World Cup Livescore with Betting Odds, News & Predictions

This is the Oddspedia page for the world’s premium soccer tournament, the FIFA world cup. As the no.1 tournament of its type for a sport played in many countries around the world, the FIFA World Cup odds draw attention from sports fan who does not normally take an interest in soccer.

Because of this, even though you may usually be a fan of the NFL or NBA, you might be considering the World Cup betting lines. For this reason, at Oddspedia we have set up this page to guide you through the process of finding the best World Cup betting odds and all of the other information you need to enhance your enjoyment of the tournament.

At Oddspedia, you’ll find yourself surrounded by experts with a passion for soccer and for making informed predictions about the world’s premium soccer tournament. They will explore all of the factors behind the general World Cup odds, as well as the World Cup winners odds to predict who will be lifting the World Cup trophy every four years.

With this period between tournaments, it can be important to keep up with the latest news regarding World Cup lines and which teams are likely to qualify and the form and injuries of the World’s greatest players.

World Cup Fixtures & Live Scores Today 

Because of the massive interest in the FIFA World Cup odds, there will be plenty of opinion regarding all aspects of the competition. For this reason, if you are considering placing a wager at any point in the tournament you will need information based on facts and statistics, rather than what an ex-player has said on social media to get more exposure.

This is more important than usual given the unusual circumstances of the next world Cup in 2022. The FIFA World Cup is normally played in the summer months of June and July, however, this next tournament is to be held in Qatar where this will not be possible due to the excessive heat.

For this reason, the tournament will be held in November and December with the World Cup final taking place one week before Christmas. This factor will affect the World Cup title odds, as players will be breaking off mid-season, so injuries could play a more significant role, or for others in the offseason, so players will be tired or perhaps lack fitness.

In the next FIFA World Cup, the 32 qualifying teams are dived into 8 leagues of 4 where teams play each other once. The tournament then enters the knockout stages where the winner is decided in a single match, with overtime and penalties to decide tied fixtures after 90 minutes. However, in the 2026 World Cup and beyond, the tournament will expand to 48 teams, which will have a greater effect on World Cup odds.

With 2-3 matches taking place in the early stages in the current format, and a team playing every four days or so, factors that can change World Cup Odds can change quickly. For this reason, we at Oddspedia has created a way you can track matches, the progress of the various points tables and goal scorers, as well as what is happening in the coming days using simple calendar navigation to select any day during the tournament.

World Cup Stats, Standings & Top scorers 

When considering the World Cup betting lines, you will need to have the most up to date statistics and information available to you. Oddspedia will provide these for you and more providing everything you need to know about the top teams and players, and the surprise team of every tournament which throws the from book aside and massively overachieves.

Conversely, there are always teams that most would consider a favorite in the World Cup champions odds, that will underperform and go out of the tournament at the group stage. Without crucial information such as this, you will not be able to place an informed wager at any stage of the event.

With events moving quickly, you will benefit from knowing the trends for the current tournament as well as previous head to head clashes from previous years. This information will allow you to spot rivalries where the relative standings of the teams in the world rankings carry little weight and certain ‘bogey’ teams that regular qualifiers never seem to be able to beat.

Using the information and predictions found on Oddspedia, you could also identify an ‘outside’ bet, for a team that might not feature near the top of the World Cup odds, but at the same time, their performance during the qualifying campaign has earmarked them as an emerging team.

Overall the dedicated areas here at Oddspedia for the FIFA World Cup odds will give you access to stats to make informed decisions about each match you wish to place a wager on, but also other markets such as who will qualify for the knockout stages, to reach the quarter or semi-finals, or which player stands the best chance of winning the Golden Boot for scoring the most goals.

For example, the Golden Boot might not go to the ‘best’ striker, but instead to a lone striker in one of the top teams where the goals will not be shared, or to striker in a team that has an early fixture with a surprise qualifier, who they are likely to beat by a wide margin and a single-player could score 4 or even 5 goals.

World Cup News 

Events like this are key to making informed wagers, so the news like this covered here at Oddspedia is a vital tool. The Oddspedia news section won’t just report headline-grabbingevents like an 8 or 9 nil win, but also the smaller news items that can also make a significant difference to the FIFA World Cup odds.

This will include events that happen off the field such as training ground bust-ups, or a team being unhappy with their training facilities. Events like this can also affect what happens on the pitch so cannot be neglected by those looking to place an informed wager, and as result will be reported here in Oddspedia.

The inside track on what is happening in dressing rooms can often be seen in the social media feeds of some of the top players at the tournament. While there can often be a media blackout from with a team camp, the likelihood of this still occurring at the next and subsequent World Cups looks to be increasingly slim.

These can be just rumours but they can affect the World Cup betting lines so they will be reported here with the rest of the news. This can provide important information on the appearance or non-appearance of high profile players in teams that are top of the list of World Cup odds. The Ronaldo situation before the 1998 World Cup final is an example of this that will spring most readily to mind (even though it was before the advent of social media)

World Cup Odds & Betting on matches 

With this many factors to take into consideration, the odds on the outcome of a particular match or the standings in a group table can change rapidly. Placing effective wagers in these circumstances can be problematic, so looking to some of the wider information pages and guides here at Oddspedia can prove beneficial.

The other factor about these fast-moving odds, (especially in the hours before kick-off when conditions are known and team sheets are released) is that they can vary across bookmakers. Here at Oddspedia we have the direct line to over 80 bookmakers and show the highest possible World Cup odds for each of them.

Here at Oddspedia we have a wealth of experience across all forms of wagering and as a result our bookmaker selection only consists of highly reliable operators, full reviews of which you can view elsewhere in Oddspedia.

These markets are refreshed in real-time so you can take advantage of a ‘value’ price and have the potential benefit of placing, for example, the same bet at 4/1 instead of 3/1. While the benefits of this might seem obvious, the potential to repeat this over several matches over the tournament can make using Oddspedia time well spent.

Of course, it should also be mentioned, that the number of Sportsbooks and markets will vary according to the legislation wherever you are.

Recommended betting sites and promotions 

Bookmakers you can expect to have significant Sportsbook operations for the World Cup are ones you might already be familiar with from your betting on other Sports. Bettors in New Jersey will already know the benefits of operators such as BetMGM and 888sport.

Both of these are part of significantly larger operations, Bet MGM as part of MGM Venues, and 888sport is one site of many across other territories including Europe, where the focus on soccer is much higher than it might be here.

With these extensive resources, you can be sure that not only are these operations legitimate but that they are likely to offer more markets and a larger range of wagers than some other operators whose focus might be elsewhere, even during a premium tournament like the FIFA World Cup.

World Cup Expert Predictions & Today’s free tips 

With all of these factors to consider, placing an informed wager on any aspect of the World Cup may seem a little more complicated than you expected. This might be true, even if you follow leagues like the English Premier League (EPL) or even the UEFA Champions League, which follows a similar format to the World Cup.

Because of this, here at Oddspedia there are a team of experts to offer predictions for each forthcoming fixture, who is likely to qualify and obviously who is most likely to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament. While these are predictions and not guarantees, the information can be used in conjunction with the other information on the site to make an informed wager.

These predictions are free to all readers and can be filtered by tipster, as well as a public consensus module that gives a gestalt opinion of all of the predictions to show the majority view of any outcome. This allows you to almost pick the brains of a number of experts across the wide range of the soccer world, which is especially important when looking at a tournament featuring teams from all over the world.

While this might seem like a lot of information, here at Oddspedia have put it all together in a way that is easy to digest and filter according to your particular interest, or any teams you are interested in.


When wanting to place an informed wager on any of the many markets in a quadrennial event like the FIFA World Cup, it can be a complicated task due to the number of factors there are to consider. Because this is the premier event in world soccer, and concerns teams from all over the world, this is unlike any league or cup event in the sport. Firstly, players are in their national teams rather than their familiar club environments, and a number of external factors can produce results that novice better might not see.

For this reason, here at Oddspedia we have provided a one-stop resource to help the new bettor and enhance the experience of bettors who have placed wagers on events like this before. There is news and information, guides and predictions and most importantly, direct line to a range of bookmakers displaying the best odds available for all of the available markets.

Although the FIFA World Cup only takes place every four years, some factors affect World Cup odds taking place during the qualification campaigns in the months and years previously, For that reason, you would benefit from returning to us at Oddspedia regularly to stay informed about all of these events.

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