NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Odds 2024: Turner the favorite but is race wide open?

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While the offensive side grabs headlines, the hunt for the Defensive Rookie of the Year is equally intriguing. The best sportsbooks have revealed their latest odds, and unlike the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Odds, the defensive odds appears to be more open for grabs. This could be an indicator of an NFL season rich with impactful rookie defenders across various positions.

One name generating buzz is Alabama edge rusher Dallas Turner, but the odds suggest a competitive battle for the award.  Whether it’s a fearsome pass rusher terrorizing quarterbacks or a lockdown cornerback blanketing star receivers like Quinyon Mitchell or Terrion Arnold, the potential for impactful rookies on defense is vast. This article delves into the 2024 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year odds, examining the top contenders and the defensive stars who could make a name for themselves in their first year.

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year odds 2024

Player DROTY Odds
Dallas Turner +700
Laiatu Latu +750
Jared Verse +900
Quinyon Mitchell +1100
Terrion Arnold +1200
Byron Murphy II +1400
Cooper DeJean +1600
Chop Robinson +2000
Nate Wiggins +2000
Kool-Aid McKinstry +2500
Darius Robinson +3000
Edgerrin Cooper +3000
Tyler Nubin +3500
Jer’Zhan Newton +3500
Payton Wilson +3500
Mike Sainristil +3500
Kamari Lassiter +4000
Marshawn Kneeland +4000
Khyree Jackson +5000
Chris Braswell +5000

Odds provided by DraftKings – accurate as of April 24

2024 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year favorites

Dallas Turner, EDGE (+700)

Turner was widely viewed as the best defensive player in college football for the evergreen Alabama Crimson Tide. That’s fitting, since the reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year, Will Anderson Jr., was also an edge rusher at Bama before he transitioned to the NFL.

Turner has tremendous speed and strength off the edge, which is a major reason why he finished the year with 10 sacks and two forced fumbles. Nick Saban knows how to coach NFL prospects, and Turner appears to be the best one.

Laiatu Latu, DE (+750)

A burly, 6-foot-5, 265-pound end, Latu was a total game-wrecker for the UCLA Bruins. He finished 2023 with 49 total tackles, 13 sacks, two forced fumbles, and two interceptions, and is exactly what NFL teams want: a player that can collapse the pocket and start the timer on opposing QBs.

Teams are split on Latu’s medicals, which could cause him to fall in the draft. After a humble first season at Washington in 2019, he suffered what he was initially told was a career-ending neck injury. He made his way back to the field and has been healthy since, but it is still a concern.

Jared Verse, DE (+900)

Verse was the best player on an undefeated Florida State team, recording nine sacks each of the last two seasons (plus a forced fumble in 2023). He’s extremely strong and uses a variety of techniques to beat opposing linemen, even though he doesn’t have the best measurements in the world.

The concern with Verse is that he missed 23.4 percent of his tackle attempts (per Pro Football Focus). At the same time, that means that he can become much better than he already is, and that’s a lofty standard.

2024 NFL Rookie of the Year: Contender

Cooper DeJean, CB (+1600)

DeJean is a freakish athlete who specialized in zone coverage at the University of Iowa, which rolled out one of the stingiest defenses in college football each of the last couple of seasons. He’s also physical with great size and is gifted with the ball in his hands, which has led many to wonder if he could return kicks at the professional level.

The knock on DeJean is that he is coming off a fractured fibula and has not put any tape together since his injury. He’s likely to end up on a winning team because of his projected draft position, which should help his NFL DROTY Odds.

2024 NFL Rookie of the Year: Sleeper

Chop Robinson (+2000)

Robinson was an integral cog in Penn State’s tremendous defense. He single-handedly forced the Michigan Wolverines to run the ball nearly every play during their matchup last year because UM’s outstanding linemen could not keep him out of the backfield early in the first quarter.

For as gifted of a player as Robinson is and as much talent he possesses, his production was totally unimpressive. He only managed 9.5 sacks over his last two years of college football, but he has all of the tools to be successful in the NFL.

Understanding Defensive Rookie of the Year Odds

Any player whose odds are preceded by a “-” is usually (but not always) the favorite to win the award.

If they are the only player with negative odds, they are the favorite. If more than one player has negative odds, then the player with the lower value is the favorite.

Let’s use these odds as an example:

  • Dallas Turner (-150)
  • Laiatu Latu (+750)
  • Jared Verse (+900)

Dallas Turner is the only player with negative odds, so he is the favorite.

Now, let’s pretend the odds switched to these:

  • Dallas Turner (-150)
  • Laiatu Latu (-200)
  • Jared Verse (+900)

Here, two players have negative odds (Turner and Latu). Laiatu Latu has the lesser value of the two, so he is now the favorite.

If no players have negative odds, then the player with the lowest odds value is the favorite.

  • Dallas Turner (+750)
  • Laiatu Latu (+800)
  • Jared Verse (+900)

Turner is the favorite here since there are no negative odds and he has the lowest odds value.

A bet on a player with negative odds means that the bettor must wager the listed amount to win $100. A player with -180 odds will win a bettor $100 with a $180 bet.

Bettors will win the listed odds amount with a $100 bet if the odds value is positive. So a $100 wager on +400 odds will win $400 (if the bet hits).

Previous NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year winners

Year Player Position Team
2023 Will Anderson Jr. DE Houston Texans
2022 Sauce Gardner CB New York Jets
2021 Micah Parsons LB Dallas Cowboys
2020 Chase Young DE Washington Football Team
2019 Nick Bosa DE San Francisco 49ers
2018 Shaquille Leonard LB Indianapolis Colts
2017 Marshon Lattimore CB New Orleans Saints
2016 Joey Bosa DE San Diego Chargers
2015 Marcus Peters CB Kansas City Chiefs
2014 Aaron Donald DT St. Louis Rams
2013 Sheldon Richardson DE New York Jets
2012 Luke Kuechly LB Carolina Panthers
2011 Von Miller LB Denver Broncos
2010 Ndamukong Suh LB Detroit Lions
2009 Brian Cushing DT Houston Texans
2008 Jerod Mayo LB New England Patriots
2007 Patrick Willis LB San Francisco 49ers
2006 DeMeco Ryans LB Houston Texans
2005 Shawne Merriman LB San Diego Chargers
2004 Jonathan Vilma LB New York Jets
2003 Terrell Suggs LB Baltimore Ravens
2002 Julius Peppers DE Carolina Panthers
2001 Kendrell Bell LB Pittsburgh Steelers
2000 Brian Urlacher LB Chicago Bears
1999 Jevon Kearse DE Tennessee Titans
1998 Charles Woodson CB Oakland Raiders
1997 Peter Boulware LB Baltimore Ravens
1996 Simeon Rice DE Arizona Cardinals
1995 Hugh Douglas DE New York Jets
1994 Tim Bowens DT Miami Dolphins
1993 Dana Stubblefield DT San Francisco 49ers
1992 Dale Carter CB Kansas City Chiefs
1991 Mike Croel LB Denver Broncos
1990 Mark Carrier S Chicago Bears
1989 Derrick Thomas LB Kansas City Chiefs
1988 Erik McMillan S New York Jets
1987 Shane Conlan LB Buffalo Bills
1986 Leslie O’Neal DE San Diego Chargers
1985 Duane Bickett LB Indianapolis Colts
1984 Bill Maas DT Kansas City Chiefs
1983 Vernon Maxwell LB Baltimore Colts
1982 Chip Banks LB Cleveland Browns
1981 Lawrence Taylor LB New York Giants
1980 Buddy Curry

Al Richardson

LB Atlanta Falcons
1979 Jim Haslett LB Buffalo Bills
1978 Al Baker DE Detroit Lions
1977 A.J. Huge DE Miami Dolphins
1976 Mike Haynes CB New England Patriots
1975 Robert Brazile LB Houston Oilers
1974 Jack Lambert LB Pittsburgh Steelers
1973 Wally Chambers DT Chicago Bears
1972 Willie Buchanon CB Green Bay Packers
1971 Isiah Robertson LB Los Angeles Rams
1970 Bruce Taylor CB San Francisco 49ers
1969 Joe Greene DT Pittsburgh Steelers
1968 Claude Humphrey DE Atlanta Falcons
1967 Lem Barney CB Detroit Lions

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year winners by position

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year by position
DT 7
DE 13
LB 26
CB 9
S 2

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Odds FAQs

When are the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year odds typically released?

These NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year odds are usually released by sportsbooks around the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft order and team needs heavily influence which rookies are seen as favorites for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

What factors influence the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year odds?

A player’s position, college production, landing spot, and perceived scheme fit all play a role.  For example, a highly touted edge rusher landing on a team needing pass rush help will likely have shorter odds than a safety entering a crowded secondary. NFL Rookie of the Year Odds can be complicated, just like regular NFL Odds.

How much do the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year odds change throughout the season?

The odds can fluctuate significantly throughout the season. A rookie’s early performance, injuries, and overall team success can all impact their odds of winning the award.

Are there any historical trends to consider when looking at the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year odds?

Linebackers and edge rushers historically dominate Defensive Rookie of the Year awards due to their ability to rack up tackles and sacks. However, standout seasons from safeties or cornerbacks can also capture the award.

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