Best NFL Parlay Picks This Week: Find the Best Parlays in the 2024 NFL Season

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NFL parlay picks are not only one of the most exciting ways to win big during the 2024 NFL season, but with a combination of skill, timing, and good fortune, they can also be one of the most lucrative.

There’s a reason that NFL parlays are the most popular bet of the week nearly every week during football season. They offer constant entertainment and allow bettors to push the odds as far as possible, almost like they’re on the hit show Deal or No Deal.

We will post the best NFL parlay picks this week as soon as the NFL season gets underway. But until then, let’s talk about everything that goes into NFL parlay bets, including their basic structure, strategies to make winning parlays, the benefits and drawbacks, and everything else that goes into parlays.

Enough chit-chat; let’s jump right into all things regarding NFL parlay picks and bets.

What is an NFL parlay pick?

An NFL parlay pick is a combination of betting lines morphed into one multi-staged bet. Each part of the bet is known as a “leg,” meaning a parlay with five individual bets may also be referred to as a five-leg parlay.

There are pros and cons to NFL parlay bets. On a fundamental level, parlays can often be more entertaining since they cover more action and may usually last longer than just one game window.

Parlays also offer dramatically better odds, which are scaled even higher with every leg added to the parlay. So, while a -110 bet would win $19.09 with a $10 wager, a three-leg parlay with three legs of -110 odds would win $59.57 with the same $10 stake.

A five-leg parlay with five legs, all of +100 odds, will win $310 with a $10 bet.
A 10-leg NFL parlay with +100 odds for each leg will turn $10 into $10,230, which shows how quickly the odds and potential payouts will increase.

The downside is that parlays are more challenging to win than traditional wagers, known as single or straight bets. Straights are one-and-done, whereas every leg in a parlay must hit for the bet to cash.

That means a 15-leg parlay with 14 successful hits and one miss will win nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Sportsbooks are roughly six times more likely to win on parlays than on straight bets, per a 2022 study by UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, proving that parlays are harder to win. This brings us back to our beginning statement, which is that there is a real risk-reward ratio bettors need to consider and strike a balance when placing their NFL parlay picks.

What is a same game NFL parlay?

A same-game NFL parlay is a parlay that consists of bets from a single game.

For example, let’s use the Kansas City Chiefs’ showdown with the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl LVIII. A hypothetical five-leg parlay from the Big Game would look something along the lines of:

  • Chiefs: moneyline
  • Christian McCaffrey: anytime touchdown scorer
  • Travis Kelce: 70+ receiving yards
  • Patrick Mahomes: 2+ passing touchdowns
  • Deebo Samuel: 30+ rushing yards

FanDuel also pioneered the same-game parlay plus, which allows users to pack multiple same-game parlays into a massive same-game parlay.
Going back to championship weekend when the Chiefs, 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, and Detroit Lions were all alive, a same-game parlay plus might have looked like:

  • Lamar Jackson 50+ rushing yards
  • Patrick Mahomes 200+ passing yards
  • Amon-Ra St. Brown 5+ receptions
  • George Kittle 50+ receiving yards

In this example, two two-leg same-game parlays are combined into a four-leg same-game parlay plus.

It might seem complicated but don’t overthink it. Same-game is precisely what it sounds like: bets from the same game.

The best sportsbooks regularly offer interesting sportsbook promos and odds boosts on Single Game Parlays relating to marquee matchups, so it’s worth checking what promotions are running before you consider whether you want to place a wager on your favorite team.

What is an NFL teaser bet?

A teaser is a special type of parlay that deals with spread bets—but not just any ordinary spread bets, alternate spreads.

Alternate spreads are, well, spreads that differ from the standard amount. If the Miami Dolphins are four-point favorites against the Las Vegas Raiders, an alternate spread would be anything other than Dolphins -4. Points are bought or sold, meaning the odds value reflects how the bettor changes the spread.

In a teaser, every spread is moved by the same amount. Teasers are most commonly offered in six-, seven-, and 10-point amounts but can be customized to fit a bettor’s preference.

The teams that are in action do not affect the odds, which are predetermined. All three-team, six-point teasers are for +180 odds, while all two-team, 10-point teasers are for -180 odds.

An example of a two-team, seven-point teaser would be:

  • Washington Commanders +3 to +10
  • Dallas Cowboys -8 to -1
  • -150 odds

How to place an NFL parlay bet

To place an NFL parlay bet, users must load up their preferred sportsbook, find their favorite bets, add them all to a bet slip, and submit the parlay by assigning an amount.

Note that the best sportsbooks allow users to bet their NFL picks as parlays or straights, so it’s essential to select the parlay button or tab (if the bettor intends to make an NFL parlay bet).

Like any other bet, different sportsbooks have different NFL odds, leading to different parlay values. Line shopping is a great principle to apply to betting no matter where, when, or what a bettor intends to wager.

Also, parlay bets don’t scale at the same rate. A parlay bet on Jalen Hurts to throw for 300+ yards and no touchdowns would be lower than him to throw for less than 100 yards and three touchdowns since it’s much easier to accomplish the first one.

NFL parlay betting strategies

Risk is an ever-present reality in sports betting, and parlays are among the riskiest types of bets. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t strategies to win more parlays.

Place Parlays that Make Sense

Is it likely that Derrick Henry runs for 200 yards but doesn’t score a touchdown? What are the chances that Justin Jefferson scores a touchdown and the Vikings are held under 10 points as a team? The answer to both is not very good.

Make sure that your parlay legs work together with one another before placing them.

Don’t Chase the Value

Everyone has put together their favorite parlay, looked at the odds, and been disappointed that the value isn’t higher. That’s not an excuse to add in new picks you don’t believe in as strongly or swap out the picks you liked for ones with greater value! Stick with what you’re confident in, and don’t bet based on what has the highest odds.

Stick to What You Know

If you watch a lot of football, you’ll probably know the NFL well. But that doesn’t mean you know a thing about tennis! Stick to sports, teams, and players you know a lot about and are well-versed in so that you don’t find yourself trying to beat a billion-dollar system with your eyes closed.

NFL parlay FAQs

What is an NFL parlay?

An NFL parlay is a bet that consists of multiple picks and outcomes. Each outcome must come true for the parlay to cash, but if even one loses (no matter how many win), the bet will not win any money. Parlay picks this week and will pay more than straight bets every week, but they are much harder to win.

What are the benefits of parlay bets?

For casual sports bettors, parlays are a fun and simple way to add another layer of excitement to a Sunday afternoon, almost like what fantasy football does. However, parlays can be lucrative as they offer higher payouts to winners. Parlays can also be a helpful tool for hedging or used to take advantage of promotions such as parlay insurance.

What are the disadvantages of parlay bets?

Parlays offer better potential payouts because they have worse odds, making them harder to win. As attractive as these bets are, they’re often unable to fuel long-term winning since sportsbooks win an average of about six times more often on parlays than straight bets. So, bet parlay with consideration and moderation.

What is the best sportsbook for parlays?

There is no cookie-cutter answer as to which sportsbook is the best for NFL parlay bets or parlays in any sport. One bettor may value ease of access, another might want expansive betting markets, and a third wants the best value. Consider what is most important to you before you open any sportsbook, and then do your research to determine what best fits your needs.

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