Best Water Polo Odds Today - Betting Lines & Spreads Explained

If you plan to bet on water polo, it is imperative to understand water polo odds. You will also need to understand the types of bets you can make. Once you have an idea of what bets are available, you should then try to find the best sportsbooks. Oddspedia helps you compare odds from various bookmakers, so you get the best return for your water polo bets.

Understanding Water Polo Odds and Bets

Water polo betting is very similar to betting on any popular team sport. If you have ever placed bets on an NFL or NBA game, you will be familiar with the odds and bets available. But water polo is an evolving sport, so be sure to keep up with the current rules.

What To Know When Betting On Water Polo In The US?

If you have ever used betting sites from within the US, you will likely be aware that betting is a complex issue. If you have never placed a bet before, then you should note the rules and regulations for your state. Each state has its own laws when it comes to online betting. What you can do in one state may not be the same in another. But many states have declared online betting legal, and it is likely that more will follow suit in the future. Most important to note is that you can only legally bet in a state when you are physically present there.

Which Types Of Bets Are Offered?

Water polo is a team game where each team tries to score more goals than their opponent. Most sportsbooks will offer many betting lines, so you can find lucrative odds even if you bet on the underdog. Below are some good betting lines.


Betting on the Moneyline is often the best bet you can make on team sports such as water polo. A Moneyline of +200 means you stand to win $200 from a $100 bet. This is a great bet to make if you are confident that one team is better than their opponents.


You can also bet on spreads in water polo. When one team is a lot better than their opponents, the bookmaker will apply spreads. A +2 spread for a team means that they are the underdogs and are getting a 2 points advantage. This ensures that you can bet on either team and still have a chance to win.


You can also bet on the total number of goals, also called an over/under. With this bet, you are predicting whether the combined score will go over or under a certain number. This is a great bet if you think a game will be open and end up high scoring, or tight and end with a low score.

Why Compare Water Polo Odds on Oddspedia?

Whatever betting lines you decide to follow, you want to win the most money possible for your wager. Oddspedia gives you all the latest information so you can find the best spreads and bets. Comparing bookmakers allows you to find the best odds right now, so you can stay on top of the best books.

Water Polo Odds Comparison Helps You Win More

Betting with higher odds will obviously increase your potential winnings. The odds comparator tells you the current best odds on offer from every available bookmaker. This saves you from having to search through the various sportsbooks trying to find the one that offers the best odds. And since the odds are updating all the time, it pays to be able to compare them from one place.

Find The Best Water Polo Odds For Today

Oddspedia makes it easy to find the best odds for water polo tournaments and events that are happening today. Whether you are betting on the European Leagues or looking for some US tournaments or even team USA, you can search by country or leagues. You can also click on live water polo matches to see what's happening right now.

Track Line Movement

One of the best reasons to use the odds comparator is to track line movement. With so much information available online, odds and point spreads are changing all the time. Oddspedia keeps you up to date and ensures that you get the best returns for your bets.

Find The Best Water Polo Sportsbooks

The betting sites compared by Oddspedia are the most reliable and trustworthy sites online. So you can place your bet safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best deals. There are several bookmakers that frequently pop up as having the best offers. Bet365 constantly provides competitive odds for water polo events. 1xBet and Betway are also two reputable bookmakers that always appear in the list of best bookies. And Oddspedia also will help you find the best bonuses and offers for water polo.

There are new bookmakers added all the time so it pays to stay up to date. You can read through the reviews and comparisons to find out what features each site offers.

Water Polo Betting FAQ

Which Water Polo Markets Should I Bet On?

Water polo betting offers many markets, and the more information you have, the better. Moneyline bets are easy to place as you can see the odds offered. Handicaps are great for finding lucrative bets. Totals are good if you can predict the score.

How Do Spreads Work in Water Polo?

When one team is a huge underdog, you might assume that you should bet against them. But spreads are used to balance the odds. Bookmakers prefer to get equal action on both teams, so they will give the underdog a points spread. This is like giving the weaker team a certain number of goals before the game begins. You can use this in water polo betting to find excellent wagers.

What Does Odds + 5.5 Mean?

Betting by the spread allows you to find lucrative odds on weaker teams. A +5.5 beside a team is telling you they are the underdog. The spread is starting them with 5.5 points to balance this.

Which Sportsbook Has the Best Water Polo Betting Odds for?

While some sportsbooks regularly offer great odds, there is no one book that is better than others all the time. Odds are constantly changing, and one sportsbook may update these odds faster than the others. The comparator tool shows you the best sportsbook right now.

What is my Profit If I Bet $75 On A +100 Money Line?

A +100 Moneyline signifies that you will win $100 for every $100 you bet. By betting $75 on a +100 Moneyline, you will win $75 on the bet and collect $150.

How Does Oddspedia's Odds Comparison Work?

The odds comparison works by checking what a bookie offers for a particular market. The odds for the same wager are checked with all the other bookmakers so you get the best offer. Live odds are updated every 5 seconds.

Are There Successful Betting Strategies for Water Polo?

As with any team sport, the more information you have, the more successful your bets will be. If you are knowledgeable about a particular team, you can make a more informed bet. You can also check previous head-to-heads to see how they played before. Otherwise, you can bet on totals if you cannot decide on a clear winner.

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