 and the pre + symbol means that this player is the underdog. If you place a $100 bet on +200 Moneyline, you could win $200.

Which Sportsbook Has the Best Chess Betting Odds?

When it comes to the best chess odds, Oddspedia will help you find the very best for any given match. However, certain sportsbooks are known to usually offer the best chess betting odds. These are Bovada, Bet365, and BetMGM.

How Does Oddspedia's Odds Comparison Work?

Oddspedia has odds from more than 30 highly reliable sportsbooks, making it quick and easy for you to always find the best odds available. Simply choose chess from the sports menu and pick an event. You will see a list with all the available matches and the sportsbook that provides the highest odds.

Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Chess?

There is no such thing as a win-win strategy in chess or any other sport. To minimize your risks, you must first gain a thorough understanding of the game on which you intend to bet. Chess is an intellectual game that requires intense focus. Even little things can influence the outcome of a game. Most importantly, you must be aware of the player's mental state and health.

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