Best Curling Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads Explained

Curling is a game of sliding stones on the ice and can be played by men and women or in mixed doubles. You can bet on the amazing game and make some good cash while at it. At Oddspedia, you get the tools to analyze your selected games, get to know which sports betting platforms have higher Curling odds and take advantage of various welcome bonuses. This article provides you with the details you need to bet on curling effectively.

Understanding Curling Odds and Bets

Curling games provide several betting lines. The odds of each line may vary and fluctuate throughout the game to the final whistle. Some betting lines may also not be available in some games, especially later in the live betting section. In this section, we shall discuss a few popular bet markets and other information you need to know before you stake a game.

What to Know When Betting on Curling in the USA?

You can bet on Curling matches in the USA. However, gambling is highly regulated in some states. Fortunately, several states allow bettors to gamble online with a few restrictions. Further information is available on our site and on government websites. However, the sportsbook may ask for evidence of your location, name, and bank account to meet some regulations.

In addition, the online betting site may have additional regulations that players may be asked to meet. This may include the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts, mandatory verifications, and general and bonus terms. So, ensure that you understand each of these regulations before you start betting to increase your bet slip earning.

Which Types of Bets Are Offered?

There are various betting lines on curling games at various betting sites. Always check what online betting options are available on your selected game and pick the line that best fits your prediction and has reasonable odds. Here are three popular types you will find in any curling game.


Moneyline is the most straightforward market in curling. You pick the team that you think will win the game. Unlike other games, there are no ties in curling. This makes predicting the winner a lot easier as there are fewer options to deal with.


Spreads is a betting option where you stake on the margins. This type of betting adds a handicap by adding the margin by which the team may win. On the other hand, if the team is deemed weak, the sportsbook may add a boost by providing the maximum number of points the team can lose and still be considered a win.


In the totals market, you will be determining the number of points that will be won in the game. Online sportsbooks make it easier by setting a betting line where players decide if the total points would be below or above the line. For example, in 12.5 lines, you determine if the total points will be over 12 points or below 13 points.

Why Compare Curling Odds on Oddspedia?

Each betting site has its own criteria for awarding odds to each betting market. So this leads to different odds for the same market. Oddspedia has a tool that enables you to know which sportsbooks have the highest curling odds for the selected market. Here are a few reasons why you should use the comparison tool when betting on curling matches.

Curling Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

Comparing curling odds gives you a chance to win higher amounts from your betting efforts. When you bet on the highest odds you make more without risking additional cash. The Oddspedia comparison tool arranges the betting sites from the one with the highest odds on the selected market to those with the lowest. Also, you can select American, fractional, or decimal odds for ease of interpretation.

Oddspedia also makes it easier to join in and bet by including a link to the sportsbook's website. Just select the site with the highest odds, register, and place curling bets.

Find the Best Curling Betting Odds for Today

Oddspedia has a section for today’s games. Thus giving you a list of curling events today to enable you to make the right selection. All you need to do is pick the games you wish to play and select the markets to get the best curling odds to bet on. It also highlights sites with bonuses that you can use when betting for curling.

Track Line Movement

You can track line movement on Oddspedia by checking which games have dropping odds. Thereby, enabling you to determine the best markets to place your bet and the amounts to wager. Furthermore, you can use the tool with the others discussed above to increase your curling odds.

Find the Best Curling Sportsbooks

The Oddspedia comparison tool can help you pick the best curling sportsbooks, as it shows odds from and reviews over 30 leading sportsbooks. Some of the best ones appear regularly at the top of the comparison results. You can try comparing specific betting lines in popular games and note the sportsbooks that appear regularly before picking one that has the best odds.

Otherwise, you can pick any of the betting sites listed on Oddspedia. Leading sportsbooks include:

  • Betway
  • Betsafe
  • Everygame

Each of the above has a unique offering and covers entire world championships and events, including round-robin play matches.

Curling Online Sports Betting FAQ

Is Curling only For the Winter Olympics?

Curling is not only for the Winter Olympics. There are several other Curling competitions around the globe available for betting on. Most sports betting sites cover both small and major tournaments around the world, especially during the curling season. Here are other popular curling competitions:

  • Curling World Championships
  • Men and Women Gold Medal Match
  • World Curling Tour Events

How do you calculate the betting odds?

The method of calculating curling odds depends on their format. If playing with decimal odds, you just multiply with the stake to get the possible win. The profit is total win minus the stake. Here is an example: Odds of 4.0 with a $1 stake gives you $4 and a profit of $3. On the other hand, when using fraction odds, the denominator is the amount you spend to make the amount in the numerator. Here is an example; odds of 5/3 means you get $5 for every $3 staked. 

Which Betting Sites Have the Best Curling Odds?

Several good sports betting sites serve the USA where you can place curling bets. You will also find that different betting sites have good curling odds in some markets and not others. Here are three of the leading ones:

  1. PointsBet
  2. BetMGM
  3. Circa Sports

Is a Moneyline Tie a Push?

Moneyline in curling betting is a tie. Since there is no option for a tie, you must have a winner at the end of the game. Therefore, there is no chance that the sportsbook will refund the amount that you used to stake in the game.

What Is the Popular Bet in Curling?

The Moneyline is the popular bet on curling. Most bettors go for the bet as it is straightforward; you just determine who is likely to win the game.

Unfortunately, the market sometimes has low odds if a strong team is meeting a very weak one.

Can You Bet on Each End?

Yes, some sportsbooks offer this option as it is the same as frame betting in snooker and who will win the quarter in an NFL Game.

Is Spread Betting Popular for Curling?

Spread betting is not very popular but its gaining popularity in the recent past. Most bettors do not know how to set margins for the game, which makes them move to easier options.

What Is a Three-Way Moneyline?

A three-way Moneyline is a bet with three options;

  1. Team a To Win,
  2. Team B to Win,
  3. The Game Ends in A Draw or Tie.

Most betting sports betting sites give you a chance to bet on one or two options. Unfortunately, curling does not support a three-way Moneyline as there is no option for a tie.

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