How To Bet On Euro 2024: Get on the Road to Germany with Oddspedia

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  • The betting markets you know, and the ones you don’t!
  • Can you bet on Euro 2024 with the best sportsbooks?
  • Which countries have history on their side?

The Euro 2024 Championships kick off in Germany soon, and excitement is already brewing – if you’re looking to get in on the action by placing a bet or two, the Oddspedia Insights Euro 2024 betting guide is your one-stop shop.

Our experts will walk you through everything you need to know, from picking from the best sportsbooks to understanding the various soccer bet types. Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or a curious newcomer, this guide will give you everything you need to navigate the exciting world of Euro 2024 betting.

It’s vital to have a clear understanding of how everything works, as there are so many options in soccer betting. Read our Euro 2024 betting guide and you will be well prepared for the month-long festival of international soccer!

How to bet on Euro 2024

Betting on Euro 2024 is as easy as betting on any US sport, like the NFL or MLB, but several steps must be taken to enable you to bet safely and successfully.

1. Find the best sportsbook

Oddspedia will help you explore which of the best sportsbooks will fill your betting needs. Our expert reviews will highlight anything you need to be aware of.

2. Create an account

Once you have chosen a sportsbook, you must setup an account. The sportsbook will need your personal details, proof of identity and a payment method for your deposits and withdrawals. If your chosen sportsbook requires a sportsbook promo code – you may need to use it now.

3. Deposit

You will need to deposit funds in your new sportsbook account to place bets. Sportsbooks offer a variety of promotions – some will offer bonus bets or deposit bonuses which will suit your own style better, so shop around.

4. Select some Euro betting markets

Explore the options for betting on Euro 2024 and the latest Euro 2024 Odds. Each one comes with different challenges, while some will settle quickly while others take longer to come to fruition. There is more explanation below, but popular markets include the tournament winner, the group winners, and the top goal scorer.

5. Place your bets

The final step is to place your bets. Make sure you have done your research, and read our Euro 2024 predictions to help you make the best selections and get the most from your betting experience. There are no guarantees, but knowledge is your ally.

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Euro 2024 bet types


Much like betting on an NFL game, this is a bet on the outcome of the match, be it a home win, away win or a draw. Once Euro 2024 reaches the knockout phase, this only applies to normal time (or ‘regulation’) – the outcome after extra time and penalties is irrelevant to a soccer moneyline bet.


A spread market predicts what will happen in a match with a handicap placed on the favorite team. This will be displayed as ‘England -1.5’. This means that for a bet that backed England to win, they would need to score 2 more goals than the opposition. This makes for a much more interesting bet than a moneyline bet where a clear favorite can throw the odds in such a direction that it makes them less interesting to bettors.


This is the total goals that will be scored in the match, and you bet on whether it will be over or under the mark of your choice. The goal total might set at 2.5 to 3.5, and you must wager on whether the number of goals scored will be higher or lower than the total.

Both teams to score

This is a straightforward ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ selection, with both teams needing to score at least once for the former to be successful and at least one of them (or both) failing to score for the latter to pay out. It’s worth noting when it comes to this type of bet: when a team scores an own goal, it counts as a goal scored for the opposition.

Half time/full time

There are nine possibilities here, as you choose what the result will be at half-time and full-time. Bear in mind that if a team is winning at half time, it wins the match overall in just under 50% of instances.

Correct score

Plain and simple: predict the final score. Even the most common results (1-1 draw and 1-0 home win) only occur in around 11 percent of matches each, as there are so many possibilities.

Draw no bet

In this market, you choose between a home win or an away win. If the match ends in a draw, your stake is refunded. The odds are not as good as for a moneyline bet, but there is less risk.

Asian handicap

Similar to spread betting, an Asian handicap involves a team being given a theoretical head start.

An Asian handicap bet in soccer ditches the traditional win-lose-draw options. Instead, it gives one team a virtual head start (positive handicap) or deficit (negative handicap). This eliminates draws or ties, and forces a two-outcome bet.

For example, if England is the favorite against Serbia , you might see England -1.5. This means England needs to win by two or more goals for your bet to win. A 1-0 win for England would lose the bet.

Asian handicaps can also be split. Let’s say England is -0.75. Here, your stake is split in half. Half goes on England -1 (win by two or more) and the other half on England -0.5 (win by one). If England wins by one, you win half your bet at the -0.5 odds. If they win by two or more, you win the full bet.


A parlay is when you combine multiple bets into one wager. It is also known as an accumulator. It can be for multiple selections in one match or the outcome of multiple matches.

Euro 2024 futures

Euro 2024 winner

This involves simply picking the nation you think will win Euro 2024 this summer. The host nation hasn’t won the European Championship since 1984, which is potentially bad news for Germany!

If you’re not sure who to back to win Euro 2024: why not complete a Euro 2024 Printable Bracket and see if one of the tournament favorites is worth a wager.

Group winner

There are six groups in the first phase of Euro 2024, and you can select which country you think will finish at the top of any group. Every group has a strong favorite, so it’s worth considering if there is value in selecting an underdog. Oddspedia Insights has pulled together the latest group odds and broken down who could be a sneaky underdog in our Euro 2024 Group Previews.

To make quarterfinals

This involves selecting a team that will reach the last eight stage of the competition. It doesn’t matter if your chosen team wins or loses in the quarterfinals, just that they get there!

To make semifinals

This market is the same as the previous market, except that it is one round further on. Will it be the consensus top four teams who make it this far? Will there be an outsider or a plucky underdog? Italy, England, Denmark, and Spain were the semifinalists at Euro 2020.

To make final

You pick a team to reach the final. It is worth studying the draw here – England and France are the two favorites for Euro 2024 yet are seeded to meet in the semifinals. It is impossible both will make the final.

Golden Boot winner

To succeed in the Euro 2024 Top Scorer market, you must select the player who will score the most goals at Euro 2024. Cristiano Ronaldo did so at the last European Championships in 2021, while market leaders Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane have previously won World Cup Golden Boots.

And no, they aren’t expected to wear it: it’s a trophy!

Euro 2024 prop bets

Player props

This is a bet you make on a player in a single match. There are lots of options – it could be for them to score a goal, assist a goal, or receive a yellow card. Sportsbooks may also offer markets on players fouling or being fouled, making shots or shots on target.

We have picked out some of the most interesting players to watch at Euro 2024 in a dedicated article – check that out and see who you should pay particular attention to.

Team props

Team props work in the same way as player props. If you think a team will score a certain number of goals, take X number of shots, or be given a certain number of cards, for instance, there will be a sportsbook offering a market for you.

Game props

These markets are related to the game, rather than a player or team. The over/under goals market is a good example, where you select based on the total goals the match will feature.

Euro previous winners

Tournament Winner Runner-Up
2020 Italy England
2016 Portugal France
2012 Spain Italy
2008 Spain Germany
2004 Greece Portugal
2000 France Italy
1996 Germany Czech Republic
1992 Denmark Germany
1988 Netherlands Soviet Union
1984 France Spain
1980 West Germany Belgium
1976 Czechoslovakia West Germany
1972 West Germany Soviet Union
1968 Italy Yugoslavia
1964 Spain Soviet Union
1960 Soviet Union Yugoslavia

Ten nations have won the European Championship since it started back in 1960. (West) Germany and Spain are the most successful nations, with three wins each, and both are among the favorites to win Euro 2024. The other countries with more than one title are France and Italy, with the latter the defending champion.

Two previous winners will not be in Germany this summer, with original champions Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) not permitted to qualify and surprise 2004 winner Greece beaten in the play-off round.

There will be three teams that have lost a final and never won the tournament, taking part this year in Belgium, England, and Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia). Sportsbooks do not expect a team which has never reached the final to triumph this summer.

Best soccer betting promos

Soccer yields significant profits for sportsbooks, and the best sportsbooks in the US are prepping up for Euro 2024. They will be contending for your attention, presenting a suite of the best sportsbook promos. With many games running over a short period  – 51 games across 22 matchdays, there are lots of opportunities to make your first bet with a new sportsbook. Use this chance to gain from their welcome offer, placing bonus bets on upcoming games or betting big on the title winner of Euro 2024.

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Best soccer betting sites

To ensure you secure the top-notch value on soccer odds check out the best soccer betting sites and delve into our latest Euro 2024 picks from our community before you place your wagers throughout the tournament.

More Soccer Insights

Euro 2024 odds FAQs

Who is favorite to win Euro 2024?

England are among the favorites to win Euro 2024. It lost the final of Euro 2020 and has reached the World Cup semifinal under manager Gareth Southgate. They qualified with relative ease, not losing a single game through the qualification process, and England possesses this season’s top goal scorer in Europe’s big five leagues in captain Harry Kane.

Where is Euro 2024 being played?

Euro 2024 is being held in Germany between June 14 and July 14. Ten stadiums are being used to stage the 51 matches, with action taking place in Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. The final will be held at the Olympiastadion in Berlin and the tournament gets underway with the hosts playing Scotland in Munich.

How many teams are in Euro 2024?

Twenty-four teams will be competing in Euro 2024. They include defending champions Italy, England, who was the beaten finalist from Euro 2020, and the best performing team in qualification, Portugal. Ten countries won their qualifying group while another 10 were runners up, with hosts Germany getting an automatic berth, that leaves three play-offs qualifiers: Poland, Ukraine and Georgia.

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