Best Futsal Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads Explained

Despite being around since 1930, it is only recently that Futsal betting became popular, with sportsbooks paying more attention to Futsal odds to attract clients. The indoor alternative to soccer harbors markets with interactive odds that most people barely know. This read will take you through everything you need to know about Futsal odds and discuss some of the top futsal betting markets.

Understanding Futsal Odds and Bets

Futsal comes with regular betting odds, just like other sports. However, the sizes of odds differ depending on the sportsbook you are using. You will also notice different odds formats across various bookmakers, with the most common option in the US being American odds types. But before diving deep into Futsal odds, you need to be conversant with various aspects, as described below.

What To Know When Betting On Futsal In The US?

Betting on futsal in the US is not as easy as in other countries. First, you need to know which states accept sports betting and whether you reside in one of these regions. For instance, if you are from Colorado, you can find a couple decent online sports betting sites and place futsal bets. This is without worrying about facing any legal repercussions. It is the same case in states like Mississippi, West Virginia, and Delaware.

Furthermore, you must understand the sportsbook rules. Begin by determining whether the online futsal betting platform holds a valid license to operate in the US. It is also prudent to confirm the privacy policies and betting terms. Other features to scrutinize include:

Which Types Of Bets Are Offered?

It is important to know whether your chosen betting site covers enough futsal matches and has all the main bet types. For instance, it should at least have futsal betting markets like Correct Score and Outrights. Besides, search for the following gambling options:


Moneyline is the primary bet type offered by different futsal betting sites. It is equivalent to the Match Winner bet type. They both require you to pick the futsal team to win the game. Like many other betting options, you must do extensive research on the two teams to increase your chances of placing the correct Moneyline bet.


Spread is also a common market available in all the best futsal betting sites. The bet type will see the operator handicap a team to make the game fair. One of the main advantages of the handicap is that you get better odds when you back the favorite. After all, for them to win, they must overcome a handicap.


Total means the sum of the goals scored during the main time of a futsal match. Being an Over/Under bet, you must state whether the game will end with the teams scoring under or over a certain number of goals, for example, 5.5. It is quite common when dealing with top competitions like the Futsal World Cup.

Why Compare Futsal Odds on Oddspedia?

Comparing futsal betting odds is ideal before placing any futsal bets. Odds comparisons allow you to find the best odds in the industry. The process can be quite time-consuming to new players, but thanks to Oddspedia, you don't have to worry about that. The site gives you access to high odds of 100+ markets from different futsal games. You also get to enjoy the full benefits of odds comparison, which include:

Futsal Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

Comparing futsal odds can boost your winnings significantly regardless of the market. After all, the higher the odds, the better the payout. This is applicable for both in-play and pre-match betting.

For example, if you are backing Street Five La to win a match against Colorado Futsal Academy, you're bound to come across different odds from distinct sportsbooks. The odds may seem favorable, but extensive research is called upon to get the highest odds possible.

Find The Best Futsal Betting Odds For Today

Getting suitable futsal betting odds for today can indeed be dicey. But then, if you take your time to compare the odds for today, you will be surprised how many bookmakers are willing to offer players exemplary odds.

Track Line Movement

One of the main advantages of comparing odds is tracking line movements. This is crucial if you are in-play betting. Understanding how the lines are changing will help you know which markets have their odds increased.

Find The Best Futsal Sportsbooks

With the best odds comparison strategy, you can easily identify good futsal sportsbooks in the US. For example, while comparing the odds, you will notice bonuses that you can use as a bet credits stake. You will also know whether you need to place qualifying bets to access an offer on the sites.

Besides, odds comparison will help you identify genuine bookmakers by checking their licensing information. Some of the premier sportsbooks you are likely to come across include FanDuel and WynnBet.


Should I bet on Futsal?

Yes, you should bet on Futsal. The sport has some of the best games with multiple markets that you will find appealing. Some of the top markets offered include HalfTime/FullTime and Draw No Bet.

How Do Spreads Work in Futsal?

Spreads is a betting option used by operators to give an advantage a team. It is also the best market to consider if you want to enjoy high odds on the favorite. When it comes to spread bets, the disadvantaged team has to overcome the handicap, whether 1.5 or 2.5, to win the game.

Why Do People bet on Negative Futsal odds?

People bet on negative futsal odds because it represents the favorite. Even though the odds are usually less, the events represented by the negative odds usually have a high chance of occurring.

Which Betting Sites Have the Best Futsal Odds?

The USA has multiple online sports betting sites with high futsal odds. However, certain bookmakers always offer the best odds in different markets. These sportsbooks include:

  • Bovada Sports
  • MyBookie
  • BetUS

Does a Minus Sign Mean Favorite to Win 

Yes, a minus sign always means the favorite to win. The minus odds are always given to a futsal team with the best chance of winning the event.

How Do Futsal Betting Lines Work?

Futsal betting lines are important since they allow you to identify the favorite in the match. Furthermore, they are useful when calculating the amount of money you are likely to win during the game.

Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Futsal?

Yes, there are multiple successful betting tips for futsal. For instance, always do research before placing any bets. You also need to go for better odds and always manage your bankroll.

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