Best Esports Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads

Competitive video gaming competition, popularly known as eSports, offers fantastic betting markets and great eSports odds, especially if you are using the right bookie. The first video gaming tournament took place in 1972, and by the early 2000s, sportsbooks across the globe were accepting eSports bets.

Gambling on eSports is simple and exciting. You just need to understand the game you are betting on, be conversant with the betting lines, and know how to do detailed research. In case you are new to this kind of gambling, here is a complete eSports betting guide you can use to enhance your gambling experience.

Understanding eSports Odds and Bets

eSports betting odds are crucial when betting on different eSports matches. They guide you on the kind of bets you can place and dictate the winning percentage of a correct wager. This explains why Oddspedia goes out of its way to search for the betting site with the best eSports odds. Normally, sports betting platforms represent odds in different formats, with the top three being Fractional, American, and Decimal odds.

What to know when Betting On eSports in the USA?

Before you embark on eSports betting in the USA, there are things you must know as a gambler, whether you plan to gamble Dota 2, League of Legends, or any other notable eSports event.

The first thing you should know is the betting regulations per state. Understand which states accept online sports betting and at what age. For example, some US states that currently allow sports betting include Nevada, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

You also need to know bookmaker rules. Every sportsbook comes with terms and conditions governing your gambling activities. Make sure you go through the bookie's betting limits, payout rate, and transaction processing limits plus speeds. This will help you have uninterrupted eSports gambling sessions.

Which types of bets are offered?

Unlike regular sports, eSports have some unique betting markets depending on the game you consider. Below are the main markets you will encounter when placing eSports bets.


Moneyline or winner is one of the most popular eSports betting lines. The market allows you to bet on the team that will win a single eSports event or a series of events. The most popular Winner bet is the best of three series format. 


Spread is yet another betting option offered by sportsbooks. This gambling market can be in the form of game spread or map spread. In this case, a team or player is advantaged or disadvantaged to level the playing field. For instance, if the favorite receives a map spread handicap of -1.5, they have to win two or more games than the underdog for the bet to be correct.


Finally, you have the Totals market, an option that allows you to bet on the number of games a series is likely to last. Note that in the best of three series, the Totals market usually stands at 2.5.

Why Compare eSports Odds on Oddspedia?

eSports odds comparison is vital if you want to get the best out of your bet. But why should you compare eSports odds on Oddspedia? For one, the site is a reliable resource that offers you access to competitive eSports odds. It compares betting odds from 30+ eSports betting sites with more than 100 markets. You also get free eSports betting tips that you will find useful for matched betting. Other reasons why you should compare odds on Oddspedia include:

Odds Comparison helps you win more on eSports

One of the main reasons you must compare odds is to increase your chances of winning big. As stated earlier, the sizes of odds dictate the payout in case of a correct bet. Oddspedia gives you access to the highest odds in the market. Your only job is to pick an event that you wish to bet on and specify the type of bet you want to wager.

Find the best eSports odds for Today

Oddspedia covers all upcoming eSports events and tournaments. As a result, you get the best odds and the latest prices today. Thus, you're sure of a constant supply of competitive bookmaker odds from different tournaments.

Track line movement

In for the esports live action? Oddspedia allows you to track line movement effortlessly. After all, the site refreshes eSports odds in real-time so you can easily notice the shifts in the markets and decide on the bet to place.

Find the Best eSports Sportsbooks

Odds comparison will help you find the best eSports betting site in the industry, and Oddspedia has you covered. You don't have to sift through bookmakers searching for the highest odds. We do everything on your behalf! Our real-time stats feature the best sportsbooks in the US, including BetMGM, DraftKings, and Caesars. We also outline sites with special offers and the best bonuses to help boost your bankroll. Our goal is to bring you the convenience of eSports betting right at your fingertips.


How do betting lines work in eSports?

eSports betting lines or odds indicate the probability of an outcome. Depending on your wager, they also dictate the amount of money that can be won on a particular market.

How to calculate eSports betting odds?

There are a couple of different but no less important variables to consider when bookmakers calculate the eSports betting lines. In the grand scheme of things your eSports bet odds won’t vary all that much whether you use the American moneyline odds system of the EU system but the factors that inform the probability of the results will. 

Bookmakers need to take into account the form of the team in the match and their previous head to head record. Furthermore, the more intricate details like team morale, quality of recent management and team transfers are also taken into account. So you can see that making an eSports odds prediction is no simple task. 

Which eSports markets should I bet on?

Some of the eSports markets you should bet on include Moneyline, Spread, and Totals. These betting options are simpler and easy to understand. You can also consider futures and skin betting.

Which bookie has the best odds for eSports?

Bookies with the best odds for eSports include Bovada,, BetOnline, and BetUS. These betting sites have competitive odds overall with the potential of increasing your earnings in different markets.

How does Oddspedia's odds comparison work?

Oddspedia compares odds from more than 30 different sportsbooks and gives you the highest odds on more than 100 betting markets. The odds are refreshed in real-time, easily tracking line movement. Finally, these are backed by fantastic bonuses and offers for the sport to boost your bankroll.

What is the best eSports betting strategy?

The best eSports betting strategy is always to compare odds to get the most out of your bet. By opting for the best odds, you increase your chances of making huge profits in case of correct bets. Other strategies include bankroll management and always using bonuses where applicable.

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