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League of Legends Fixtures & Live Scores Today 

Here at Oddspedia, we provide our users with an all-inclusive experience. We don’t just bring you the latest live scores on the biggest sports but live scores on the best esports as well which includes the world famous League of Legends. Whether you are a casual LOL fan or an absolute die-hard fan, you’ll find something to aid you in your betting endeavors on our site. 

A one-stop League of Legends betting shop

As we have already mentioned, you can find the latest live scores available on our site so you can stay in the loop of the ins and outs of the League of Legends matches. More so than that, we give you a detailed array of statistics for all of the teams. These statistics include everything from the players average KDA to the previous head to head records between two teams. You can stay abreast of who has all the momentum right now by checking out our frequently updated tables. 

Not only will you know all there is to know about the best League of Legends teams, but we’ll also show you exactly where to find the most valuable League of Legends odds on each of the games as well. You can take your knowledge of the game one step further by staying up to date with our informative news pieces. Whatever you need, we can provide it for you here at Oddspedia. 

League of Legends Fixtures & Live Scores Today 

Here at Oddspedia, we do everything we can to give you the most comprehensive League of Legends betting resources around. No matter how many matches are on, you can find all of the live scores and stats as they happen in real time. 

Looking to find out when certain League of Legends games are being played? Simply navigate to our calendar feature where you can check out the matches for that day and the matches that are happening weeks and months down the line. You can select any day on our calendar and find out exactly what teams are competing on that day and for what tournament. The League of Legends is a long one, 300-days to be exact, so our calendar can help you navigate the extensive list of games that are happening through the season. 

Not only can we help you find games you are looking for, but we give you real-time data on the games as they are happening. We update our League of Legends live scores as they happen, so you’ll know exactly what is transpiring in these matches. Furthermore, we give you all the details and stats after the game. You’ll know exactly what player had the best KDA (kills, deaths & assists) at the end of the game, what the final kill count was and what the final match score was. It's our job at Oddspedia to make sure that you know exactly how these matches unfolded and what that might mean for the overall standings. 

League of Legends Stats, Standings & Top Players

Like any other major sports betting, you need to put time and effort into researching League of Legends, previous matches, and player statistics to give yourself the best chance for future betting success. That is why our team at Oddspedia puts together the most comprehensive set of stats and game details possible. You’ll have all the information you need to improve your League of Legends betting, all in one place. 

The most prevalent statistics that we cover are of course the team stats. We give you real-time updated stats, pre-match, and post-match statistics. You can check out the preview on the biggest League of Legends games on our site and find out who the current top player on each side is in terms of KDA and overall performances. We also give you a look at what the league standings look like or what is currently going on with a particular tournament bracket. 

Our pre-match statistics go even further than that by showing what the current head to head record between the two teams competing is. You’ll have a clear view of whether a particular contest has been very one sided or if it has been hotly contested in the past few fixtures. And while a head to head statistic is always useful, we’ll also give you what the current form is of both sides leading up to the match. You can see what team is carrying some serious momentum into the game and what team is currently struggling for form. 

League of Legends News 

If there is one thing that can really take your League of Legends betting lines to the next level, it's staying abreast of all the latest news and rumors. You never know if you might catch wind of an early player transfer or read about discontent within a team that may lead to a string of poor future results. 

While you can find the best League of Legends odds and betting lines at Oddspedia, you can also check out the latest news and rumors as our team brings you all the ins and outs of League of Legends. We have our own dedicated writing team who spend hours of everyday researching and putting together our comprehensive and informative news pieces for your pleasure. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of the juiciest rumors and the most factual information as well. 

And while our team is made up of some of the best writers, we still like to throw in a couple of other news outlets as well. You can find the latest news pieces from our Oddspedia team, Sportskeeda, The Sports Daily, Wired, Dot eSports and many more. We’ll always bring you the major headlines but what we like to do here at Oddspedia is bring you some information on what the players themselves are saying too. We’ll give you updates on some of the messages and posts from the players social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well. 

Never miss a beat with our dedicated news cycle and keep your head in the League of Legends game. 

League of Legends Odds & Betting on matches 

At the end of the day, where our Oddspedia team really shines is with the League of Legends odds and League of Legends betting lines we bring you. We have tons of different sportsbook reviews that give you plenty of detail on where you can find everything from the best payment methods to the best bonus offers. 

We bring you odds from the best sportsbooks around. We’ll let you know what each of these sportsbooks currently have on offer in terms of their League of Legends odds. But Oddspedia, that’s still not enough, as we always want to go that extra mile for our users. That is why we filter the absolute best of the best of these League of Legends odds and show you exactly where you can find the best odds for both outcomes. 

We don’t just give you pre-match odds though, as our League of Legends odds are always updating in real time. Even while a match is still happening you can check out what the best live League of Legends betting odds are. You can also check out hundreds of different available betting markets so that you don’t have to stick to the typical “outright winner” market if you don’t want to. 

Recommended betting sites and promotions 

So, what should you be looking for in the best betting sites? Well, you will of course be looking for some quality League of Legends betting odds. The best betting sites should be offering you selection of the best League of Legends lines and League of Legends title odds as well. More so than that, they should be making a number of different betting markets, tournaments, sportsbook promos, and payment methods available as well. 

If we had to point you in the direction of a few of the industry’s best we would have to say that DraftKings, FanDuel and William Hill are the places you should start. If you are really stuck in terms of where you should take your love for eSports betting, then any one of these sites will do the right job for. All of the sites we mentioned have exceptionally easy platforms to use, a wide range of esports betting markets and of course, quality League of Legends champions odds. Not only will you find some of the best League of Legends betting lines, but you will find the best esports betting in general. 

If we had to choose between 1 of those 3 specifically, we would go for DraftKings without a doubt. DraftKings is currently running a generous welcome offer that gives new users the chance to claim up to $200 in free bets. All you have to do is place a $5 bet on an NBA money line and if your team wins, your account is credited with the $200. While you may not be an NBA fan, if your bet wins you can use your $200 free bets on the sites League of Legends betting lines. 

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League of Legends Expert Predictions & Today’s free tips 

And lastly, our team here at Oddspedia pour their blood, sweat and tears into bringing you the most accurate League of Legends predictions possible. They put countless hours into understanding the current landscape of the league standings, team form and all the latest news to bring you some of the most accurate predictions in the industry right now. You can check out our match by match predictions by simply navigating to the bottom of our pre-match previews. There, we give you a percentage based figure for either side, indicating a favorite, underdog or a 50/50 split. 

You can even use our filter to find spice betting tips and predictions from our well-stocked archives. This way, you can find the right types of predictions and tips to use for your League of Legends betting lines. Our filter is precise, so you won’t be scrambling around on our site looking for predictions that are going to suit your needs. 

Something that adds even more flavor to this feature is the fact that our users can make their own predictions as well. At Oddspedia, we try to foster a culture of teamwork where the users who produce the most accurate predictions will get upvotes and build a reputation for their knowledge on League of Legends. With the combination of our expert team's predictions and the predictions of the best users on our site you’ll make the most of the best League of Legends odds in no time. 


League of Legends is a genuinely exciting esport that attracts the viewership of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. As such, it is no wonder that our readers are so desperate to get their hands on the best League of Legends odds. Remember, we are always updating our pre-match and live League of Legends odds so check back with us regularly to see how things are changing all the time. 

Our calendar of the League of Legends matches is also always up to date so remember to jot down a few reminders for games that you would like to bet on further down the line. We make it our job here at Oddspedia to make sure that you are clued up and given the best League of Legends winners odds possible.

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